Golden redemption

I’m so old I can remember when many sports fans were calling for Gregg Popovich to be fired as coach of USA men’s team basketball. Like, last week?

So as some in GOP claim USWNT lost for being too “woke.” Gregg Popovich is the NBA’s most liberal coach & one of the most “woke” men in sports.

Going back before most people had heard of the term “woke.”

Angels win over Dodgers in 10 innings.

Do we SF Giants fans get to chant “Beat LA?”

Asked if he’d been vaccinated Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins responded “I said it’s just a very private health decision and I’m going to keep it private as such.” Translation, he hasn’t been vaccinated.

All these vaccinated GOP leaders and pundits attacking vaccine mandates would have been applauding the Titanic’s decision to carry limited lifeboats… while making sure they were the first into the boats themselves.

Travel agents checking rates at Trump hotel DC get this:


Enroll in Trump card?

Don’t suppose it could be a “Go to jail” card?”

In an attempt to win the Vietnam war, underprivileged young men were sent overseas as cannon fodder. Now in an attempt to win elections, GOP leaders are turning underprivileged Americans, including children, into COVID fodder.

New DeSantis slogan. “People are dying to vacation in Florida.”

Yet another reason for Florida to elect Nikki Fried in 2022: If the state gets a Governor who actually cares about keeping people safe, in the long run it means a lot more tourist dollars if smart folks aren’t terrified to visit.

United Airlines says all their employees will need to be vaccinated. Has Ron DeSantis banned the airline from flying to Florida yet?

Noting that because of the Delta variant, some conservative media still attacking President Obama even for his scaled down birthday party. So can we save all their comments for the next Velveeta Voldemort rally?

Fox News actually really doesn’t want Andrew Cuomo to resign. Without that story & their faux outrage Fox would have to find other ways to fill air time other than acknowledging COVID surges in Florida and Texas etc.

Reminder to all California voters annoyed w/ Gavin Newsom for whatever reason. There’s primary in 10 months, general election in Nov 2022. Two chances to decide if Gavin’s done his job well enough for a 2nd term. This recall, however, is just a circus. Don’t feed the elephants.

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