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That’s baseball

July 1, 2021

Well, that’s why they play the game. After NC State had to play one game with 13 players, and forfeit an elimination game due to eight players testing positve for COVID-19, Vanderbilt was set up with two first round draft choice pitchers to have plenty of rest for a 2 of 3 CWS final.

And then Vandy won game 1. So it was over, right? (Well I thought so.) But Mississippi State ran away with game 2, knocked out one of the Commodores’ stars tonight, and won a 9-0 one hitter.

Somewhere, former Mississippi State and SF Giants star Will Clark is screaming at the television! Yes, I’m old enough I remember those F-bombs in 1987 on live TV when the Giants clinched the West. “I’ve been waiting for this since I was a bleeping amateur.”

Wonder how many advertisers signed up expecting an NBA finals with the Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets? Oops.

Trevor Bauer is enough of a star that I hesitate to predict what MLB may do if he’s not arrested for the alleged sexual assault. I will, however, say tonight that I think here is zero chance he will pitch for the LA Dodgers against the SF Giants at Oracle Park in late July.

So will Bill Cosby now write a book called “If I raped them?”

There were young WOMEN in that celebratory crowd of Bill Cosby’s team outside his home today. Seriously what were they thinking?

Velveeta Voldemort rejecting pleas from Florida GOP to postpone weekend rally in Sarasota while first responders are still combing through collapsed Miami condo looking for bodies. An unnamed Republican said Trump needs to “read the room.” Uh, does anyone think he reads ANYTHING?

Only TWO Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, joined all Democrats in voting to establish a Jan. 6 select committee. For comparison, seven Democrats actually joined Republicans in 2014 in voting to investigate Benghazi.

Do we think GOP would be more likely to go along with a January 6 investigation if the commission promised to spend one day on Benghazi?

So the GOP plan is basically just to stall out the investigation of January 6 forever or until it’s followed by a worst insurrection?

Donald Rumsfeld has died.

If you can’t say anything nice….

So, no comment.

Open note to all television interviewers to any politician they have on their show. Ask them two questions. 1. “Who won the 2020 Presidential election? 2. “Have you been vaccinated?

Don’t think monopolies matter? There are now only 3 major car companies in US – Hertz owns Dollar & Thrifty, Avis owns Budget, Enterprise owns National. Client had car booked tonight w/ Hertz, he showed up to find the location closed 1 hour early.

When I called the Hertz 800-number to make sure the booking would be held overnight, the recording while on hold said “Please make changes online. There will be a 5% surcharge to modify a reservation via a reservation agent.”