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Snakes alive

July 10, 2021

Diamondbacks Beat LA with win over Dodgers Friday night.

Reminder, as bad as D’Backs are, they do, unlike Arizona Republicans, actually continue to play by the rules in search of legitimate victories.

The Creamsicle uniforms still s*ck. But maybe the SF Giants decided the faster they score the sooner they can get this game over with and take them off.

All you need to know about what is wrong with the Olympic games: During a COVID state of emergency in Tokyo smoking marijuana is considered disqualifying while not being vaccinated isn’t.

Estimated wait time w/ Southwest tonight, 53 minutes. Reported wait time from client w/ American last night, 3 hours. Going to need more than Executive Order “suggestion” to DOT that airlines refund baggage fees after 12 hours to fix problems w/ our airline oliogoply system.

Meanwhile, an Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco was delayed and then canceled tonight because it was TOO HOT FOR THE INCOMING PLANE TO LAND at Las Vegas Airport.

I wish this were a joke. Voter fraud is fake. Climate change is real.

So who had Senator Marsha Blackburn feuding with Taylor Swift on their 2021 batsh*t bingo card?

CNN reporting that the percentages of people who voted for Joe Biden in many states almost exactly matched the percentage of people who have been vaccinated.

Watching GOP hypocrisy over government healthcare regulation makes me really wish Planned Parenthood would introduce masks saying “My body, my choice.”

Rand Paul wants to repeal mask mandates on planes. The more I learn about Rand Paul, the more I wonder, what took his neighbor so long?

Need any more proof that Republicans stink at risk assessment? GOP: Voter ID requirements should be tightened. Also GOP: We should have NO ID required to prove if you’ve had a vaccine.