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No no-no?

July 7, 2021

Five Tampa Bay pitchers combined for seven hitless innings in the second half of a doubleheader,, and the Rays beat the Indians 4-0. So a complete game with no-hits.

Uh, Rob Manfred, you changed the rule to make doubleheaders 7 innings games. Time to change the rules to call them no-hitters. (You can list them with an asterisk… HOF has plenty of those.)

With the Olympics due to start in a couple weeks, Tokyo has declared a COVID state of emergency. It’s now quite likely NO fans will be able to attend, even locals.

Of all the stupid decisions the IOC has made over the years, will the stupidest turn out to be the decision to have these games at all?

Uh oh, Jacob DeGrom is slipping. The Mets star allowed two solo home runs against the Brewers today. And his ERA rose to 1.08.

Okay, I get he wants to rest his arm, but Jacob deGrom said Wednesday that he will not be attending the All-Star Game at Coors Field. Asked about showing up and not pitching DeGrom said he thought about it but he didn’t “think it’s beneficial for me to fly back to Colorado and back.”(In First Class…. )

Putting people like Gym Jordan on the January 6 commission is like putting Mrs. O’Leary’s cow on the Chicago Fire commission.

Thinking Alan Dershowitz didn’t get an invitation again this year to Martha’s Vineyard.

If Ashli Babbitt had tried to sneak past security at Mar-A-Lago, the Former Guy would be lauding anyone who shot her as a hero

How many Republicans downplaying Jan 6 insurrection are trying to tell themselves mob wouldn’t have hurt them if Capitol Police officer hadn’t shot that domestic terrorist. (I am TIRED of using her name. If we want to remember a name from Jan 6 it should be Brian Sicknick.)

Its July 2021, 16 months after the crisis started in New York and Rachel Maddow is pointing out that parts of the US are again dealing with…. ventilator shortages? I missed GOP leaders taking credit.

Wait, why is Velveeta Voldemort suing Twitter and Facebook for banning him because his new GETTR social media platform was going to be much better? This is SO confusing.

So as these stories keep emerging in books about horrible things Velveeta Voldemort said and did, have to assume if he were re-elected all these people would have just stayed silent and enabled him?

GOP wants to criminalize abortion. But what happens if a pregnant woman refuses a vaccine, gets COVID-19, then delivers a baby born too prematurely that dies? Asking for a friend who is tired of this so-called “pro-life” crap.

Dear media: If you ask most Americans to name the first member of Congress who comes to mind, guessing a whole lot of them would say an ineffectual Representative from Georgia who has been removed from her committee assignments. This is on you. Do better.

So how does a man who never pays people who work for him AND throws former employees under the bus still find lawyers to file lawsuits for him

You know who hasn’t been banned on Twitter or Facebook and isn’t facing indictment? Hillary Clinton.

So let me get this straight, GOP believes private businesses have a right to refuse customers who want cakes for weddings they don’t approve of, but a private social media platform has no right to refuse users who engage in behavior that incites violence?


July 7, 2021

So do NBA star players who are on the US Olympics team get regularly tested for marijuana?

Not sure how long they’ll play. But someday SF Giants are going to throw the biggest retirement parties ever for Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arenado

LA manager Dave Roberts doesn’t expect Trevor Bauer to immediately return when his 7-day paid administrative leave ends. Bauer makes $38 million in 2021 -more than 1/2 Rays payroll. But hey, Dodgers already have $249 million payroll, what’s another $30 mill or so to replace him?

DC man is suing Orlando Airport over mask mandate “I can’t wear a mask because of my anxiety. I will not wear a mask. I cannot wear a mask because of my breathing difficulties.” Uh, there’re masks designed for exercise. & doesn’t it cause anxiety to give regular media interviews?

Watching GOP members of Congress try to take credit for American Rescue Plan and Child Tax Credit at the same time they try to sabotage everything Biden does is a modern day version of the old Twister game.

Two women were arrested in Texas after stealing $10,000 French bulldog puppy from pet store. And the puppy was returned safely.

Glad it worked out…. but a $!0,000 puppy???!

So if GOP is so convinced January 6 insurrectionists were tourists, perhaps they can do a Republican only “Open House” at the US Capitol for their supporters? Am sure Democrats and Capitol Police will be happy to give them the run of the place for a day.

Many in GOP pretending Ashli Babbitt, who was shot climbing on a window trying to break into House chambers, was a Patriot. Many of GOP also support “Stand Your Ground” laws that give permission to shoot someone who so much as sets foot on your property if they make you nervous.

Just wondering, so why would Russian need to hack RNC when they probably have so many GOP members of Congress already on payroll?

As someone who lives in California, I didn’t really care who won the NYC Mayor’s race. But do o want to scream at the 74% of Democrats in New York City who didn’t bother to vote in Primary: “Many of us are working SO hard for voting rights Republicans are trying to take away in USA – & you all couldn’t be bothered to take time to make your choice for city’s next mayor?

One more grumpy thought after seeing that only 26% of Democrats voted in New York City mayoral primary. If you have time to go on social media and bitch, you have time to vote in ALL local and state elections. Period.

Yes, we liberals are more tolerant. You hear stories about conservatives who don’t want to do flowers for gay weddings. Have you ever heard a story about a liberal florist who refused to do flowers for a COVID-deniers’ funeral?