The $ky’$ the limit.

Whatever happens at the trade deadline, looks quite likely the Dodgers might be the first team in MLB to hit $300 MILLION in payroll. Will LA start selling beer on the installment plan?

Random MLB baseball temporary parity weirdness: Looking at NL standings and except for St. Louis Cardinals at 6-4, no other team in the league is better than 5-5 in their last 10 games. And only the Washington Nationals at 3-7 are worse than 4-6.

Cool story. But the gold and silver medalists in women’s street skateboarding, both age 13, won’t be able to drive actual cars on the street for at least three years.

The Texas Rangers, who have a 12 game losing streak, next have two games against the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have MLB’s word record at 31-70. Who says baseball doesn’t have bowl games? As in Toilet Bowl.

Caitlyn Jenner is campaigning for Governor of California during a two week hotel quarantine before her appearance on Big Brother VIP in Australia. Meanwhile, GOP get apoplectic when President Biden goes home to Delaware for a weekend.

Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson signed bill banning mask mandates Apr. 29. Today “At that point we had very low case rates in state & people knew exactly what to do. They were capable of making their decisions.”

Uh, as Arkansas cases surge w/ 22% positivity rate, clearly they WEREN’T.

In US, even big Olympics fans are frustrated with the major television tape-delays. Now, to be fair, the Tokyo time change makes things difficult. But I remember being in California in 2010…. where the Olympics were tape delayed from Vancouver!

Think we need to keep reminding people: The so-called “pro-life” party is willing to sacrifice countless Americans with anti-vaccine anti-mask rhetoric, just to make President Biden look bad. #CovidFodder

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