Going going gone.

As we approach the MLB trade deadline, how many kids are learning the time honored tradition of having sadly having “your” team say, “we’re waving the white flag”, and trading your favorite player?”

Today’s kids will never know the thrill of cheap motel pools with diving boards. Though watching synchronized diving, and as a veteran of those times I can safely say I don’t think I could have even sychronized a cannonball with my sister.

Another really cool Olympic story in spite of the IOC.


And yes, the Olympics is too much about money & probably shouldn’t be happening. But it’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy when you see Lilly King and Lydia Jacoby after the 100 M breaststroke tonight.

Florida, with about 6% of US population, now accounts for over 25% of US COVID-19 cases. Governor Ron DeSantis hopes his disciples are as bad at math as they are at science.

In the name of consistency, can the science-rejecting anti-vax GOP leaders also please tell their disciples to continue rejecting science and medicine by staying home when they get sick?

Fortunately former Senator Barbara Boxer was not seriously injured when shewas robbed of her cellphone today in Oakland.

Fox News headline “Former Dem senator assaulted and robbed in crime-ridden Golden State.”

Meanwhile the actually most dangerous states…..

(Yes, they are almos all red)


Delta variant & unvaccinated COVIDiots already causing cases to surge in US. Wonder if part of reason to extend international travel restrictions, even for vaccinated travelers, is to keep Republicans from blaming what will be almost certain worsening surge on foreign visitors?

CNN reports one of the outstanding issues in infrastructure talks is “funding for highways and bridges.” So would GOP like to provide Democrats of a list of which bridges they are okay with falling down?

Ron DeSantis is vaccinated. His rich buddies are vaccinated. All of them have access to top medical care. But to have the illusion of beating COVID AND saving the state’s economy, Deathsantis is happy to turn less privileged Floridians into COVID fodder.

As we approach August, more than 6 months after President Biden’s inauguration & watch GOP drag out many confirmations of Biden’s appointees, your reminder: Mitch McConnell confirmed Amy Comey Barrett to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court in 30days, 38 days after death of RBG.

Same GOP lying that Democrats want to “defund the police” also want to strip their own House members from committees for trying to investigate a mob who attacked the police. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Mitch McConnell today blamed Joe Biden for vaccinations hitting a plateau, saying Former Guy had left USA on a good “trajectory.” So after spending months encouraging people not to be vaccinated GOP is going to blame our Democratic President. Ladies and gentlemen, this IS evil.

For those who know someone unvaccinated and hesitant, maybe the best argument I can make: If the vaccines weren’t good, why did so many rich and privileged people do everything they could, including cheating, to get their COVID shots first?.

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One Comment on “Going going gone.”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    belated happy birthday.

    The US Men’s Olympics Basketball Team defeated Iran the other day. Then it blew up it’s coach

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