And the hits don’t keep on coming?

Bad news for Mets fans: Jacob DeGrom is on the IL.

Worse news for fans of other NL playoff teams: Mets lose ground while DeGrom is on IL, they get a wild card, and someone has to face a rested Jacob in a win or go home game.

Meanwhile, if it’s Sunday night baseball, it must be Red Sox Yankees.

Coco Gauff tweeted that she will not compete at the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for COVID-19. Again, why is ANYONE competing at the Tokyo Olympics?

And hey, as an SF Giants fan in the SF Bay Area I can always see the Giants, as well as whoever the As are playing. But MLB complains they have no national audience, then they make sure that most Americans never see players like Juan Soto and Vladimir Guerrero Jr, except during the All-Star game. And forget smaller market good teams.

Watching SF Giants today with Crawford back in lineup – realizing yesterday EVERY single one of their starting infield, 1st base, 2nd base, SS, 3rd base & catcher were unavailable due to injury.

CNN this am covering last night’s mass shooting outside Nationals Park Can we stop calling them “isolated incidents” when they happen in America almost every single day?

Don’t think monopolies matter?
Trivago running ads claiming they will give you a choice so you’ll end up with cheaper hotel rates.Uh, Trivago happens to be owned by Expedia, who owns, Travelocity and Orbitz etc.

Wonder why GOP didn’t try a counter event to Amy Klobuchar & Stacey Abrams voting rights event today – with white suburban voters thanking Republicans for trying to make it easier for them to vote. Maybe because for white suburban voters, it’s already easy to vote.

Anyone informed Senator Lindsey Graham, threatening to leave DC fo an infrastructure vote, that not only doesn’t work for bill votes (you only need 51), he can’t even win if he convinces fellow GOP members of Rules committee? Guess Lindsey forgot as Judiciary chair he ignored ALL Dems not being present for Barrett charade SCOTUS vote?

Thousands of people in Cuba have taken to the streets in Havana and other towns, demanding vaccines and food. And here in the US, GOP is dissuading Americans from plentiful vaccines just to make President Biden look bad. Once again, four words “Pro Life My A**.”

Many in the media love to interview people who voted for the Former Guy. So here’s a suggestion, next time you interview one of them, ask first up – do you know he and Melania have been vaccinated?

In the same vein, hey Twitter, how about a simple requirement. Every time someone shares disinformation from the Former Guy about the COVID vaccine, can you add a simple truthful disclaimer? “HE IS VACCINATED!”

If you don’t believe in the science of vaccines, why not just stay home when you get really sick with the Delta Variant. Hospitals will also just treat you with science.

Why are people comparing Velveeta Voldemort to Jim Jones? Jim Jones only was responsible for the deaths of about 1,000 people.

Anyone heard of Adam Putnam?

Now CEO of Ducks Unlimited. No joke.

5-term GOP FL congressman, then Florida Agriculture Commissioner. Establishment 2018 GOP choice for Gov, beaten by TFG mini-me Ron DeSantis in Primary.

Not a Putnam fan but he’s a garden variety conservative. Not bat-sh*t crazy. And in today’s GOP, crazy sells.

So REPUBLICAN Senator Rob Portman was on today with CNN’s Dana Bash, reiterating that he was in a COVID-19 vaccine trial back in November 2020, and that he believes Americans should be vaccinated. Wonder why I can’t find this on Fox News?

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