As SF Giants fan who is very fond of Tyler Rogers I’ve been hoping the Giants could trade for his twin brother Taylor, who actually PLAYS for the Twins.

Taylor’s ERA though in past week…. 36.00. Maybe SF could get him cheap?

The SF Giants are going to throw the biggest retirement party ever for Paul Goldschmidt.

(yes, he hit another home run to beat the Giants Saturday)

Seriously? Teaser on local news tonight – “why this NBA finals is going at least six games.” Uh, well, since it was 2-2 in best of seven, the short answer to why it was going six games might be “math?”

Last night the first positive test, tonight it’s “two athletes residing in Tokyo Olympic Village test positive for COVID-19; another athlete also positive.” “Siri, explain to me how exponential math might work?”

Diamondbacks had a 2-1 lead on the Cubs with two outs and no one on in the 9th inning. Chicago scored 3 runs to win 4-2. When you’re historically bad, you’ve got to get creative with your losses.

You know GOP has a losing message when their COVID and vaccine disinformation is killing their own voters…. and their response is just to try to stop more Democrats from voting.

Some people’s retirement plan is buying lottery tickets. Wonder how many of those people are unvaccinated. Americans are really bad at calculating odds.

As Louisiana cases skyrocket – in blue New Orleans, 63% of Orleans Parish residents are fully vaccinated.

In the state overall, 36% of residents are vaccinated.


No lie too small -in conservative Daily Mail “The Texas Democrats have been staying at a plush hotel in Washington, DC…” Uh, ask any travel agent. Washington Plaza is 3-star, comfortable but somewhat dated property near Thomas Circle. Cheaper than Courtyard or Holiday Inn.

Three vaccinated Democratic Texas lawmakers who are in DC now have tested positive for COVID-19. Have to wonder… how many unvaccinated GOP Texas lawmakers are positive, but haven’t and won’t be tested, unless they end up in the hospital.

Remember back when rich & privileged all did whatever they could to jump the queue for vaccines? Imagine if Velveeta Voldemort had accused liberals of trying to keep all the life-saving shots for themselves? Red state vaccine rates would be through the roof.

All these jokes about Greene and Gaetz now needing to have their hate event at Four Seasons Landscaping. Please. Four Seasons Landscaping has standards. Knowing what they know now they probably wouldn’t even allow Rudy to have an event there now.

So if Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to prove COVID-19 is harmless to most people and vaccines are unnecessary why doesn’t she visit a hospital COVID ward, unmasked, for a photo op?

When Ted Cruz starts spewing his anti-immigrant anti-DACA rhetoric again, remember, he was born in Canada, his father left the family in Canada when he was about 4 years old for Texas and Ted himself only moved to US when his dad and mother reconciled later that year.

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