Testing, testing

So this Olympics, along with the daily medal count, is gonna have a daily COVID count?

SF Giants win a big game 7-2 against LA Dodgers with their ace Kevin Gausman starting. Just like they drew it up. Except Gausman barely made it out of the 3rd. #BeatLA

Florida has worst COVID numbers right now in country, w/ about 20% of US cases. So what does Fox News cover? “Gov Ron DeSantis stepped up criticism of Biden’s immigration policy, saying law enforcement informed him many migrants they encountered at border were bound for Florida”

Again, ICYMI, while DACA in headlines. While he may not remember life in Canada, Ted Cruz lived in Calgary for 1st four years of his life & only came to US when his mom decided to reconcile w/ her estranged husband who had moved to Texas.How is this different from DACA kids?

Healthcare workers in hospitals now must be viewing unvaccinated COVID patients in ICU the same way they look at seriously injured accident victims who didn’t use their seat belts.

Thinking Nancy Pelosi can make it easy: Veto those who by their votes encouraged the insurrectionists, and tell Kevin McCarthy he can replace them with anyone he wants, as long as he or she accepted the results of the 2020 election.

US State department isssued a “Do Not Travel” advisory for the UK today. Uh, Great Britain doesn’t want Americans anyway. They still have a 10 day quarantine. So this is like turning down a date with someone who hasn’t asked you out in the first place.

Just pointing out, Twitter isn’t scr*wing around with their own employees. As the company reopens to allow some in-person work, they are requiring proof of vaccination upon re-entry to a Twitter building.

“Talk to your doctor….You & your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety…, you also have a right to medical privacy.” Sean Hannity talking about abortion on Fox News. No wait, my bad, he’s talking COVID vaccines.

After 9-11, we first thought death toll around 3,000. Then many 1st responders ended up getting cancer & related illness…. In 2020 World Trade Center Health Program, 3,496 deaths now attributed to 9-11 illnesses. What’s it’s going to be w/ COVID & long-haul illnesses?

Amy Klobuchar points out at Senate Rules Commitee hearing in Atlanta that Democrats invited their colleagues “on the other side of the aisle” to find witnesses to DEFEND their new Georgia voting laws

GOP hasn’t called, or found, a single witness.

Some people already waited longer last year to vote than it took Senators to fly to the hearing… Yes, even longer than it took Senator Padilla on his redeye … only about 4 1/2 hours from California.

Another thing GOP hopes you won’t see in Georgia voter suppression laws… ANYONE can challenge someone else’s ability to vote & they can challenge as many as they want? What could possibly go wrong?

Kevin McCarthy named Jim Jordan to the 1/6 select committee. This is like naming a Sinaloa cartel member to a jury for El Chapo trial.

CNN is spending more time on Bezos space joy ride tomorrow than they did on Shuttle flights. I really don’t care, do U?

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