Next season.

So now that the NBA finals is over in late July, what day does the NBA pre-season start next week?

Can’t stand Tom Brady but suppose grudging respect that he turns out to have had as little loyalty towards his Former Friend as the Former Guy shows to everyone else.

SF Giants & LA Dodgers have 6 games against each other in next 9 days. Max Muncy may go on paternity list as his wife is expected to give birth this week. I think I join most Giants fans in congratulating them & suggesting that Muncy take all the time he wants w/ his new family.

GOP leaders and pundits are treating Delta Variant like First Class passengers on the Titanic viewed a shortage of lifeboats.

Dr. Fauci: “Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. And I want to say that officially.” If we did a secret poll guessing about 95 members of the Senate would give Dr. Fauci a medal for that statement alone.

Okay, give the devil his due. Giving money for the great Chef Jose Andres to use to help people is something I will actually applaud Bezos for doing.

But also Jeff Bezos credit. There are very few ways to unite both sides of the aisle in politics these days: By Bezos might have done it with the bipartisan outrage over putting Van Jones in charge of giving away $100 million

So has Velveeta Voldemort said Thomas Barrack was just his inaugural covfefe boy?

Okay, I cannot be the only one who hears the name “Thomas BARRACK” being indicted and wonders how GOP, Fox, etc will try to slant this to somehow make their followers blame Obama.

Remember back in 2018 when it came out that Melania’s friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was paid $26 million by the inaugural committee? Now as Rachel Maddow talks about allegations against the Former Guy’s inaugural committee head Tom Barrack, $26 million seems so quaint.

“Highly contagious Delta variant now makes up 83% of US coronavirus case” CDC says”

“Siri, can you help me understand exponential math?”

I have a suspicious mind: But how many of these GOP members of Congress and pundits who say they are now getting the COVID-19 shot have already been vaccinated, but didn’t want to admit it?

Has it started occurring to some GOP politicians right-wing media that for all they are trying to suppress voting, the Delta Variant is taking many of THEIR own voters permanently off the voting rolls?

Marjorie Taylor Greene has three now apparently grown children. But when they were younger and she enrolled them in school and was asked for vaccination records did she respond “This is a violation of my HIPAA rights?”

Fox News headline – “Texas Gov. Abbott calls out Democrats ‘disaster of a trip’ fleeing Austin for DC: ‘Constituents getting upset'” Gosh, I missed Fox and Abbott calling out Ted Cruz fleeing Texas for Cancun when his constituents were freezing to death.

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