High hopes.

An Australian equestrian athlete been provisionally suspended for the Olympics after he tested positive for cocaine. Did officials get suspicious when he was clearing jumps without his horse?

Sentence no one expected to see:

Diamondbacks finish sweep of Pirates with 6-4 victory.

Let’s be honest. Did anyone expect to see a sentence starting “Diamondbacks sweep ANYBODY?”

If you needed some good news this morning. Today is the first day that Velveeta Voldemort’s adult spawn aren’t getting Secret Service protection on our taxpayer dime!

Kevin McCarthy now says GOP will form their own team to investigate January 6. Uh, the name “House Committee on Travel and Tourism” is already taken.

Kevin McCarthy throwing a hissy fit over the January 6 committee reminds us again that most men are just too emotional to hold political office.

Gym Jordan couldn’t even investigate young men being sexually assaulted under his nose at Ohio State. Leaving aside the fact he helped instigate the January 6 insurrection, what makes anyone think Gym is capable of investigating anything important for our democracy?

Words Democrats never expected to say ever: “Thank God for Liz Cheney.”

If Jeffrey Dahmer were a Republican, Kevin McCarthy would have put Hannibal Lecter on his jury.

John Kasich thinks Nancy Pelosi should have let Jim Jordan stay on the January 6 committee. As if John Kasich himself could stand to be in the same room with his fellow Ohioan Gym Jordan long enough to eat a bowl of Cincinnati chili.

“You’re 5 yrs old, you’re 9 yrs old & your parents want to go to US…What could a kid say about being brought here illegally? President Biden on DACA. They couldn’t say anything anymore than Ted Cruz at age of 4 could have told his mother not to move from Canada to Texas.

Meanwhile, over on former State TV AKA Fox News – headline IS not about how more & more GOP are recommending vaccine, but “White House weighing major change to mask guidance — even for vaccinated Americans.” Because it can’t be a day on Fox without negativity towards Biden.

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