Rings not the thing?

As we await the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics have to wonder, will the games make it to a closing ceremony?

After blowing last night’s save, Kenley Jansen was booed by Dodgers fans coming into tonight’s save opportunity against Giants.Tyler Rogers had horrible Tuesday outing. But he wouldn’t have been booed by Giants fans Wednesday if last night’s game was in San Francisco.

The best part of NFL rule directed at unvaccinated players. Now we’re talking peer pre$$ure! “If a game is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled within the current 18-week scheduled due to a Covid outbreak, neither team’s players will receive their weekly paragraph 5 salary.”

Some NFL players are upset about the league’s new penalties for unvaccinated players who get COVID. Well, perhaps some anti-vax owner can sign all of them? Such a team scheduled against vaccinated teams could end up being a nice second bye week.

Since vanity is often a powerful motivator, reminder, as a woman if you wear a mask you are MUCH more likely to be carded buying alcohol, even if you are considerably over 21.

Conservative media apoplectic over shooting on 14th Street NW in DC, a normally safe upscale area favored by politicians. Wait, by the standards of January 6, shouldn’t we just call people with guns in a normally safe part of town favored by politicians, “tourists?”

With the Delta Variant spreading so aggressively now, saying “I’m vaccinated, why should I wear a mask?” is a lot like saying, I follow the speed limits, why should I wear a seat belt?

Per CNN – “Florida leads the nation in new COVID-19 cases.” I missed the Ron DeSantis tweet taking credit.

CNN chyron “McCarthy on Vaccines – I don’t think we shifted our tone.” – Uh, how hard would it be to come up with a virtual banner to put over these chyrons? – “LIE DETECTED!”

If Velveeta Voldemort had investments in asbestos companies, he’d no doubt have his cult members rushing to include it in any new homes they were constructing. Mesothelioma is only science, right?

Fox News attacking Biden tonight over CRT (which is an academic theory not actually taught in schools) with the headline “Ex-education secretary reveals…” Even Faux News knows they don’t want to headline Betsy Devos.

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