Golden ticket?

Conservative media has been apoplectic about Simone Biles’ withdrawal for mental health reasons costing USA a gymnastic gold medal. So you think they’d be thrilled an American woman actually won the all-around gold! Oh wait, Suni Lee is the daughter of refugees. Never mind.

Olympic Gold Medalist Sunisa Lee is Hmong-American daughter of Hmong refugees. Her dad was 7 when his brought him to US. from Laos. Her granddad was Hmong soldier who fought alongside U.S. military in Vietnam.

(Another story you won’t hear on Fox News.) Immigrants ARE America!

Would Republicans have more respect for Simone Biles if instead of remaining in Tokyo to cheer on her teammates Simone had instead decamped for a few days at the Ritz Carlton Cancun?

On top of everything else with this train wreck that is NBC’s Olympic coverage, even if you’re up late and able to watch events theoretically in real time, there’s often no obvious way of knowing what is live and what was recorded hours ago for the East Coast.

COVID aside, must admit I didn’t know that Tokyo weather in the summer rivals the worst of the East Coast for summer heat and humidity. So why have Summer games in late July/early August instead of September? Or October as they did in 1964.

Not competing with football was a big rea$$$on. I am shocked.

Nothing against Mike Tirico but in the limited time I’ve been watching Tokyo Olympics coverage on NBC feels like I’ve seen a lot more of him than I have of “the human drama of athletic competition.”

-For all the legitimate worry about athletes getting COVID in Tokyo, what about all these friends and family members of the athletes NBC keeps showing at unmasked viewing parties in FLORIDA?

Unvaccinated Bills WR Cole Beasley claims “I’m not anti- or pro-vax — I’m pro-choice.” Wonder how it would work if he told a police officer who pulled him over, “I’m not anti or pro-speed limits, I’m pro choice.”

There are places in all 50 states where you are at no further risk from COVID when you don’t wear a mask. Those places are called “coffins.”

Mitch McConnell has actually aired an ad telling people to get vaccinated. Because he finally figured out an increasing number of Republicans dying from COVID could be more detrimental to GOP long-term prospects than making President Biden look bad?

RIP Ron Popeil, 86 who pioneered the informercial for products like the Veg-O-Matic. Assume Ron’s funeral will have a short break in the middle, if only for someone eulogizing him to say “But wait there’s more!”

If you were born before 1980 you almost certainly have memories of being in a car without a seat belt. And objectively a seat belt is actually much more uncomfortable than a mask. But you get used to both of them.

I’m so old that I remember when everyone I knew was desperately trying everything they could including standby lines at 6a and refreshing our computers at midnight to get a COVID vaccine appointment.

Wonder how many of these COVIDiots who believe it’s THEIR choice on vaccines & masks despite how much their actions affect others, are the same clowns who justify their choice to pee in public pools?

Former Senator Mike Enzi, who died Mon, talked about 80-20 rule.

Said he & Ted Kennedy “agree on about 80% of issues that come before our committee. We disagree on 20%. We’ve agreed to focus on 80% where we agree. Other 20% we’d set aside & take it up another day…”

Senate needs more Enzis.

Also from Enzi”s 2020 farewell address: – “Ask yourself, has anyone really changed your opinion by getting in your face & yelling at you or saying how wrong you are. Usually that doesn’t change hearts & minds.” Not surprising, Enzi didn’t spend lots of time on Twitter.

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5 Comments on “Golden ticket?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying the Nationals are rebuilding, but Congress just voted a supplemental $5 million appropriation for them as part of the infrastructure bill

  2. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    thanks. but change $5 million to $100 million. I’m still living in 1976

  3. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Nationals just traded Teddy Roosevelt to Brewers for a sausage to be named later

  4. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Last night’s Nats/Cubs game was the first time since 1876 that every player on both reams was making his MLB debut

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