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Chasing that brotherly love?

February 28, 2019

So Bryce Harper got $330 million for 13 years from Phillies, after turning down $300 million for 10 years from Nationals. Not sure what his favorite subject in school was but guessing it wasn’t math.

(Btw, April 2, first week of the season, Phillies play the Nationals in DC.  Could be entertaining…)

At 13 years for Bryce Harper contract,  there are kids not even born in Philly who will be booing him someday.

Over-under on how long until Bryce Harper says “It wasn’t about the money?”

But ok, SF Giants fans, Bryce Harper’s $330 million contract with the Phillies is only $27 million less than the $357 million it cost to BUILD PAC BELL PARK! No joke.

Robert Kraft pleaded not guilty to solicitation charges despite videotapes showing him receiving oral sex at Orchids of Asia Day Spa before the AFC/NFC championship games. Maybe he’s hoping prosecutors are as blind as refs during Rams-Saints game.

Jason Witten is leaving MNF, ending his retirement and returning to NFL. Fans of both good broadcasting and good football hope this doesn’t give Tony Romo any ideas.

Lamar Alexander reportedly urging Trump to withdraw his declaration of a national emergency or face a revolt from his own party.

Actually, I would argue that Republicans already ARE revolting.

USA-North Korea talks broke off suddenly before planned Trump-Kim lunch of snow fish and apple foie gras jelly. Maybe because they wouldn’t serve Donald his hamberders?

Trump last night on abruptly leaving the summit with Kim Jong Un – “Sometimes you have to walk….” And how brave of him to walk with those bone spurs.


Has anyone thought that maybe Trump loves Putin & Kim Jong Un not just because they are dictators, but also because they’re short enough to make him really feel 6’3″?

How long until Trump says Allen Weisselberg was just his covfefe accountant?

Mark Meadows, after 2012 video of his birther accusations against Obama surfaced stated “There’s not a racist bone in my body.”  He’s right, there are 206 of them.

The rest is just details…

February 27, 2019

As everyone insists the SF Giants are rebuilding this year with or without Bryce Harper, your reminder that the 2018 Atlanta Braves were projected to win 75 games. (they won 90)

Would like to thank San Antonio tonight breaking their losing streak and allowing Gregg Popovich to focus his disgust on Donald Trump instead of their team play again.

Johnny Manziel released by Montreal Alouettes who said he “contravened the agreement which made him eligible to play” in CFL. How bad do you have to be to seriously p*ss off Canadians?

Dwayne Wade hit a prayer of a 3 point buzzer-beater to beat the Warriors 126-125 and said after the game.”It’s  special for me.”

Well yeah, with the Heat at 27-33 they’re only half a game out of a playoff spot in the NBA East.  (Or should we call in the NBA Least?)

Mark Meadows, who insisted because Michael Cohen had lied in past that he couldn’t be trusted now, last year had to correct his educational history which claimed a Bachelor’s Degree from Univ. of South Florida.
Meadows has only an Associate (2 year) degree.

Actually would ANY of Republican members of Congress like to state under oath that they have never lied for their bosses? Or for that matter asked their employees to lie for them?


So Trump abandons Iranian nuclear deal Iran his defense department AND Europe says Iran is complying with. But will put North Korea on the honor system? Those commemorative coins may glow in the dark.

If John McCain weren’t dead, this week with GOP behavior at Cohen hearings and Trump in Hanoi would have killed him.

Question to GOP members of Congress attacking Michael Cohen as a low-life form today – What do you think of a President who would keep him for 10 years as his personal lawyer? Asking for a country.

What’s next, – breaking news – GOP issues statement “Nixon was not a crook.”

Donald Trump throws everyone under the bus. GOP defending him today remind me of Kim Jong Un’s bodyguards frantically running alongside his limo – sooner or later you’re going to fall under the wheels.


What were people saying about Jussie Smollett last week? That you had to be a world-class idiot to commit a crime and implicate yourself by writing a check?check

Popcorn shortage?

February 27, 2019

Just read all 20 pages of Michael Cohen opening statement. Two thoughts: 1. Holy Sh*t! 2. I hope he and his family have really good security.


So after Cohen testimony will Trump ask Kim Jong Un for asylum? Or for the phone number of “Assassins R Us?”

SF Giants  fans if Bryce Harper signs with Giants. “Awesome, we’ll all show up to see him, one of the most exciting players in the game. SF fans if Harper signs with Dodgers “Over-priced arrogant head case. Another reason to Beat La!”


If Bryce Harper is waiting for slow news day so he can dominate headlines with his contract he might have to wait until MLB All-Star break.

In two days, NFL competition committee apparently has not reached consensus over changing replay review. Guessing if Patriots had been kept out of Super Bowl by a bad call, they’d have figured it out in 30 minutes.

Give Kim Jong Un credit, whatever he’s done to his own people, he HAS magically cured Trump’s bone spurs so Donald could finally make it to Vietnam.

Trump tweeting that “Vietnam is thriving like few places on earth.” Such a good thing his bone spurs cleared up in time for him to finally make it there.

Your reminder that to believe Trump, all you have to do is believe that EVERY former employee and staffer, not to mention women who have accused him of sexual assault, is lying about him.

Ivanka Trump is not just a “let them eat cake” princess;  she’s a “They should buy my overpriced lousy cake made by bakers I underpay” princess.

I suppose it would be too much to ask that Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, who openly threatened Michael Cohen on Twitter,, was also a client of Orchids of Asia Spa?  But we can dream.

This btw, is the Gaetz tweet, now deleted ” Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…
3:27 PM – 26 Feb 2019″

Were refs involved?

February 26, 2019

Police report on charging Robert Kraft indicates he visited prostitute the morning of Jan 20, before the NFC/AFC championship games. So I guess that day it wasn’t just the Saints who got screwed.


Though I repeat, billionaires don’t just wander into strip mall spas looking for sex. So who’s the “concierge” if you will, and who does he or she work for besides Robert Kraft?

At this point it’s too soon to tell if the women who are  Orchids of Asia spa workers are legal immigrants or not. But two questions.  If they’re legal, will Trump’s DOJ try to have them deported for criminal behavior? And if they’re illegal, doesn’t that mean they couldn’t have complained about working conditions because they could have been deported?

Wherever Bryce Harper signs perhaps he can do it on the day Trump meets with Kim Jong Un and overshadow Donald’s reality show summit?

Not that Warriors are particular fans of Lakers. But Lebron James’ experience in trying to turn bad team around by himself in Los Angeles probably can’t hurt in their efforts to keep Kevin Durant from attempting the same with NY Knicks?

Now a $3,500 check has appeared that Jussie Smollett allegedly wrote to one of the brothers who claim they helped stage the attack.
Besides all the other charges for falisfying a hate crime, , can we add “felony stupidity?


Pat Robertson, 88, was trending tonight. Is it wrong to be really disappointed that it’s only about another stupid homophobic thing he said?

Paul Manafort is begging to avoid a lengthy prison term that would “likely amount to a life sentence.”
Thoughts and prayers.

In Britain, the Labour party has announced they will back a second referendum on Brexit. Sometimes I really wish the US had a parliamentary system where we could call for do-overs.

Oscar win – Book it.

February 25, 2019

As a white woman, perhaps I am not the best judge of Green Book. But if it was good enough for John Lewis…

(and to get Octavia Spencer as a producer…)

While we’re going after perfect historical accuracy, can I remind everyone that Von Trapp family left Austria by train to Italy?   Not Switzerland. And no climbing mountains was involved.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper tonight at the Oscars had more chemistry than we’ve seen live since Trump and Putin in Helsinki.



Meanwhile, Knicks beat the Spurs tonight in Madison Square Garden and avoided tying the record – 19 games – for consecutive home losses.   So was San Antonio trying to win an award for best portrayal of a lottery team?

At the beginning of the Oscars “Who is Kris Allen?”  The answer to the Jeopardy trivia answer on everyone’s mind “He actually beat Adam Lambert on American Idol.”

Oscars prove once again that no matter how much money you have or how much is spent on you, it is still possible to get dressed without looking in a mirror.


While the ticket was sold in a small town in South Carolina, no one has yet claimed the $1.5 Mega Millions jackpot from last October. And you feel bad about what you accidentally washed in your pockets …

From “An off-duty Hoover police officer is under investigation after a dispute with his wife early Saturday resulted in a handgun being discharged, according to state authorities.”
Fixed it for them. “A cop shot his wife.”

So Amy Klobuchar might be a mean boss on occasion, and we probably don’t know yet how often that is.  But meanwhile Donald Trump demeans people in public, fires them by tweet, and claims that they’re all stupid liars afterwards. And SHE’s the one questioned about being Presidential?

How do you parody a parody?

“HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C., on July 4th. It will be called “A Salute To America” and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!”


Next up, Trump might even try to declare the Fourth of July a holiday!

Not so starry night

February 24, 2019

Not so Starry Night? So Rockets beat Warriors without Harden, Pelicans beat Lakers without Davis, and Duke beat Syracuse without Zion.

TC does suggest “Tickets to the Duke vs North Carolina game went for around $2500 ea, with one fan paying $10,000 on a re-ticketing website. You’d think one of these big spenders would have thrown Duke star Zion Williamson a couple of hundred bucks to buy a decent pair of basketball shoes.”

Heretical view in SF Bay Area, but one reason I don’t love watching Warriors games is that it sometimes feels like with so many stars they lollygag early in games then simply turn it on in time to win.   (Though perhaps 15-0 to start was a bit much?)

Well, Kylie Murray is leaving baseball for football.  If this lack of contract keeps up maybe Bryce Harper can join him?

Mardi Gras Float. #Neverforget #WhoDat

Florida police have surveillance video for months of customers of that sex trafficking spa. So how many other powerful men besides Robert Kraft are having a rather stressful weekend?

We all know the REAL reason Trump likes to meet with Kim Jong Un – Donald just loves to stand next to someone who makes him feel like he actually is 6’3″

So how long until Donald Trump tweets that he really COULD have won an Oscar if he only went into movies?


if it takes 800 pages for your sentencing memo it does seem likely you have done more than one or two bad things.

Super prostitution rings?

February 23, 2019

Guess I was wrong, thought if you were a billionaire you could have prostitutes delivered.


Billionaires don’t just stumble into random massage parlors in Florida looking for prostitutes. Who told Robert Kraft about this place?

Wonder if Robert Kraft was kneeling when he got serviced?

But hey, Robert Kraft is a big Trump donor and gave $1 MILLION to his inaugural committee. So we already knew he liked to pay to screw people

But seriously ,according to police, most prostitutes at spa Robert Kraft frequented were women in their 20s and 30s who didn’t speak English.  And the good friend of the man who’s built his Presidency on hatred of undocumented immigrants didn’t see a potential problem in that?

NBA thinking about lowering league minimum draft age to 18, meaning many top prospects won’t have to consider college. But what a shame. those young men could miss out on some of best months of their lives.


If Bryce Harper had intended to sign today and be top story on ESPN guessing he’s put that off a couple days.

Meanwhile, many sports fans HAD woken up Friday morning thinking the biggest sports story of the day was whether or not referee Scott Foster (or the NBA itself)  is actively working against the Rockets, or simply for the Lakers and Lebrong making the playoffs.

Well, at least Donald Trump doesn’t have to worry that a story will emerge about him eating salad with a comb. No one would ever believe he eats salad.

Asked today if he bears any personal responsibility because of his rhetoric for Coast Guard wannabe terrorist-mass murderer Trump said no “I think my language is very nice.” Some statements sadly don’t even need a punchline.

So after a week of “mea culpas,” a whole lot of people who screamed about jumping to conclusions without all the facts on Jussie Smollett tonight made the same instant leaps with a doctored video and Dianne Feinstein.

A shoe in?

February 22, 2019

Glad Duke star Zion Williamson has only a mild knee sprain after his Nike shoe fell apart, but can we have a moment for all us women who love wearing heels and get chided that they’re dangerous to walk in?

Wonder if any newspaper headlined Zion Williamson’s injury “If the shoe splits?”

The longer Bryce Harper remains unsigned, the more he misses of Spring Training.
Wonder how many players already tired of drills wish they’d thought of that.

Lebron James  said that after All-Star Break the Lakers will start their “playoff intensity.”  That must make fans who’ve purchased full priced tickets for pre-break games already played feel so happy.

Sad about Peter Tork dying, though I wasn’t a Monkees fan.  But how the heck was he 77 years old already?


A federal judge actually ruled Alex Acosta, Trump’s Secretary of Labor “broke the law” in hiding sexual abuse plea agreement from more than 30 of  Jeffrey Epstein’s underage victims. And these days it’s not even a headline story.  Are we great yet?


North Carolina election board has called for a new election in contested House race after GOP candidate Mark Harris said he was mistaken in his testimony, and blamed it on a sepsis infection that had affected his memory.


Imagine Trump and GOP tweets if DEMOCRATS had to redo an election over voter fraud, and if a candidate said he was “mistaken” in his first testimony.

Also, just for heck of it, imagine if white MAGA Trump sympathizer had falsely alleged liberals had attacked him in a hate crime & a black gay man had planned terrorism event involving mass murder?

Jussie Smollett faked an attack, which wasted police resources and has damaged credibility of real victims. Donald Trump fakes a national emergency, which wastes billions of dollars and has damaged credibility of the USA. Who should be in prison longer?

If the shoe splits…

February 21, 2019

Fans paid upwards of $2,500 for tickets to UNC Duke game and Blue Devils star Zion Williamson got injured 36 seconds into game when his shoe broke apart. Sad, but at those prices this might be definition of First World Problem.



So after a shoe malfunction knocked Duke star Zion Williamson out of at least tonight’s game against UNC, will Nike change its motto from “Just Do it” to “Wanna Get Away?”



Right about now Nike has to be looking back nostalgically to days when it was Tiger Woods self-destructing instead of their shoes.

Happy Birthday, Sidney Poiter, 92. But shouldn’t there be a way for someone to trend without scaring us?

You know who’s not saying the  Mueller Report is almost finalized? Robert Mueller.

Though Mueller only has about a week to get his report done by the end of February. Which makes some sense “March Madness is already taken.”

Trump potentially nominating Iraq war veteran & former Michigan GOP Senate candidate John James for UN Ambassador. James indicates he would accept, and says he is “someone who understands the growing spheres of communism around the world.”
Building that bridge to the 1960s?

So Trump tells California he wants the billions of dollars back for the bullet train. How about a deal, we give the money back, Donald gives the election back?

Wonder if Trump would start believing in climate change if one of these storms grounds Air Force One from him flying to Mar-A-Lago?

So Jussie Smollett, while living a relatively comfortably lifestyle, apparently faked a racist homophobic attack. And if convicted he’ll be living somewhere where he’s a lot more likely to be attacked.

Meanwhile, while Fox News is all over the Smollett story, it’s crickets about the active-duty far-right Coast Guard white guy arrested with an arsenal and apparently plans to go after a number of Democratic leaders and kill as many people as possible.  I’m SURE it’s just a coincidence.

Not-so-cheap seats.

February 19, 2019

Wow, cheapest ticket to see Zion Williamson in UNC-Duke game now $2,500. What’s the point? Next year fans can probably see him cheap with the Suns or Knicks.


Well, at least when SF Giants take over Petco Park for Giants-Padres games they’ll be able to boo ex-Dodger Manny Machado.

MLB Baseball Players Association head Tony Clark wants DH to expand to NL. If it’s just about keeping lousy fielders who can hit employed, let NL teams have one additional non-pitcher on their team. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Look, I get with sports it’s about ego. But when you can sign for more money than you can possibly spend in your entire life, wouldn’t you pick a place you actually want to live?

Antonio Brown met with Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II and tweeted that both sides “agreed that it is time to move on.”
So the NFL version of a “conscious uncoupling?”

Taneytown, Maryland is considering a new Civil War memorial with equal-sized pictures of Lincoln AND John Wilkes Booth. “Many fine people on both sides”?


NY Times reports Vatican has a secret set of rules for clerics who fathered children. Uh, if priests have children, what makes the church think they care about rules?

NY TImes also reports Trump asked then-acting AG Whitaker if he could appoint an attorney who had already recused himself to oversee an investigation. So wonder what Donald’s already asked Barr?

Clarence Thomas wants to overturn Times v. Sullivan ruling, which protects news organizations from most libel suits when they write about public figures. So what is Thomas afraid the media will be writing about him?

Reportedly Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are breaking up. Damn, I miss the days when we gossiped about reality stars instead of electing them.

Have to wonder, why hasn’t DonaldTrump attacked Rachel Maddow yet? Is her show on during his “Executive Time?” Or is it just that really strong women scare him?

In retrospect perhaps Justin’s Smollett’s story from the start was as improbable as Trump’s claim his campaign never colluded with Russia.


More bad limerick time.


About Mueller Trump does like to bitch
But his tweets now are causing a hitch.
Those self-pitying cries
And obvious lies
Are proving that Trump IS a witch.

Not ALL about the money?

February 19, 2019

Boston has highest payroll in MLB. Red Sox owner John Henry today when asked about spending and winning “I’m sure there is a correlation, but it’s not as perfect…. Spending more money helps.”
What was his first clue?


Winner of yesterday’s crash-plagued Indy 500 – Denny Hamlin.    Runners-up?  All  NASCAR body shops.


Meanwhile, speaking of payrolls, the Red Sox won in 2018 with baseball’s highest payroll, despite paying Pablo Sandoval $18 million to play for SF Giants.  Which they are paying him again in 2019.  #PandaPower

Bruce Bochy has announced he will retire after the end of SF Giants 2019 season. Which Giants fans hope will be late October.

Heard a great idea today. Instead of President’s Day, because really, who needs another mattress sale, let’s make ELECTION DAY a national holiday.

Would everyone who ever drank underage please STFU about Malia Obama.
Thank you.


Maybe what really upsets conservatives about Malia’s underage drinking is they worry it means she aspires to be a Supreme Court judge?

Fox News gleefully attacking Democratic politicians for condemning the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett.
Somehow I missed their same outrage over Trump and the Central Park Five.

The West Virginia woman who was fired from her non-profit job for calling Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” today pleaded guilty to embezzling $18,000 from FEMA. Who knew such a classy woman might be a crook too?

Just wondering, if Amy Klobuchar becomes front-runner for 2020 Democratic nomination what will Trump do for attacks? Worst accusation is she’s a boss whose employees are scared of her. Which Donald would consider a seriously good thing.


Leaving aside the fact that many middle-class Americans may find themselves with higher taxes due to loss of deductions, new tax laws are upsetting many because instead of getting their expected refunds, they owe money. Don Jr. and others are brushing off complaints by saying that’s a GOOD thing, as those people haven’t given government an interest-free loan.
Except that many people have come to count on that basically forced saving. If not getting refunds was so good, Trump would’ve touted that from the beginning.


February 18, 2019

Wouldn’t NBA All-Star games with the captains picking their best teams be more compelling if fans weren’t watching the same thing playing out during the regular season?

What’s next for the league to attract interest? The Warriors playing the All-Star champions?


So for those unfamiliar with NASCAR, no Sunday’s Daytona 500, was not normally like “The Bachelorette”  – where last guy standing is the winner.

But yeah, when did the Daytona 500 turn into demolition derby?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver  is not  happy with the Knicks tanking “.. you understand why there’s relegation in European soccer.”

Hmm, if they relegate Knicks for tanking, who does the NBA bring up? Duke?

So isn’t it likely that Bryce Harper has made up his mind and is just sitting back enjoying the attention and the lack of the boring first weeks of spring training?



A woman gave birth on a JetBlue flight. Good thing she wasn’t on Spirit Airlines. They’d have charged her for an extra carry-on.


UN Ambassador nominee Heather Nauert  has withdrawn her nomination. So the question of the night – what’s in HER yearbook?

Trump fundraising email of the day “Last week, more than 95% of the Patriots I polled demanded a wall.” Say what? Does he mean 95% of the voices in his head.

(or does he mean Brady and Belichick?)


Dana Carvey mocked George H.W. Bush and Bush invited him to the White House. Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump and he angrily tweets calling for retribution. What a sad, pathetic little POTUS.

Never thought I’d be tweeting in praise of Sarah Palin.  But she had the good nature and wit to appreciate Tina Fey’s amazing portrayal of her…even appearing on the show.  Take note, POTUS.


So just wondering, after Donald Trump’s meltdown over SNL.  Are “The Daily Show” “Full Frontal with Samantha B” and  “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”  just on so late at night during the week he hasn’t seen them?

Anyone ever thought Donald Trump has decided he likes Kim Jong Un because standing next to North Korean leader makes Donald feel as if he really IS 6’3″?

To be fair, has any President before Trump so unified most of Europe?   Against the US.


How childish is it that is trending? Really doesn’t show much respect to Donald Trump at all. Womp womp

Tough decision?

February 16, 2019

Craziness in SF Bay Area, from sun to pouring rain to hail (or even some snow) then back to sun within a few minutes. Almost a shame SFGiants are after Bryce Harper instead of weather chaser Mike Trout.

So let’s get to to the real crisis in baseball – wherever he ends up no team will possibly have time this year to come up with a Bryce Harper bobblehead.

Meanwhile, baseball being baseball, pretty sure 2019 MVP races in both leagues will include someone we’re not even talking about now.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver debuted a new “smart jersey of the future.” for fans, where you can use a phone app to change number and name on the back. So maybe nobody warned Silver about this thing called a “washing machine? ?

Payless ShoeSource said it will close and liquidate their 2,300 U.S. stores, resulting in tens of thousands of job losses. Are we tired of winning yet?

Today’s mass shooter was an American citizen. So assume GOP are fine with next President, whoever she or he may be, declaring a gun violence National Emergency on day one?


CDC reports 63 more people have gotten sick with salmonella from raw turkey products. But hey MAGAers – this is science. So own the libs – buy more recalled ground turkey.

As Ann Coulter goes off on Trump, calling him an idiot and then some,  talk about some serious conflict in my reaction – glee at watching conservatives take on Democrats in the “circular firing squad” department – or horror in agreeing with Ann Coulter,


Amazing how same  Trump supporters who say gun control reform won’t help because criminals get around laws insist a wall will stop crime despite tunnels, boats, planes….

Trump on his National Emergency declaration today ““I didn’t need to do this… I just want to do it faster.” And thousands of lawyers are going “Wait, it’s not supposed to be THAT easy.”

Break time

February 15, 2019

No serious NBA games to watch for a week because of the All-Star Break.  So all basketball fans get a last of what it’s like to root for the Knicks.

Though really, it’s a tough time for many US sports fans – after  Super Bowl, before Spring Training games start, and NBA games really matter…. and of course, before for three weeks we all become fans of college basketball teams we had never heard of…

A Florida woman was arrested for throwing a frozen pork chop at her boyfriend,  lacerating his face. . If she’d only thawed it out.

(read that above joke out loud.)

Trevor Bauer says his arbitration hearing with Indians ended with ‘character assassination’ – Well this should start off 2019 with a warm fuzzy feeling in the Cleveland clubhouse.

Trump fundraising email of day says “Deadline is Midnight to wish Donald and Melania a Happy Valentine’s Day.”
I really don’t care, do U?


There once was a POTUS named Trump
Whose ego could not take its lumps
Since he’s not 6’3″
Nor close to 243.
His wall will distract from his rump.


As California faces massive flooding from heavy rains this week, what excuse will Donald Trump use to blame the state and deny federal funds?

This reality show version of the Manchurian Candidate really really sucks.

Susan Collins, on Trump’s “National Emergency.” This approach does set a very bad precedent for future presidents, whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican, to feel that they can get around Congress’s constitutional role to allocate funding. It’s very serious and troubling to me.”
Too soon to start a pool on when Collins will give a speech announcing she supports the President?

17 people, including 14 children, murdered by troubled young man who should never have had gun, and Trump is “praying for continued strength and healing.”
One person gets killed by an immigrant and he demands more billions for his wall. #Parkland.

But seriously, what kind of sick f*ck declares a National Emergency over a vanity project on anniversary of 17 people being murdered by mass shooter in Parkland?

Boiling over?

February 14, 2019

Ravens traded Joe Flacco to Broncos. Well, Denver has already proven you can win a Super Bowl with a former NFL quarterback.

What’s more shocking – that Portland Trail Blazers outscored Golden State Warriors 35 to 12 in their 129 to 107 win Wednesday night?  Or that not only did Warriors coach Steve Kerr get ejected, he had to be physically held back from getting in worse trouble by Kevin Durant?

From TC  “So Donny (Trump)  has installed a $50,000 Golf Simulator in the White House. It is a large screen that you hit balls at. It is the only screen in the WH that isn’t showing “Fox News” 24/7”


GOP in Wisconsin erased Colin Kaepernick from a resolution recognizing Black History Month, saying he’s too controversial to be included in a list of influential black leaders.
Now, Kap is a terribly imperfect messenger.  But let’s be real, if he were alive today the Wisconsin GOP would say the same thing about MLK Jr.

Sri Lanka is bringing back capital punishment And the country is looking for actual hangmen – “male, between the 18 and 45, with “excellent moral character” able to pass a “mind and mental strength” test.
“Excellent moral character?” Well, I guess they can’t ask for experience.

CNN’s Town Hall with Howard Schultz finished third among cable news network last night w/ 1.04 million viewers, behind FOX with 2.47 million and MSNBC’s with 2.21 million. Still, guess this proves you can always get a million people to watch a train wreck.


National debt has surpassed $22 trillion. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

So who had FEMA head Brock Long in Trump resignation bingo?

Judge just voided Paul Manafort plea deal, saying he ‘intentionally’ lied too FBI, special counsel AND grand jury.
Can’t wait to see the Presidential way Donald Trump will respond to this

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt said Donald Trump will veto a bill to prevent another government shutdown IF it includes back pay for contractors who lost work in first Trump shutdown.
A real man of the people.

Not over til it’s over.

February 12, 2019

Duke came back from 23-points down in  second-half deficit to beat Louisville 71-69.  Are we sure the Blue Devils weren’t playing the Atlanta Falcons?

Javon McKinley, Notre Dame, was charged Monday with three misdemeanors, after punching two campus security officers who found him passed out and were trying to help him to his dorm.
So the real question, is McKinley talented enough that when the Fighting Irish release him, some SEC team will give him a second chance?

A thought for Bryce Harper. He gets booed in a lot of stadiums. If he signs with SFGiants over Phillies at least he won’t get booed at home.

Of course Kareem Hunt has a job while Colin Kaepernick doesn’t. If Ray Rice hadn’t been towards the end of his career some team would have signed him too.

So how mad is Donald Trump going to be that he won’t be able to use a nasty nickname for astronaut and future senator Mark Kelly? Also known as Mr. Gabby Giffords?

A Connecticut woman will survive but suffered serious injuries when during a power outage she mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle and lit it. Your move Florida


CNN is giving Howard Schulz a town hall tonight. Because who thought anything bad could happen from giving a narcissistic billionaire, who is also a political neophyte, lots of exposure for ratings?

Now Trump is says he is “thinking about doing on the Fourth of July or thereabouts a parade, a ‘Salute to America’ parade.’It’ll be a, really a gathering as opposed to a parade I guess you’d have to say – perhaps at the Lincoln Memorial, we’re looking at sites.”
You know, a resignation parade or gathering would give Trump the bigliest crowd ever.

Trrump said idea of having a dog seems “phony” to him. And “I wouldn’t mind having one, honestly, but I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”
As if any dog would want Trump to walk him or her. And no self-respecting cat would go anywhere near him.


So now Trump is offering contributors “Build the Wall, Crime will Fall” bumperstickers.
Well, if we’re going to do poems –

Blaming others for your fall, really takes a lot of gall. while you count your greedy haul,,and act like a neanderthal”

Traveling men

February 12, 2019

NBA says Kevin Durant should have been called for a “discontinued dribble” in Warriors’ final possession before they sunk two free throws to beat Miami Heat 120-118 Monday night.
You mean superstars can’t do anything they want with the ball, ever?

Congrats to Phil Mickelson for winning another tournament at 48 years old.   “Just wait until he gets some real experience” said Jamie Moyer.

Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt today. Well, Baker Mayfield had a least a few months of being part of a feel-good story.


Have to assume there is some sort of GPS tracker on Donald Trump’s phone. Would LOVE to have someone leak how often he tweets from the toilet.

Trump claim at rally tonight that Democrats want to let criminals into the US. As opposed to Republicans who want to keep one in the White House?

Give Trump credit, after his El Paso speech tonight, how many people will turn on television to search for a more reality-based show like the Bachelor?


Trump debuted a new slogan last night. “Finish the Wall. Anyone who listens to him regularly knows goal should be ” Finish a Complete Sentence.”

Besides Beto O’Rourke rally being bigger Beto’s crowds make you feel good and optimistic about America. Trump crowds make you wonder how we fell so far so fast.

Age and treachery

February 11, 2019

Yesterday at Pebble Beach, play was halted when Paul Casey, 41, said he couldn’t see his putt on 16.   Phil Mickelson, 48, said he “could see just fine.”

So hey, yeah, at some point, everything’s equally blurry.

At time play was halted, Phil Mickelson was leading the tournament by 3 strokes.  Of course, if Phil were Tiger Woods, ESPN would have been breaking into broadcasts hourly for a “special report.”

Report from Alex Palovic “Bruce Bochy said Bumgarner sent him a text after Zaidi said Giants might use openers. “If you use an opener in my game I’m walking right out of the ballpark.””
❤️ Madbum

NY Yankees have reportedly offered Machado a $200 million 7-8 year contract. Makes sense, with a majority of sports fans, NY and Manny are equally beloved.

That moment when you realize not only do you not love some Grammy winning music but also you don’t even know who some of the big winners are.

Seriously does anyone think the Democrats are organized enough to orchestrate anything?

While we’re fretting about Amy Klobuchar’s abilities as a boss, the President of the United States is smashing records for turnover in the White House at all levels.

Meanwhile, it’s clear that Trump’s intimidation tactics are working SO well on Elizabeth Warren. “By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President. In fact he may not even be a free person.”

Candace Owens “Whenever we say ‘nationalism,’ the first thing people think about, at least in America, is Hitler. You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine.”
WTAF? Is Owens tired of Virginia Democrats getting all the attention?

Congrats to the National Enquirer. Who knew ANYONE could make Jeff Bezos into a semi-sympathetic figure.

A piece of advice, again, for all guys.  Seriously, save yourselves a lot of potential trouble. It doesn’t matter who you are, women just don’t want to see pictures of your junk.

White House Castle?

February 8, 2019

Tom Brady, who skipped Patriots WH visit when Obama was President, refused to answer a reporter’s question about whether he would go this time. Well if he wants to avoid controversy, Tom can always use excuse he doesn’t eat fast food..

Lakers  general manager Rob Pelinka is comparing his team’s postseason chances to the New England Patriots. “we’re on the outside but we find a way to get in the playoffs with the skill sets we’ve added. And then much like Brady did, we let one of the all-time greats  (James) -take the helm for this team and make some noise.”

With all due respect, for the Lakers it will take more than a Bill Vinovich referee team for them to have a chance at the NBA finals.

Clemson football co-offensive coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott got $150,000 raises and will now make $1 million annually.
Many professors at Clemson don’t even make $150.000 a year.

My favorite Frank Robinson quote “Be anything you want to be, but don’t be dull.”

Open note to Virginia. Maybe consider electing a woman as Governor next time?


Meanwhile, So let me get this straight Donald Trump is attacking Virginia Democrats because of past behaviors that were racist and possibly sexually abusive?   Is he really mad because he thinks they should be Republicans?

So this week we’ve learned two things: One, be careful what pictures you put in a yearbook. Two. it is ALWAYS stupid to send a dick pick.

Georgia GOP Rep. Rob Woodall says he will not seek re-election, citing “political and personal reasons.” So what’s in his yearbook?

Really should have some sympathy for cast of Saturday Night Live.  These days there is no way they can prepare a show, especially cold open, early in week without ripping it up and starting over Friday.


Words many of us liberals never expected to say – “Thank heaven for Judge Roberts.”

So while Jeff Bezo is standing up to AMI  National Enquirer extortion, the question remains   -“Who has already paid?”


And after this Trump presidency is over wonder who’s going to make big bucks by helping people who were part of this White House scrub their resumes?

How many strikes and you’re out?

February 6, 2019

Meanwhile, in Mississippi, Southern Miss head football coach Jay Hopson is upset the school won’t let him hire Art Briles,fired in 2016 by Baylor following an investigation into their program’s sexual assault scandal, and banned from college football for 3 years.
Wonder what NFL team will interview Briles next.

WR Antonio Brown apparently was in involved in a domestic dispute in January, although he was not arrested. So let’s see, does this make favorites to sign him the 49ers, Cowboys or Redskins?

Applebee’s is promoting Dollar Hurricane’s in their restaurants for Mardi Gras. “Applebee’s Dollar Hurricanes?” Respectfully thinking, hasn’t New Orleans suffered enough already with that Saints blown call?

I’m a Saints fan, not Pelicans fan, but apparently Anthony Davis trade to Lakers won’t work supposed because New Orleans is being “outrageous” in their demands. Can’t imagine why the city would have it in for Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Lakers lost last night to Indiana Pacers 136-94. Guessing they can’t wait for Lebron James to get back. Oh, wait, never mind.

Meanwhile, what was a bigger shock tonight, that Spurs lost to Warriors tonight 141 to 102, or that with Pop resting DeRozan AND Aldridge, that San Antonio was only down 3 points late in the 3rd quarter.

Since last SOTU eight of Trump’s Cabinet secretaries, plus AG Jeff Sessions, have either resigned or been fired. Such a well-oiled machine.


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is struggling to keep his job. Lt Gov. Justin Fairfax is denying a sexual assault allegation, now AG Mark Herring, 3rd in line, says he also wore blackface too, in 1980.
Your move, Florida.

Once again, as Trump lies about caring about women and our safety, absolute crickets about Natalie Corona, 23, the police officer daughter of a Mexican immigrant, brutally ambushed and murdered by a white man.

Now Trump via on Twitter says that a wall had reduced crime in Tuscon (sic) over 90%.
Well, TUCSON  is at least closer to the border (60 miles from Nogales) than San Antonio.

Dee Margo, mayor of El Paso, is calling Donald Trump a liar over his false statement that a wall drastically reduced the city’s crime.
Your reminder that Margo is a REPUBLICAN.

Donald Trump in SOTU talked about fighting childhood cancer. At the same time his administration eliminates environmental and other regulations – which will result in more children, and adults, getting cancer.

Also in SOTU “It’s not right to have nominations stuck in the Senate”. What does Justice Merrick Garland think.



So how long until Trump tweets he doesn’t know Paul Erickson?