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Not over til it’s over.

February 12, 2019

Duke came back from 23-points down in  second-half deficit to beat Louisville 71-69.  Are we sure the Blue Devils weren’t playing the Atlanta Falcons?

Javon McKinley, Notre Dame, was charged Monday with three misdemeanors, after punching two campus security officers who found him passed out and were trying to help him to his dorm.
So the real question, is McKinley talented enough that when the Fighting Irish release him, some SEC team will give him a second chance?

A thought for Bryce Harper. He gets booed in a lot of stadiums. If he signs with SFGiants over Phillies at least he won’t get booed at home.

Of course Kareem Hunt has a job while Colin Kaepernick doesn’t. If Ray Rice hadn’t been towards the end of his career some team would have signed him too.

So how mad is Donald Trump going to be that he won’t be able to use a nasty nickname for astronaut and future senator Mark Kelly? Also known as Mr. Gabby Giffords?

A Connecticut woman will survive but suffered serious injuries when during a power outage she mistook a stick of dynamite for a candle and lit it. Your move Florida


CNN is giving Howard Schulz a town hall tonight. Because who thought anything bad could happen from giving a narcissistic billionaire, who is also a political neophyte, lots of exposure for ratings?

Now Trump is says he is “thinking about doing on the Fourth of July or thereabouts a parade, a ‘Salute to America’ parade.’It’ll be a, really a gathering as opposed to a parade I guess you’d have to say – perhaps at the Lincoln Memorial, we’re looking at sites.”
You know, a resignation parade or gathering would give Trump the bigliest crowd ever.

Trrump said idea of having a dog seems “phony” to him. And “I wouldn’t mind having one, honestly, but I don’t have any time. How would I look walking a dog on the White House lawn?”
As if any dog would want Trump to walk him or her. And no self-respecting cat would go anywhere near him.


So now Trump is offering contributors “Build the Wall, Crime will Fall” bumperstickers.
Well, if we’re going to do poems –

Blaming others for your fall, really takes a lot of gall. while you count your greedy haul,,and act like a neanderthal”


Traveling men

February 12, 2019

NBA says Kevin Durant should have been called for a “discontinued dribble” in Warriors’ final possession before they sunk two free throws to beat Miami Heat 120-118 Monday night.
You mean superstars can’t do anything they want with the ball, ever?

Congrats to Phil Mickelson for winning another tournament at 48 years old.   “Just wait until he gets some real experience” said Jamie Moyer.

Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt today. Well, Baker Mayfield had a least a few months of being part of a feel-good story.


Have to assume there is some sort of GPS tracker on Donald Trump’s phone. Would LOVE to have someone leak how often he tweets from the toilet.

Trump claim at rally tonight that Democrats want to let criminals into the US. As opposed to Republicans who want to keep one in the White House?

Give Trump credit, after his El Paso speech tonight, how many people will turn on television to search for a more reality-based show like the Bachelor?


Trump debuted a new slogan last night. “Finish the Wall. Anyone who listens to him regularly knows goal should be ” Finish a Complete Sentence.”

Besides Beto O’Rourke rally being bigger Beto’s crowds make you feel good and optimistic about America. Trump crowds make you wonder how we fell so far so fast.