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Were refs involved?

February 26, 2019

Police report on charging Robert Kraft indicates he visited prostitute the morning of Jan 20, before the NFC/AFC championship games. So I guess that day it wasn’t just the Saints who got screwed.


Though I repeat, billionaires don’t just wander into strip mall spas looking for sex. So who’s the “concierge” if you will, and who does he or she work for besides Robert Kraft?

At this point it’s too soon to tell if the women who are  Orchids of Asia spa workers are legal immigrants or not. But two questions.  If they’re legal, will Trump’s DOJ try to have them deported for criminal behavior? And if they’re illegal, doesn’t that mean they couldn’t have complained about working conditions because they could have been deported?

Wherever Bryce Harper signs perhaps he can do it on the day Trump meets with Kim Jong Un and overshadow Donald’s reality show summit?

Not that Warriors are particular fans of Lakers. But Lebron James’ experience in trying to turn bad team around by himself in Los Angeles probably can’t hurt in their efforts to keep Kevin Durant from attempting the same with NY Knicks?

Now a $3,500 check has appeared that Jussie Smollett allegedly wrote to one of the brothers who claim they helped stage the attack.
Besides all the other charges for falisfying a hate crime, , can we add “felony stupidity?


Pat Robertson, 88, was trending tonight. Is it wrong to be really disappointed that it’s only about another stupid homophobic thing he said?

Paul Manafort is begging to avoid a lengthy prison term that would “likely amount to a life sentence.”
Thoughts and prayers.

In Britain, the Labour party has announced they will back a second referendum on Brexit. Sometimes I really wish the US had a parliamentary system where we could call for do-overs.