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Taking it to the Streets

February 3, 2019

Looks like a Trump inaugural crowd, only bigger and having more fun.   (New Orleans,  Boycott Bowl.)



Can the Chiefs and Saints play next weekend for fans who actually want to see a decent football game?


Perhaps highlight of Super Bowl for most average Americans was realization that 70,000 members of 1% paid thousands of dollars to be inside where they couldn’t change the channel.


Jared Goff hasn’t looked that bad in a Big Game since he played for Cal against Stanford.

Maroon 5, Rams 3.

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman started the season with a four-game PED suspension. So maybe he had fresher legs than anyone else on field?

With 16 runs in 5 games of 2018 World Series the losing Dodgers still averaged more scoring per game than Rams today in Super Bowl.

Trump said he would “have a hard time” with Barron playing football. Because he knows bone spurs are hereditary?

Florida State says they’ve dismissed QB Deondre Francois. Coach Taggert “We have high expectations for all of our student-athletes and we will not shy away from those high standards of conduct.”
Am sure Seminoles would be equally principled if team hadn’t missed a bowl game last season for first time since 1981.

Poll: Howard Schultz’s favorability just 4 percent across Dems, GOP and independents.
Well, who said America would never find a uniter.

Pentagon just announced they will deploy 3,750 additional U.S. forces to Southwest border. I’m sure all those troops will feel great about having volunteered to protect our country from dangerous unarmed women and children.

White House spokesman says Donald Trump’s tan look is the result of “good genes.” So his mom cheated with an oompa-loompa?


Anxious night.

February 3, 2019

So as much of America gets ready for another Super Bowl Sunday,  fans in New England are worried if they really need to buy another AFC Champions t-shirt. While fans in Los Angeles wonder if New Orleans really will trade them Anthony Davis.


NFL’s silence on no-call keeping Saints from Super Bowl might have been most embarrassing response to a bad mistake this year. Ralph Northam – “Hold my beer.”

So yesterday Ralph Northam was “deeply sorry” and today he says “it wasn’t me.” Even Brett Kavanaugh thinks that’s a bit of a stretch.

Now Ralph Northam says he once darkened his fact to look like Michael Jackson. Uh, if he were trying to look like Michael Jackson he would have LIGHTENED his face.

Ralph Northam voted twice for George W. Bush and in 2009 Republicans tried to get him to switch parties. Just think, if Northam had he’d have his party’s support now to stay in office.

Any classmates of Donald Trump still have their old yearbooks? Asking for a country.

I’m a white person & maybe Green Book is too geared to white people. But damn, very different people learning to get along is not a bad message these days. Seriously. Loved the movie.


Trump said today Cory Booker has “no chance.” So clearly Booker is a more formidable candidate than some people thought.

Trump will go down in history as the first leader ever to prepare for declaring a national emergency by spending the weekend golfing.

And again folks,  because anyone who reads this knows how much I’m still mad about the no-call that kept Saints from Super Bowl and how much  I adore Drew Brees  (just given NFL sportsmanship player of the year, voted by his peers)  –  your reminder of his request “Pour that passion and emotion into your families & communities.”

The foundation helps cancer patients, and children especially.  Donating the price of a beer or two would be cool.  Besides, who cares about watching the Rams and Patriots anyway?