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Tough decision?

February 16, 2019

Craziness in SF Bay Area, from sun to pouring rain to hail (or even some snow) then back to sun within a few minutes. Almost a shame SFGiants are after Bryce Harper instead of weather chaser Mike Trout.

So let’s get to to the real crisis in baseball – wherever he ends up no team will possibly have time this year to come up with a Bryce Harper bobblehead.

Meanwhile, baseball being baseball, pretty sure 2019 MVP races in both leagues will include someone we’re not even talking about now.


NBA commissioner Adam Silver debuted a new “smart jersey of the future.” for fans, where you can use a phone app to change number and name on the back. So maybe nobody warned Silver about this thing called a “washing machine? ?

Payless ShoeSource said it will close and liquidate their 2,300 U.S. stores, resulting in tens of thousands of job losses. Are we tired of winning yet?

Today’s mass shooter was an American citizen. So assume GOP are fine with next President, whoever she or he may be, declaring a gun violence National Emergency on day one?


CDC reports 63 more people have gotten sick with salmonella from raw turkey products. But hey MAGAers – this is science. So own the libs – buy more recalled ground turkey.

As Ann Coulter goes off on Trump, calling him an idiot and then some,  talk about some serious conflict in my reaction – glee at watching conservatives take on Democrats in the “circular firing squad” department – or horror in agreeing with Ann Coulter,


Amazing how same  Trump supporters who say gun control reform won’t help because criminals get around laws insist a wall will stop crime despite tunnels, boats, planes….

Trump on his National Emergency declaration today ““I didn’t need to do this… I just want to do it faster.” And thousands of lawyers are going “Wait, it’s not supposed to be THAT easy.”