Traveling men

NBA says Kevin Durant should have been called for a “discontinued dribble” in Warriors’ final possession before they sunk two free throws to beat Miami Heat 120-118 Monday night.
You mean superstars can’t do anything they want with the ball, ever?

Congrats to Phil Mickelson for winning another tournament at 48 years old.   “Just wait until he gets some real experience” said Jamie Moyer.

Cleveland Browns signed Kareem Hunt today. Well, Baker Mayfield had a least a few months of being part of a feel-good story.


Have to assume there is some sort of GPS tracker on Donald Trump’s phone. Would LOVE to have someone leak how often he tweets from the toilet.

Trump claim at rally tonight that Democrats want to let criminals into the US. As opposed to Republicans who want to keep one in the White House?

Give Trump credit, after his El Paso speech tonight, how many people will turn on television to search for a more reality-based show like the Bachelor?


Trump debuted a new slogan last night. “Finish the Wall. Anyone who listens to him regularly knows goal should be ” Finish a Complete Sentence.”

Besides Beto O’Rourke rally being bigger Beto’s crowds make you feel good and optimistic about America. Trump crowds make you wonder how we fell so far so fast.

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