Not so starry night

Not so Starry Night? So Rockets beat Warriors without Harden, Pelicans beat Lakers without Davis, and Duke beat Syracuse without Zion.

TC does suggest “Tickets to the Duke vs North Carolina game went for around $2500 ea, with one fan paying $10,000 on a re-ticketing website. You’d think one of these big spenders would have thrown Duke star Zion Williamson a couple of hundred bucks to buy a decent pair of basketball shoes.”

Heretical view in SF Bay Area, but one reason I don’t love watching Warriors games is that it sometimes feels like with so many stars they lollygag early in games then simply turn it on in time to win.   (Though perhaps 15-0 to start was a bit much?)

Well, Kylie Murray is leaving baseball for football.  If this lack of contract keeps up maybe Bryce Harper can join him?

Mardi Gras Float. #Neverforget #WhoDat

Florida police have surveillance video for months of customers of that sex trafficking spa. So how many other powerful men besides Robert Kraft are having a rather stressful weekend?

We all know the REAL reason Trump likes to meet with Kim Jong Un – Donald just loves to stand next to someone who makes him feel like he actually is 6’3″

So how long until Donald Trump tweets that he really COULD have won an Oscar if he only went into movies?


if it takes 800 pages for your sentencing memo it does seem likely you have done more than one or two bad things.

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