Super prostitution rings?

Guess I was wrong, thought if you were a billionaire you could have prostitutes delivered.


Billionaires don’t just stumble into random massage parlors in Florida looking for prostitutes. Who told Robert Kraft about this place?

Wonder if Robert Kraft was kneeling when he got serviced?

But hey, Robert Kraft is a big Trump donor and gave $1 MILLION to his inaugural committee. So we already knew he liked to pay to screw people

But seriously ,according to police, most prostitutes at spa Robert Kraft frequented were women in their 20s and 30s who didn’t speak English.  And the good friend of the man who’s built his Presidency on hatred of undocumented immigrants didn’t see a potential problem in that?

NBA thinking about lowering league minimum draft age to 18, meaning many top prospects won’t have to consider college. But what a shame. those young men could miss out on some of best months of their lives.


If Bryce Harper had intended to sign today and be top story on ESPN guessing he’s put that off a couple days.

Meanwhile, many sports fans HAD woken up Friday morning thinking the biggest sports story of the day was whether or not referee Scott Foster (or the NBA itself)  is actively working against the Rockets, or simply for the Lakers and Lebrong making the playoffs.

Well, at least Donald Trump doesn’t have to worry that a story will emerge about him eating salad with a comb. No one would ever believe he eats salad.

Asked today if he bears any personal responsibility because of his rhetoric for Coast Guard wannabe terrorist-mass murderer Trump said no “I think my language is very nice.” Some statements sadly don’t even need a punchline.

So after a week of “mea culpas,” a whole lot of people who screamed about jumping to conclusions without all the facts on Jussie Smollett tonight made the same instant leaps with a doctored video and Dianne Feinstein.

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