A shoe in?

Glad Duke star Zion Williamson has only a mild knee sprain after his Nike shoe fell apart, but can we have a moment for all us women who love wearing heels and get chided that they’re dangerous to walk in?

Wonder if any newspaper headlined Zion Williamson’s injury “If the shoe splits?”

The longer Bryce Harper remains unsigned, the more he misses of Spring Training.
Wonder how many players already tired of drills wish they’d thought of that.

Lebron James  said that after All-Star Break the Lakers will start their “playoff intensity.”  That must make fans who’ve purchased full priced tickets for pre-break games already played feel so happy.

Sad about Peter Tork dying, though I wasn’t a Monkees fan.  But how the heck was he 77 years old already?


A federal judge actually ruled Alex Acosta, Trump’s Secretary of Labor “broke the law” in hiding sexual abuse plea agreement from more than 30 of  Jeffrey Epstein’s underage victims. And these days it’s not even a headline story.  Are we great yet?


North Carolina election board has called for a new election in contested House race after GOP candidate Mark Harris said he was mistaken in his testimony, and blamed it on a sepsis infection that had affected his memory.


Imagine Trump and GOP tweets if DEMOCRATS had to redo an election over voter fraud, and if a candidate said he was “mistaken” in his first testimony.

Also, just for heck of it, imagine if white MAGA Trump sympathizer had falsely alleged liberals had attacked him in a hate crime & a black gay man had planned terrorism event involving mass murder?

Jussie Smollett faked an attack, which wasted police resources and has damaged credibility of real victims. Donald Trump fakes a national emergency, which wastes billions of dollars and has damaged credibility of the USA. Who should be in prison longer?

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