If the shoe splits…

Fans paid upwards of $2,500 for tickets to UNC Duke game and Blue Devils star Zion Williamson got injured 36 seconds into game when his shoe broke apart. Sad, but at those prices this might be definition of First World Problem.



So after a shoe malfunction knocked Duke star Zion Williamson out of at least tonight’s game against UNC, will Nike change its motto from “Just Do it” to “Wanna Get Away?”



Right about now Nike has to be looking back nostalgically to days when it was Tiger Woods self-destructing instead of their shoes.

Happy Birthday, Sidney Poiter, 92. But shouldn’t there be a way for someone to trend without scaring us?

You know who’s not saying the  Mueller Report is almost finalized? Robert Mueller.

Though Mueller only has about a week to get his report done by the end of February. Which makes some sense “March Madness is already taken.”

Trump potentially nominating Iraq war veteran & former Michigan GOP Senate candidate John James for UN Ambassador. James indicates he would accept, and says he is “someone who understands the growing spheres of communism around the world.”
Building that bridge to the 1960s?

So Trump tells California he wants the billions of dollars back for the bullet train. How about a deal, we give the money back, Donald gives the election back?

Wonder if Trump would start believing in climate change if one of these storms grounds Air Force One from him flying to Mar-A-Lago?

So Jussie Smollett, while living a relatively comfortably lifestyle, apparently faked a racist homophobic attack. And if convicted he’ll be living somewhere where he’s a lot more likely to be attacked.

Meanwhile, while Fox News is all over the Smollett story, it’s crickets about the active-duty far-right Coast Guard white guy arrested with an arsenal and apparently plans to go after a number of Democratic leaders and kill as many people as possible.  I’m SURE it’s just a coincidence.

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