Not-so-cheap seats.

Wow, cheapest ticket to see Zion Williamson in UNC-Duke game now $2,500. What’s the point? Next year fans can probably see him cheap with the Suns or Knicks.


Well, at least when SF Giants take over Petco Park for Giants-Padres games they’ll be able to boo ex-Dodger Manny Machado.

MLB Baseball Players Association head Tony Clark wants DH to expand to NL. If it’s just about keeping lousy fielders who can hit employed, let NL teams have one additional non-pitcher on their team. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Look, I get with sports it’s about ego. But when you can sign for more money than you can possibly spend in your entire life, wouldn’t you pick a place you actually want to live?

Antonio Brown met with Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II and tweeted that both sides “agreed that it is time to move on.”
So the NFL version of a “conscious uncoupling?”

Taneytown, Maryland is considering a new Civil War memorial with equal-sized pictures of Lincoln AND John Wilkes Booth. “Many fine people on both sides”?


NY Times reports Vatican has a secret set of rules for clerics who fathered children. Uh, if priests have children, what makes the church think they care about rules?

NY TImes also reports Trump asked then-acting AG Whitaker if he could appoint an attorney who had already recused himself to oversee an investigation. So wonder what Donald’s already asked Barr?

Clarence Thomas wants to overturn Times v. Sullivan ruling, which protects news organizations from most libel suits when they write about public figures. So what is Thomas afraid the media will be writing about him?

Reportedly Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are breaking up. Damn, I miss the days when we gossiped about reality stars instead of electing them.

Have to wonder, why hasn’t DonaldTrump attacked Rachel Maddow yet? Is her show on during his “Executive Time?” Or is it just that really strong women scare him?

In retrospect perhaps Justin’s Smollett’s story from the start was as improbable as Trump’s claim his campaign never colluded with Russia.


More bad limerick time.


About Mueller Trump does like to bitch
But his tweets now are causing a hitch.
Those self-pitying cries
And obvious lies
Are proving that Trump IS a witch.

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