Not ALL about the money?

Boston has highest payroll in MLB. Red Sox owner John Henry today when asked about spending and winning “I’m sure there is a correlation, but it’s not as perfect…. Spending more money helps.”
What was his first clue?


Winner of yesterday’s crash-plagued Indy 500 – Denny Hamlin.    Runners-up?  All  NASCAR body shops.


Meanwhile, speaking of payrolls, the Red Sox won in 2018 with baseball’s highest payroll, despite paying Pablo Sandoval $18 million to play for SF Giants.  Which they are paying him again in 2019.  #PandaPower

Bruce Bochy has announced he will retire after the end of SF Giants 2019 season. Which Giants fans hope will be late October.

Heard a great idea today. Instead of President’s Day, because really, who needs another mattress sale, let’s make ELECTION DAY a national holiday.

Would everyone who ever drank underage please STFU about Malia Obama.
Thank you.


Maybe what really upsets conservatives about Malia’s underage drinking is they worry it means she aspires to be a Supreme Court judge?

Fox News gleefully attacking Democratic politicians for condemning the alleged attack on Jussie Smollett.
Somehow I missed their same outrage over Trump and the Central Park Five.

The West Virginia woman who was fired from her non-profit job for calling Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” today pleaded guilty to embezzling $18,000 from FEMA. Who knew such a classy woman might be a crook too?

Just wondering, if Amy Klobuchar becomes front-runner for 2020 Democratic nomination what will Trump do for attacks? Worst accusation is she’s a boss whose employees are scared of her. Which Donald would consider a seriously good thing.


Leaving aside the fact that many middle-class Americans may find themselves with higher taxes due to loss of deductions, new tax laws are upsetting many because instead of getting their expected refunds, they owe money. Don Jr. and others are brushing off complaints by saying that’s a GOOD thing, as those people haven’t given government an interest-free loan.
Except that many people have come to count on that basically forced saving. If not getting refunds was so good, Trump would’ve touted that from the beginning.

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