Wouldn’t NBA All-Star games with the captains picking their best teams be more compelling if fans weren’t watching the same thing playing out during the regular season?

What’s next for the league to attract interest? The Warriors playing the All-Star champions?


So for those unfamiliar with NASCAR, no Sunday’s Daytona 500, was not normally like “The Bachelorette”  – where last guy standing is the winner.

But yeah, when did the Daytona 500 turn into demolition derby?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver  is not  happy with the Knicks tanking “.. you understand why there’s relegation in European soccer.”

Hmm, if they relegate Knicks for tanking, who does the NBA bring up? Duke?

So isn’t it likely that Bryce Harper has made up his mind and is just sitting back enjoying the attention and the lack of the boring first weeks of spring training?



A woman gave birth on a JetBlue flight. Good thing she wasn’t on Spirit Airlines. They’d have charged her for an extra carry-on.


UN Ambassador nominee Heather Nauert  has withdrawn her nomination. So the question of the night – what’s in HER yearbook?

Trump fundraising email of the day “Last week, more than 95% of the Patriots I polled demanded a wall.” Say what? Does he mean 95% of the voices in his head.

(or does he mean Brady and Belichick?)


Dana Carvey mocked George H.W. Bush and Bush invited him to the White House. Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump and he angrily tweets calling for retribution. What a sad, pathetic little POTUS.

Never thought I’d be tweeting in praise of Sarah Palin.  But she had the good nature and wit to appreciate Tina Fey’s amazing portrayal of her…even appearing on the show.  Take note, POTUS.


So just wondering, after Donald Trump’s meltdown over SNL.  Are “The Daily Show” “Full Frontal with Samantha B” and  “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”  just on so late at night during the week he hasn’t seen them?

Anyone ever thought Donald Trump has decided he likes Kim Jong Un because standing next to North Korean leader makes Donald feel as if he really IS 6’3″?

To be fair, has any President before Trump so unified most of Europe?   Against the US.


How childish is it that is trending? Really doesn’t show much respect to Donald Trump at all. Womp womp

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