Boiling over?

Ravens traded Joe Flacco to Broncos. Well, Denver has already proven you can win a Super Bowl with a former NFL quarterback.

What’s more shocking – that Portland Trail Blazers outscored Golden State Warriors 35 to 12 in their 129 to 107 win Wednesday night?  Or that not only did Warriors coach Steve Kerr get ejected, he had to be physically held back from getting in worse trouble by Kevin Durant?

From TC  “So Donny (Trump)  has installed a $50,000 Golf Simulator in the White House. It is a large screen that you hit balls at. It is the only screen in the WH that isn’t showing “Fox News” 24/7”


GOP in Wisconsin erased Colin Kaepernick from a resolution recognizing Black History Month, saying he’s too controversial to be included in a list of influential black leaders.
Now, Kap is a terribly imperfect messenger.  But let’s be real, if he were alive today the Wisconsin GOP would say the same thing about MLK Jr.

Sri Lanka is bringing back capital punishment And the country is looking for actual hangmen – “male, between the 18 and 45, with “excellent moral character” able to pass a “mind and mental strength” test.
“Excellent moral character?” Well, I guess they can’t ask for experience.

CNN’s Town Hall with Howard Schultz finished third among cable news network last night w/ 1.04 million viewers, behind FOX with 2.47 million and MSNBC’s with 2.21 million. Still, guess this proves you can always get a million people to watch a train wreck.


National debt has surpassed $22 trillion. I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.

So who had FEMA head Brock Long in Trump resignation bingo?

Judge just voided Paul Manafort plea deal, saying he ‘intentionally’ lied too FBI, special counsel AND grand jury.
Can’t wait to see the Presidential way Donald Trump will respond to this

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt said Donald Trump will veto a bill to prevent another government shutdown IF it includes back pay for contractors who lost work in first Trump shutdown.
A real man of the people.

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