Chasing that brotherly love?

So Bryce Harper got $330 million for 13 years from Phillies, after turning down $300 million for 10 years from Nationals. Not sure what his favorite subject in school was but guessing it wasn’t math.

(Btw, April 2, first week of the season, Phillies play the Nationals in DC.  Could be entertaining…)

At 13 years for Bryce Harper contract,  there are kids not even born in Philly who will be booing him someday.

Over-under on how long until Bryce Harper says “It wasn’t about the money?”

But ok, SF Giants fans, Bryce Harper’s $330 million contract with the Phillies is only $27 million less than the $357 million it cost to BUILD PAC BELL PARK! No joke.

Robert Kraft pleaded not guilty to solicitation charges despite videotapes showing him receiving oral sex at Orchids of Asia Day Spa before the AFC/NFC championship games. Maybe he’s hoping prosecutors are as blind as refs during Rams-Saints game.

Jason Witten is leaving MNF, ending his retirement and returning to NFL. Fans of both good broadcasting and good football hope this doesn’t give Tony Romo any ideas.

Lamar Alexander reportedly urging Trump to withdraw his declaration of a national emergency or face a revolt from his own party.

Actually, I would argue that Republicans already ARE revolting.

USA-North Korea talks broke off suddenly before planned Trump-Kim lunch of snow fish and apple foie gras jelly. Maybe because they wouldn’t serve Donald his hamberders?

Trump last night on abruptly leaving the summit with Kim Jong Un – “Sometimes you have to walk….” And how brave of him to walk with those bone spurs.


Has anyone thought that maybe Trump loves Putin & Kim Jong Un not just because they are dictators, but also because they’re short enough to make him really feel 6’3″?

How long until Trump says Allen Weisselberg was just his covfefe accountant?

Mark Meadows, after 2012 video of his birther accusations against Obama surfaced stated “There’s not a racist bone in my body.”  He’s right, there are 206 of them.

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