Boys of spring


Okay, it’s Spring Training. But Jon Miller and Mike Krukow called a televised Giants game. SF won, Madbum pitched well, Chris Shaw hit a monster home run, and Joey Bart got a chance to catch. All is better with the world.

But  what a difference a day makes. Guessing about now SF Giants would prefer reporters only ask them about not signing Bryce Harper. #LarryBaer

Though yeah,  I’m on the bus to hell for this. But yesterday SF Giants were afraid their number one problem in 2019 would be not enough hitting.


Anyone besides me thinking these days of their favorite athletes but also thinking “Dear Gawd I hope I never hear about them involved in anything close to sexual assault of domestic violence?

Apparently a private message leaked publicly on Instagram has Bryce Harper trying to recruit Le’Veon Bell to play for the Eagles in Philadelphia, the “greatest city in the world”
Uh, if it’s the greatest city in the world, why did it take Harper so long to make up his mind?


Chicago Bulls – Atlanta Hawks final score tonight  168-161 – Guess at least tired announcers didn’t have to pick a “defensive player of the game.”

Not that I care about any of them but I do miss the days when the biggest uproar on social media would have involved Tristian Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian with Jordyn Woods.

In the last 48 hours, retailers have announced plans to close 300 mall stores.
Millennials are going “What’s a mall store?”

How many people applauding Mike Pence this week talking about “freedom over socialism” at CPAC receive Social Security or Medicare?

Does anyone think Trump wouldn’t have fired Kushner by now if he weren’t Ivanka’s husband?
Does anyone think Trump would have hired him in the first place if he weren’t Ivanka’s husband?

Trump called Kim Jong Un “mercurial.”. Two questions. Who taught Donald that word? And does anyone think he has any idea what it means?


In the “how low can you go department,” this is Trump after being criticized for saying he believed Kim Jong Un about Otto Warmbier
‘Remember, I got Otto out along with three others. The previous Administration did nothing, and he was taken on their watch.’

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