Numbers game

Yeah, in slight sour grapes mode, but this from Bryce Harper is well-played indeed. Explaining why he is going to wear No 3. with Phillies – “I wore No. 34. But I thought Roy Halladay should be the last to wear it.”

Then in Harper’s first press conference he said he wanted to “bring a title back to DC.”    As my friend Alex Kaseberg said “When asked about the location mistake, Harper said, “Geometry was never my strong suit.”

Lebron James is one of GOATs. But about now he might be thinking instead of his one-person Lakers team-building dream, he’d be happier and better off with GOAT coach he respects in San Antonio, Gregg Popovich?


Geir Helgemo, ranked as #1 bridge player in the world, was just stripped of his titles, points and medals from the 2018 World Bridge Series after testing positive for clomifene, a female fertility drug and synthetic testosterone. It’s enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.


Howard Schultz’s platform basically seems to be maligning both Democrats and Republicans. As a Democrat, I acknowledge our party isn’t perfect. But being President is a constant series of hard choices. How can you make those choices when you can’t even pick a side?

Michelle Malkin at CPAC, attacking “the ghost of John McCain,” over immigration. If any ghosts are listening, some serious haunted dreams are in order.

Trump today “Our laws are so crazy. But one by one we’re finding ways. You know they call them loopholes, a lot of our laws are loopholes. Well, I’m trying to get loopholes to get around the loopholes…”
In other words “Technically I AM a crook, but I’m proud of it.”

Mick Mulvaney Saturday at CPAC: “The president really is a master negotiator.”
Oops, instead of “negotiator” I think Mick meant “bater.”

Some conservatives point to a strict reading of the Constitution as defense of gun rights. So why aren’t they concerned with the Emoluments Clause, which isn’t even an amendment? #TrumpScotland #TrumpGolfCourse


“Trump at CPAC on Gavin Newson “he called me up the other day, let’s say 4 weeks ago or so…said “I just want to tell you, you’re a great president and you’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

Uh, would Gavin like to tell us what he REALLY said?”

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