La la land?

Lebron James went to  Los Angeles Lakers in part to jump-start his career in Hollywood. Well, in 2019 looks like he’ll be free to work on movies starting in April.

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck said Boston just finished the “worst February” he can remember as the team went 5-6.
And Knicks fans are thinking “For 5-6 we’d throw a parade.”

With more than a month left in NBA season, Phoenix Suns have officially been eliminated from playoffs. What’s more shocking? The Knicks haven’t.

Who says I never praise Republicans? Louisiana Sen Kennedy at Gridiron dinner -“Crime’s so bad we had a Super Bowl stolen from us.” And about Super Bowl – “If I’d wanted to watch guys failing to score for 4 hrs, I’d have taken Ted Cruz & Bernie Sanders to a singles bar.

Nice line from Amy Klobuchar at the same dinner saying she has an advantage as a Minnesotan running for president: “The Russians won’t try to meet with me because Minneapolis is even too cold for them.”

Jim Jordan referred Michael Cohen to the Justice Department for alleged perjury.
I have an idea. How about “Gym” Jordan and Cohen both take a polygraph test with questions about things they saw and heard in their past employments?

If someone asked Trump today about Selma he’d probably answer “Don’t remember the woman. She’s lying. And she wouldn’t have been my first choice.”

Trump spent most of the evening ranting on twitter while many Americans died in Alabama and Georgia.   He finally did acknowledge the disaster….maybe he’d have done it sooner if someone told him tornadoes could be stopped by a wall..?


Trump said he walked away from the North Korea summit in Vietnam because Kim Jong Un wanted complete sanctions relief. Tonight he blamed Democrats and claimed Cohen hearings “may have contributed to the ‘walk.”
What, did hearing his ex-lawyer cause a flare-up of Donald’s bone spurs?

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