How many strikes and you’re out?

Meanwhile, in Mississippi, Southern Miss head football coach Jay Hopson is upset the school won’t let him hire Art Briles,fired in 2016 by Baylor following an investigation into their program’s sexual assault scandal, and banned from college football for 3 years.
Wonder what NFL team will interview Briles next.

WR Antonio Brown apparently was in involved in a domestic dispute in January, although he was not arrested. So let’s see, does this make favorites to sign him the 49ers, Cowboys or Redskins?

Applebee’s is promoting Dollar Hurricane’s in their restaurants for Mardi Gras. “Applebee’s Dollar Hurricanes?” Respectfully thinking, hasn’t New Orleans suffered enough already with that Saints blown call?

I’m a Saints fan, not Pelicans fan, but apparently Anthony Davis trade to Lakers won’t work supposed because New Orleans is being “outrageous” in their demands. Can’t imagine why the city would have it in for Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Lakers lost last night to Indiana Pacers 136-94. Guessing they can’t wait for Lebron James to get back. Oh, wait, never mind.

Meanwhile, what was a bigger shock tonight, that Spurs lost to Warriors tonight 141 to 102, or that with Pop resting DeRozan AND Aldridge, that San Antonio was only down 3 points late in the 3rd quarter.

Since last SOTU eight of Trump’s Cabinet secretaries, plus AG Jeff Sessions, have either resigned or been fired. Such a well-oiled machine.


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is struggling to keep his job. Lt Gov. Justin Fairfax is denying a sexual assault allegation, now AG Mark Herring, 3rd in line, says he also wore blackface too, in 1980.
Your move, Florida.

Once again, as Trump lies about caring about women and our safety, absolute crickets about Natalie Corona, 23, the police officer daughter of a Mexican immigrant, brutally ambushed and murdered by a white man.

Now Trump via on Twitter says that a wall had reduced crime in Tuscon (sic) over 90%.
Well, TUCSON  is at least closer to the border (60 miles from Nogales) than San Antonio.

Dee Margo, mayor of El Paso, is calling Donald Trump a liar over his false statement that a wall drastically reduced the city’s crime.
Your reminder that Margo is a REPUBLICAN.

Donald Trump in SOTU talked about fighting childhood cancer. At the same time his administration eliminates environmental and other regulations – which will result in more children, and adults, getting cancer.

Also in SOTU “It’s not right to have nominations stuck in the Senate”. What does Justice Merrick Garland think.



So how long until Trump tweets he doesn’t know Paul Erickson?

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