Stupor Bowl

What’s all this fuss about Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman having been suspended for PEDs this season. It’s not like he did anything awful like kneel for the anthem….

There were so few LA fans at the game, Rams must have wondered if they had become the Chargers?


Super Bowl ratings hit a 10-year low yesterday as Trump’s favorite Patriots won a boring game. I miss Donald’s tweet taking credit.

Advertisers had to be disappointed.  But maybe NFL can work out a post-game endorsement deal with Tylenol PM?     ZZZZZZZ

Rams CB Robey-Coleman now going to appeal his $26,739 fine for his helmet-to-helmet no-call against Saints. Uh, Nickell does remember that he ADMITTED and bragged about it?

(besides, his Super Bowl loser’s share was more than double the fine.)

Some Patriots players already say they aren’t going to White House.  Because they don’t like Trump or they don’t like cold fast food?

I’d rather be  Saints fan who isn’t over it yet, than a fan who barely noticed their team was (barely) in Super Bowl.

Marc Ragovin  – “Jared Goff might be a Ram, but on Sunday he played like a deer in headlights.”


GOP is lying and saying Democrats want to kill babies after they are born.
Uh, no, that would be Republicans by claiming babies born to poor people don’t have a right to healthcare.

Sherrod Brown “We don’t have to know why Trump lies to call them lies, and we don’t have to know the content of his heart to condemn his racism.”
Actually, if Trump isn’t a racist it’s ALMOST worse. Because then he knows he’s saying awful things just to pander to the worst of his base.


Regarding Liam Neesen’s admission of his past wanting to be a racist vigilante. Bad enough he had the desire. But how stupid is he now to admit it?


Stacey Abrams is giving Democratic response to State of the Union. Bernie Sanders just announced he will be giving his own response.

Can’t imagine how Bernie gets the reputation for not being a team player.



It’s a free country. If Bernie wants to give his own SOTU response, fine. Ditto Howard Schultz, or Bloomberg or Oprah or whoever. And media can cover it, or not.
My issue with Sanders is simple. He describes himself as an independent and not beholden to Democrats. But then he wants the party to play by HIS rules.


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4 Comments on “Stupor Bowl”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Too bad that Nancy Pelosi has to side behind Donald Trump at the State of the Union tonight. I would like to see her wandering back and forth behind Trump, the way he did went he was debating Hillary Clinton.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    So Rocco Mediate = Rocco Medicate lol

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