White House Castle?

Tom Brady, who skipped Patriots WH visit when Obama was President, refused to answer a reporter’s question about whether he would go this time. Well if he wants to avoid controversy, Tom can always use excuse he doesn’t eat fast food..

Lakers  general manager Rob Pelinka is comparing his team’s postseason chances to the New England Patriots. “we’re on the outside but we find a way to get in the playoffs with the skill sets we’ve added. And then much like Brady did, we let one of the all-time greats  (James) -take the helm for this team and make some noise.”

With all due respect, for the Lakers it will take more than a Bill Vinovich referee team for them to have a chance at the NBA finals.

Clemson football co-offensive coordinators Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott got $150,000 raises and will now make $1 million annually.
Many professors at Clemson don’t even make $150.000 a year.

My favorite Frank Robinson quote “Be anything you want to be, but don’t be dull.”

Open note to Virginia. Maybe consider electing a woman as Governor next time?


Meanwhile, So let me get this straight Donald Trump is attacking Virginia Democrats because of past behaviors that were racist and possibly sexually abusive?   Is he really mad because he thinks they should be Republicans?

So this week we’ve learned two things: One, be careful what pictures you put in a yearbook. Two. it is ALWAYS stupid to send a dick pick.

Georgia GOP Rep. Rob Woodall says he will not seek re-election, citing “political and personal reasons.” So what’s in his yearbook?

Really should have some sympathy for cast of Saturday Night Live.  These days there is no way they can prepare a show, especially cold open, early in week without ripping it up and starting over Friday.


Words many of us liberals never expected to say – “Thank heaven for Judge Roberts.”

So while Jeff Bezo is standing up to AMI  National Enquirer extortion, the question remains   -“Who has already paid?”


And after this Trump presidency is over wonder who’s going to make big bucks by helping people who were part of this White House scrub their resumes?

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One Comment on “White House Castle?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Well if he wants to avoid controversy, Tom can always use excuse he doesn’t eat fast food..

    Just to clarify, hamberders are only served at The White House. Everywhere else Donny goes, he dishes out Whoppers.

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