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Thanks Boch

September 29, 2019


Thank you Boch, thank you Madbum.


Apparently Brandon Crawford was in charge of the walkup and mound music today at AT&T Oracle Park.  Especial kudos for his selections for Mike Yastrzemski  – “Sweet Caroline” and “More than a Feeling” (Boston), and for submarine pitcher Tyler Rogers  “Sideways.”  And for Belt late in the game ” “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

And in a capper to Bochy’s final season with SF Giants,  which turned out b the car on Fan Appreciation Day ends up being won by a woman in a Dodgers’ cap.


Happiest non-political people in DC over the headlines all being about possible Trump impeachment – the 0-4 Washington Redskins.

As winless Bengals visit winless Steelers on Monday Night Football, Stubhub says the cheapest tickets are going for $32.   Wonder how many people buying their way in are simply fans of train wrecks.

Anyone seen the spread next weekend for Miami Dolphins vs Bye Week?

Some times coaches get fired and you think management over reacted. Then there’s Chris Ash, fired by Rutgers as football coach after Scarlet Knights lost three games by combined 112-16.


Trump reposted an “evangelical” preacher’s warning that impeach ‘It will cause a Civil War-like fracture from which our Country will never heal.”
Because Donald thinks “that’s MY job!”

Pretty brave of a President to talk about Civil War when he knows he himself will demand a deferment. #CadetBoneSpurs

Missed it by that much.

September 28, 2019

UNC missed an upset of #1 Clemson only because of what may not have been the best two-point conversion attempt.


But as much fun as it would have been to watch Clemson lose, probably would have just increased chances of two SEC teams in the College Football Playoff.

Who’d a thunk the red-hot Brewers would lose 2 to the Rockies, and Cardinals would lose 2 to the reeling Cubs. Maybe Milwaukee and St Louis REALLY don’t want to play the Atlanta Braves?

Oakland A’s will host Tampa Bay Rays in Wednesday Wild Card game.  But can you call it home field advantage when neither team is used to having fans show up?

Bruce Bochy says Madison Bumgarner won’t pitch in his final SF Giants game. Well, can he at least let Bum pinch hit?

Not saying Pac 12 is the equal of SEC. But at least they have a conference where most of the teams are at least close enough to equal to make games interesting when they play each other.



So when Trump misses a shot on the golf course does he blame “the squad” too? Or Schiff? Or Obama? This is so confusing.


As Trump unleashes another Tweet storm, I’m so old I remember when POTUS would be criticized because his choice of what to do Saturday night was a date with his wife.

Wonder who told Trump how to spell “Harassment?”

Trump attacking “Do Nothing Democrats” – “Disgraceful what they are NOT doing, namely, the USMCA vote, Prescription Drug Price Reduction, Gun Safety, Infrastructure, and much more!” Gosh, if only GOP ever had had a chance to control both houses of Congress…

Maybe Kamala Harris would be higher in the polls if she had Maya Rudolph make some of her campaign appearances for her?


Two last questions.

How exhausted must SNL writers be now after this week keeping up with material for tonight’s season opener?

So how cranky is Trump going  to be Sunday after he stayed up past his bedtime to watch SNL tonight?

Slouching towards the finish…

September 27, 2019

Scheduled doubleheader today between 70-88 White Sox and 46-112 Tigers was postponed because of rain.
“I’m so disappointed” said no one not related to a player on either team.

So much for Cal’s undefeated season. Guessing Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal will still, however, be playing Big Game not only for the Axe, but maybe for the Redbox Bowl.

Few points in SF Giants season more lovely – any year – than the Willie Mac award. Seriously.

Well, SF Giants fans, it could be worse.  From ESPN “The Detroit Tigers (46-112), already assured of the big leagues’ worst record and next year’s top draft pick, finished 22-59 at Comerica Park, tied for worst in MLB history.


Trump yesterday railed against Joe Biden, saying he helped his son, Hunter falsely win millions in dollars in business from Ukraine and China.
Because Donald feels Joe should have been more Trumpian and help his kids falsely win BILLIONS of dollars in foreign business?

But on today’s latest liddle controversy, how exactly Trump insulted Adam Schiff,  to be fair to Donald it makes sense he used the word “hyphen.” We all know he can’t spell “apostrophe.”

When this is all over will the cherry on top of this whole sorry chapter in American history end up being, with some future President, the whistleblower getting a Presidential Medal of Honor?

To be fair it really does take world-class hubris to win an election by attacking someone over a private email server and then setting up your own.

Rudy Giuliani in a Politico interview “I’m the real whistleblower. If I get killed now. You won’t get the rest of the story.”
I miss the days that all Rudy’s sentences were “a noun, a verb, and 9-11.”

You think you’ve had to deal with a bad boss in a bad mood. … but on this Saturday how’d you like to be Donald Trump’s caddie?

Kellyanne Conway says Nancy Pelosi⁩ was “intimidated by men” to launch impeachment.
Might be the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

Who’s on first, and second, and…?

September 26, 2019

Cardinals are trying to hold off Brewers for NL Central, and Cubs manager Joe Maddon was asked if he’ll play his regular lineup against St. Louis this weekend.
“We’re going to put a good team out there, but of course they’re going to bitch.
Uh, considering Chicago has lost 9 in a row, maybe Milwaukee would bitch more if Cubs played their regulars.

As great as it must be for all these minor league players to get experience in “the Show,” when MLB switches to 28 man rosters next September, not going to miss these games with over a dozen pitchers AT ALL.

Bryce Harper said some Nationals fans crossed the line while heckling him yesterday.
Look, I think there are limits on heckling and fans should avoid nasty personal insults. But Harper just signed a 13 year deal where he will almost certainly in the future be older, ineffective and making over $30 million a year… in PHILLY! He ain’t heard nothing yet.

Why there is no satire. Fox News contributor called Democratic impeachment efforts a “terrible mistake for our country” and said it erodes the power and prerogative of the Oval Office.
The contributor – Ken Starr.

So how many high school kids will write college entrance essays on imagining life with their parents in jail for trying to cheat on their admissions?

When Joaquin Castro tweeted names of Trump donors, Kevin McCarthy “Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous.”
I missed House GOP leader also condemning Trump supporters who put a $50,000 bounty on whistleblower’s name.

Trump today on impeachment “There should be a way of stopping it.”
There is. See Nixon.

On a more trivial note, in yesterday’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump talked about when Miss Ukraine won his Miss Universe pageant. That never happened.
But yeah, let’s obsess about Biden gaffes.

So in July, Ukranian President Zelensky stayed in Trump’s hotel, one of the most expensive in NY. Maybe Trump Hotel will end up as famous a tourist attraction as Watergate.


California Republicans complain they’ve become almost irrelevant in the state. Then their “Lincoln-Reagan” fundraising dinner tonight in San Francisco features speaker Dinesh D’Souza….

Latest iteration of the Trump cocktail. Ukranian vodka on the rocks, imPeachment schnapps, a few twists and a splash of orange.

Whistles and other blowing?

September 25, 2019

Brewers are 13-2 since MVP candidate Christian Yelich went down with a season-ending injury.  If Yelich had only been hurt in July would Milwaukee have clinched the division title weeks ago?


Rays and As look likely to end up meeting in Wild Card game. Will they set a record for lowest playoff game attendance?

Back in March, guessing most SF Giants fans thinking that in last week of 2019 season would be happy to be in the same postseason position as the Phillies and Cubs.

Meanwhile, back in sports. Rex Ryan calls QB Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell.”
“It’s whatever,” responded Mayfield “”In the wise words of [Browns coach] Freddie Kitchens, if you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter, and Rex Ryan doesn’t have any colors right now for a reason. So, it’s OK.”
Well, Baker’s trolling skills are definitely not overrated.

Urban Meyer, ostensibly retired again for health reasons was asked about rumors that he could succeed Jim Harbaugh at Michigan- “No, that’s not going to happen.”
Translation, I’d need a better offer.

Trump ends remarks to press “Nancy Pelosi, as far as I’m concerned, unfortunately she’s no longer Speaker of the House. Thank you everybody.”
Does that mean he and Pence are resigning so she will be President?

Sen. Mitt Romney called Ukraine transcript “very troubling.” And Susan Collins is going “Hey, that’s MY line.”

House voted 421-0 for Trump to hand over the whistleblower complaint.
Didn’t think you could get the House to vote 421-0 to say the sky was blue.



Guessing identity of Trump whistleblower is a lot more fun than the Masked Singer

Now reports that a second whistleblower may exist on Trump, “a federal employee” who said there were “inappropriate efforts” to influence his IRS audit.
Where there’s two, there’s three, where there’s three there’s four, where there’s four, there’s more….

If today was a book, it might be titled – “Donald and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”?

So Trump really is going there, doubling down on what a politician may or may not have done to advance his adult child’s business interests. Pass. The. Popcorn.

Apparently after Pelosi announced formal impeachment inquiry Trump campaign raised $1 million last night.
And I thought Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple would be the craziest cult I’d see in my lifetime.

New idea for Trump cocktail: Russian vodka with lots of twists and imPeachment Schnapps. And of course a splash of orange whine.

Just another day….

September 24, 2019

Nationals eliminated Phillies and Bryce Harper today in DC. Mean bitch karma must have taken an afternoon off from politics to enjoy a baseball game.

Good for Evan Longoria. But I’m so old I remember when 20 home runs was a good year.
Heck, there are 1st graders who remember when 20 home runs was a good year.

Across the pond in soccer, powerhouse Tottenham lost in Carabao Cup to fourth-tier Colchester United.
To put this in NFL perspective, it’s like the Patriots had lost to the Dolphins.

Washington coach Jon Gruden says he’s not worried about his job security with team’s 0-3 record.
Because no one else wants to take on the train wreck that is the Redskins?

On a nicer note for a change, my favorite Starbucks person from near my old office two years ago, just moved to one near my current office. And she remembered my drink. A tall Pike. Sometimes happiness can be this easy.

Watching clips of Trump’s UN speech. Anyone checked to see if his audio-animatronic figure is still in Disney’s Hall or Presidents today?

Whatever you think of Nancy Pelosi, your reminder: Mueller report was actions largely before Trump became President. The Ukraine issue is about his actions as President.
You don’t want to check the King in chess unless the rest of your pieces are in very good position.

And the Queen IS the most powerful piece on the board.

Trump on Ukraine – “no pressure put on them whatsoever. But there was pressure put on w/ respect to Joe Biden. What Joe Biden did for his son, that’s something they should be looking at.” So is President Projection thinking about something illegal he did for Donnie, OR Ivanka?

Since other Democrats are gaining on Biden how ironic would it be if Trump gets impeached for going after a candidate who didn’t even get the nomination.

Well, on a brighter note for Trump between Greta Thunberg and Nancy Pelosi the major headlines today won’t be that he sounded drugged during his UN speech.

How much does it eat at Trump that his speech wasn’t as good, or as well received, as that of a 16 year old girl?

It’s not just one call. Watergate was not just about one break-in.

Rumors that the whistle blower might be John Bolton.
Gosh, and who would think Bolton might be that vindictive?



So who in White House has been tasked with editing a tape in a way that makes it look “unredacted?”

“The administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower’s complaint.”
Redacted by sharpie?

So how long until Rudy Giuliani joins that rather large pile of bodies Trump has thrown under the bus?

Tuesday night NY Times reported  “The administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower’s complaint.”
Redacted by sharpie?

Tripping towards the finish line?

September 23, 2019

Scott Boras is upset & saying MLB is affecting playoff races after his client Kris Bryant sprained an ankle landing awkwardly on a wet first-base bag Sunday.
Agreed the league should look out for player safety, but Bryant’s ankle isn’t the reason Cubs were swept in 4 game series by St. Louis.

And yes, Sunday per ESPN Cubs became “just the second team in 100 years to get swept at home in a four game series and lose all four by a single run.”
Okay, that’s more home misery than even SF Giants this season.

Kansas City manager Ned Yost is retiring. To be fair with the Royals he hasn’t really been managing an MLB team for a few years.

NCAA has charged Kansas with “lack of institutional control and men’s basketball coach Bill Self with “head coach responsibility violations.”
Time for the poll. Will Self make a leap to the NBA? Or retire to spend more time with his family?

Patriots today put star fullbacks James Develin on IR.   So any other NFL FB’s thinking of getting themselves released so they can sign with New England?


Right about now Redskins owner Dan Snyder has to be grateful for Trump’s efforts to usurp him as most hated man in Washington.

Trump fundraising email of day. “Be one of the FIRST donors to have their name permanently engraved on the Official 2019 Trump Donor Wall.” Uh, shouldn’t Mexico be paying for that too?


Trump at UN this morning – “I would get a Nobel prize for a lot of things, if they give it out fairly, which they don’t.”
Someday this man is going to have his own DSM page

Can someone tell Trump there’s a Nobel Prize for the best resignation speech?



Biden’s son Hunter was hired by a Ukrainian gas company when Joe was VP. Okay, that could be problematic.
Especially as Trump’s kids only have business dealings in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, South Korea, St. Martin, St. Vincent, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay.




September 22, 2019


Patriots said Antonio Brown would still be on team if not for his text messages to the woman who accused him of sexual assault. So New England’s message is clear, talented abusers are fine, but don’t put anything in writing.

Antonio Brown says he won’t be playing in NFL anymore. So what’s he going to do to earn a living? Work as a commentator with his sparkling personality?

Small silver lining for Giants fans with SF not being in playoff race.   A Hunter Strickland meltdown is more amusing than torturous.

So some combination of these things is true.

1. New Orleans was really pissed about being considered a one person team.
2. Brees, who his doctor forbade from flying to Seattle, gave a hell of a motivating speech by phone.
3. Payton is a HOF coach.
4. Saints actually might be  a very good team.

Here’s the stat of  the day, 118 wins for Sean Payton as Saints coach.  Today was his first without Drew Brees as QB.

Saturday night late.  UCLA 67, WSU 63. So are they juicing footballs now too?

WSU racked up 730 yards, and lost.  Even arena football teams must be impressed.

San Jose State gets paid $1.5 million to travel to Fayetteville, and upsets Razorbacks 31-24.
So maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders potentially being GOP nominee to run for Governor might not be most embarrassing thing to happen to Arkansas this year.


Rick Santorum called out on Sunday on CNN after he seemed to be uneducated about  Trump’s conversations with the Ukraine.
Uh, in all seriousness, why does anyone care what Rick Santorum thinks about anything?

Anyone know what side effects might be caused by mixing Adderall and Aricept? Asking for a tired country.


Trump tweeting about “a perfectly fine and routine conversation I had with the new President of the Ukraine. Nothing was said that was in any way wrong.” So, an easy way to make this story go away – release the transcript.

So how much is Trump billing taxpayers for him to stay in his own penthouse at Trump Tower?

What are we fighting for?

September 20, 2019

With a little over a week left in the season, both the Baltimore Orioles and Detroit Tigers are 49.5 games out of first place.

And if that holds, it’s still over 10 games better than the 1962 Mets.  60 1/2 games behind the SF Giants.


Patriots cut Antonio Brown. Because of the sexual assault allegations? Or because he was taking two much attention away from Tom Brady?

But seriously,  the woman who accused Antonio Brown of sexual assault said she now just got intimidating texts from him and has screen shots. Forgot football, this Brown might be crazy and cocky enough to run for office.

A grocery store near Athens has removed all Irish Spring soap ahead of the Georgia vs Notre Dame game.  Soap is easy.  Let’s see all the bars get rid of Irish Whiskey.

Commissioner Rob Manfred says MLB has not knowingly altered the ball, but said he thinks the manufacturers are doing a better job at “centering the pill.” I like “pushed into a lifeboat” better.”

Kansas expected to receive a notice of allegations from the NCAA regarding alleged men’s basketball recruiting violations.    So this time NCAA might really slap the Jayhawks’ hands hard?


Car drives into Woodfield Mall, unclear number of possible casualties, but driver taken into custody. Alive. So we know one thing, the driver is white.


Bill de Blasio is dropping out of the 2020 Presidential race. Thereby really disappointing both his supporters.

That moment when conservatives decry Justin Trudeau’s admittedly stupid costumes as racist and use Candace Owens as a voice to say there’s no problem with white supremacy…

How far are we from a serious “Yes I ordered the Code Red” moment for Trump?

Since just 4 days ago Trump tweeted we don’t need Mideast gas or oil, WTF are we doing defending Saudi Arabia?

So how long until Susan Collins says she is “deeply troubled” by Trump’s phone call…?

Imagine you’re a US solider being deployed to Saudi Arabia tonight, WTF do you tell your family you’re putting your life on the life for?

Yeah, that happened.

September 19, 2019

After coming back from 21 points down in the 2nd quarter, Tulane was tied with Houston with 21 seconds to go in 4th quarter, at the Green Wave’s own 29 yard line. They lined up in the kneel down formation, then ran off a trick play for 18 yards.  And with 12 seconds to go QB Justin McMillan threw a pass to Jalen McCleskey, a graduate transfer who’d come back to play one year with his dad, a Tulane assistant coach, for a game-winning TD.

It’s been a rough week for New Orleans Saints, but guessing tonight that riverboat gambler coach Sean Payton is smiling.


Tom Brady tweeted “I’m turning off this game I can’t watch these ridiculous penalties anymore #TENvsJAC”

So the only ridiculous penalties Brady wants called are if somebody breathes on him?

Josh Rosen has been named Dolphins starting QB for Saturday. An honor equal to being named first mate on the Titanic.

The Pirates’ Felipe Vasquez was arrested and charged with statutory sexual assault. Now it’s Yankees Domingo German who’s been placed on leave under baseball’s domestic violence policy. Sometimes it seems like MLB is trying a little too hard to compete with the NFL.

Was Justin Trudeau stupid to wear black/brown face? Absolutely. Is Justin Trudeau a racist? Absolutely not.

Your reminder, that on September 10, 2001, Rudy Giuliani was something of a bad joke with a public and messy extra-martial affair along with very low approval ratings.

40 plus inches of rain in parts of Texas. So when is Trump heading to Texas to throw them paper towels?

Wonder how people in Texas feel about Trump’s taking FEMA money for his border wall now?

If Obama said foreign leaders liked him better and he had the best intimate calls with them, maybe Trump would admit to the inappropriate conversation just to one-up him?

The man who said he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave and get away with it wonders “is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially “heavily populated” call…

In this case for Trump IF he’s telling truth about that golf course phone call to a foreign leader the solution is easy – Own the libs, release the transcript!

Amazed Trump didn’t say he never paid Stormy Daniels for a whistle blower.

Mean bitch karma will be cackling if this call to Ukraine takes down Trump’s Presidency, and Biden doesn’t even get the nomination

Number$ game.

September 18, 2019

Jets safety Jamal Adams was fined $21,506 for a roughing the passer penalty against Baker Mayfield.  He posted a video clip saying “This league is a damn joke!”

So how much will Adams be fined for that comment?

Congratulations to Bruce Bochy on his 2,000th  win, the SF Giants’ 74th of the season.  Worth noting Vegas oddsmakers thought Giants would fall just short with 73 wins in the entire 2019 season.

At this point SF Giants hitters are going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming on the plane out of Boston..

And despite some great moments, not the best season for SF Giants fans.  On the other hand at least the team didn’t shell out big $$$ a couple years ago to sign Kenley Jansen….

Terry Bradshaw said if he were Eli Manning after being benched that he would “pack my bags and I’d go home”
Uh, Eli has about 20 million reasons to smile on the bench.

Pittsburgh sports fans thought the week couldn’t get much worse with Ben Roethlisberger being out for the season. Pirates All-Star pitcher Felipe Vázquez “You don’t need ID to hold my beer.”


On a lighter note, so great to hear Downton Abbey theme song on TV again with Downton Abbey Film trailer commercials.

Hilaria Baldwin is pregnant again. So with husband Alec Baldwin this would be her fifth future ‘thoughtless little pig?”

Bill de Blasio says he’s not dropping out the Presidential race, although a recent Siena College poll had him at zero percent.. In New York City.
And some thought his eating pizza with a fork was embarrassing…

The massage therapist who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has died. So are we living in a real-life House of Cards episode?

Japanese Defense Minister Taro said he has not seen any intelligence indicating Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.
Time to move Japan up in Trump insult bingo.

As Trump again spars with California, this time over vehicle emissions standards, it’s worth remembering the California Air Resources Board (CARB) was started in the 1960s by that noted liberal Ronald Reagan.

Trump yesterday ranting in California on homelessness… “I’m speaking to tenants — in some cases foreign people, foreign tenants. In many cases, they came from other countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco because of the prestige of the city, and all of a sudden they have tents.”
Gosh, wonder why he hasn’t used that rant with his “America First” rallies…


Wonder how many Trump construction projects get finished early…(Another reason for him to hate California.) .”Update -The runway construction at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) will be complete one week early and all runways are scheduled to reopen on September 19 at 9:00 p.m. local time.”

Moving on up?

September 18, 2019

Since Christian Yelich fractured his knee cap, Milwaukee Brewers are 7-1. As we all expected.

New England put starting left tackle Isaiah Wynn on IR with a toe injury. Now the question – which LT on a bad or mediocre team will misbehave to get himself released so he can sign with the Patriots?

Adam Vinatieri says he’s not thinking of retiring, but “I’m going to work a lot this week to get those demons so I can go clear headed ,step on the field and just do my job.”
So will he play a motivation while stepping on a cassette player?

Now it’s Cam Newton who might be out in week 3 with a foot injury. And backup Jets QB Trevor Siemian is probably out for the year wih a nasty ankle injury .  “I can be available” says Brett Favre.


Hurricane Humberto expected to hit Bermuda by Thursday. This will be a conundrum for Trump on how to react. It’s a foreign country, but with white people.


Trump in his New Mexico rally “I know a guy who hates his children…” So this is breaking news because Donald doesn’t hate the one kid he wants to date?


Turns out Trump fundraiser in Bay Area was at former Sun Microsystems chairman Scott McNealy’s home. Well, guess McNealy figures he doesn’t run a company any more that people can boycott.

Barack Obama on Cokie Roberts – “She was a trailblazing figure; a role model to young women at a time when the profession was still dominated by men; a constant over forty years of a shifting media landscape and changing world, informing voters about the issues of our time and mentoring young journalists every step of the way. “She will be missed – and we send our condolences to her family.”

Donald Trump – ““I never met her. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well…She was a real professional. Never treated me well, but I certainly respect her as a professional.”

I miss having a President.

Old sandman?

September 16, 2019

Trump today in his medal ceremony for Mariano Rivera “After five years playing in the minors, in 1955, Mariano made it to the big leagues….”

1955?!  WTF? Even casual fans know the only pitcher in recent memory who played in 1955 was Jamie Moyer

Okay, sucky news for Saints fans that Drew Brees will miss six weeks with a torn thumb ligament.
But not I guess going to get much sympathy from Steelers fans.

Two-time Pro Bowl Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey wants to be traded. So what kind of a tantrum will he have to throw to be released so he can sign with the Patriots?

Washington manager Dave Martinez will remain in hospital for tests after a cardiac catheterization following chest pains yesterday at the ballpark. Hope he’s okay, the 2019 Nationals bullpen has been a regular cardiac stress test

ICE’s last raid in Northern California was apparently at the Oakland Coliseum last Monday night, at Raiders tailgates, when they “confiscated nearly $11,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise. Do we feel safer yet?

As a long-time Joe Biden watcher, at this point wouldn’t it be more likely that age was affecting him if he STOPPED making gaffes?

Trump is clearly very upset over Obama Netflix. Just imagine what will happen when Barack and Michelle get one of their films nominated for an Oscar?

People attending Trump fundraiser in Northern California, with tickets ranging from $1,000 up to $100,000 – apparently need to show up at a Palo Alto drop-off point Tuesday morning and will be taken to a secret fundraiser location.
Wait, Donald doesn’t want to show off his rich donor crowd like he shows off his rallies?

Shane Gillis, one of SNL’s newest cast members, was fired for racist comments. Tonight in New Mexico, Trump pointed to Steve Cortes, on his Hispanic Advisory Council and said “He happens to be Hispanic, but I’ve never quite figured it out because he looks more like a WASP than I do.”
That moment that a late-night comedy show has higher standards than POTUS.

Saudi Arabia said Monday, that despite Yemen’s Houthi rebels claiming responsibility, the weapons used to attack their oil installations were Iranian.
And why after they were so honest about Khashoggi’s murder should we doubt anything the Saudis say?

Here we blow again.

September 15, 2019

Wouldn’t be a Saints game without an egregious bad call against New Orleans. #WhoDat

Six Pac 12 teams are now ranked. So why isn’t UCF ranked higher, only moving up from #17 to #15 after destroying Stanford?

Seriously, the UCF Knights football program has had a tough time getting major universities to play them, which they would need to build up their strength of schedule.  And based on what they did to Stanford it won’t get any easier.

Not much to cheer about this September for SF Giants. But there is this – Boston Red Sox, who will also almost certainly miss the playoffs, will pay a $13.05 million luxury tax.
And that’s not as much as they paid Pablo Sandoval to play in 2019 for the Giants.

Nothing against University of Oregon, but their uniforms give me 1970s Spencer’s Gifts black light room flashbacks.

Yeah, as a Stanford fan I should root for the Pac 12 in all games. But….IMHO okay, it’s never a bad thing to watch USC lose.


Like many of my generation, I can remember some drunken college parties I’m glad happened before the advent of social media.
But I cannot ever remember a party where a guy waved his penis around at women and everyone thought that was okay. Period.

If Kavanaugh sues for libel then all of these details, and more, will come out in open court. Bring. It. On.

Another thought re Kavanaugh. It would all be much easier to take if Brett said “In my youth I drank a lot, don’t remember it all but I probably did behave badly to women on occasion & if so, I really would like to apologize to them.
But all we got was “I like beer.


Kellyanne Conway says it’s important to have a President who doesn’t say “let’s study it” with decisions.
Right, because studying never helped anyone in life….

Trump on “Meet the Press” 3 months ago said he would be willing to meet with Iran with no preconditions. Last week, Mike Pompeo said. “He is prepared to meet with no preconditions,”
Today Donald tweets “The Fake News is saying that I am willing to meet with Iran, “No Conditions.” That is an incorrect statement (as usual!).”

And here the media obsesses about every time Joe Biden, as he has done for decades, puts his foot in the vicinity of his mouth.


September 13, 2019

So Tim Tebow thinks college athletes shouldn’t be paid because “I didn’t make a dollar from it and nor did I want to because I knew going into college what it was all about.”
Pretty rich coming from a kid whose parents could not only afford to home-school him even though he played football at a local Christian Academy but also MOVED (while still home-schooling him) so he was in the district for a public high school who would let him play QB.

University of Alabama is using an app to track students when they arrive and leave home football games. The app will give them 100 points for showing up, and 250 more points for staying through the 4th quarter. Students can then use points  for priority access to future games…  Gosh if only there were only such an an app to track football players going to class?


Didn’t we all have Shaun Anderson as the SF Giants potential closer of the future?

(For what it’s worth, Buster Posey was a closer at Florida State.)

After Beto O’Rourke said yes, he would go after assault weapons, GOP Texas state legislator Briscoe Cain tweeted out
“My AR is ready for you Robert Francis,”
At times like this I really miss Molly Ivins.


Btw, not only was Felicity Hoffman’s 14-day sentence an example of White Privilege but also does anyone really think her husband William Macy had no idea what was going on?

RIP Eddie Money…. Will he show up at the pearly gates with an extra ticket to Paradise?


Trump complains LED light bulbs make him “look orange.”
So no wonder Donald is against solar energy. The sun makes him look orange too.



Trump is coming to Northern California for an expensive fundraiser in Atherton.
Now, here’s a question, GOP gets so upset if anyone releases names of attendees of this kind of thing – shouldn’t anyone donating big $$$ to a President they clearly admire be proud to share that publicly?

(and putting my money where my mouth is, while I am not a big donor, in the last Presidential elections I have donated to Howard Dean,  Barack Obama, and in these primaries Cory Booker and Amy Klobuchar.   It’s public record, but have nothing to hide.)

Dropping the balls?

September 12, 2019

Reports are that NFL prefers to move ‘quickly’ on whether or not to suspend Antonio Brown. Of course, so he can be ready to rejoin Patriots for the playoffs.

USA lost again in FIBA World Cup – Of the 35 players originally selected for the U.S. player pool, only four are playing in China.
So we’ve actually found something many NBA star players care less about than the regular season?


Justin Verlander now has 2981 strikeouts in his career. Asked about reaching 3,000 strikeouts this season: “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know where I was at. It’s kind of on the back burner, I guess. I’m aware of it. I try not to focus on it too much, but it’d be pretty cool to get to it this year, for sure.”
Bonus points for not saying “Really, I had no clue. I’m just trying to help the team.”

Sam Darnold has mono and the Jets can kiss off their season.


US Customs and Border patrol is now giving 1 year extensions of their Global Entry trusted traveler program for members who renew, because they are so backlogged due in part to the “ripple effect of partial government shutdown and the response to the southwest border.”
Do we feel safer?

Maybe we’re going about this gun control thing all wrong. Maybe actually to get something done by Trump White House we just need Barack Obama to post a picture of himself with an AR-15.

Andrew Yang was complaining that tonight’s debate was badly scheduled for football fans. Right about now voters in North Carolina who watched Panthers-Bucs are probably wishing they’d watched debate instead.

This may p*ss some Democrats off. But watching those 10 on stage tonight made me think there’s a good President (and VP) among them. And that we don’t need any other candidates.

Because the way for Joe Biden to say he wasn’t old was to talk about a record player?  

Amy Kobluchar  “Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill.”

Writing?  Reading? Waiting for Trump to call them elitist.




Meanwhile Trump in Baltimore “earlier today, my administration formally repealed the horrible, dangerous, anti-everything waters of the United States rule.”
And “Let’s say the history of our country over the last 25 years. I would say they probably had cleaner water, cleaner air because there was nobody here.”

Copy not right?

September 11, 2019

LeBron James has been denied in his attempt to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday.” Gosh, I hope he’ll still be able to feed his family.

Ohio State’s application to trademark “The” has been denied. Well, even Notre Dame thought “The” idea was ridiculously egocentric.

ESPN reports ex-Arizona assistant men’s basketball coach “Book” Richardson told undercover FBI agents that he paid $40,000 to a high school coach to make sure Rawle Alkins was academically eligible.
Can’t wait to see how hard NCAA slaps the Wildcats on the wrist for this one.

So Bob Baffert apparently got caught using a PED with #Justify and officials covered up the failed drug test. The real question, how many more times did he not get caught?


Regulators say they decided to drop inquiry on Justify after the Triple Crown with the reasoning that the colt’s positive PED could have come from eating contaminated food. A whole lot of ballplayers are going “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Guessing more Americans might be upset that Team USA lost in FIBA basketball tournament if most Americans cared about any international tournament except the Olympics.

(and under “most Americans” – include all the NBA players who bailed.)


Fox News is all over one set of  parents of one 9-11 victim criticizing Rep. Omar for using the words “some people did something.” But I must have missed their even more scathing reaction to the idea of inviting the Taliban to Camp David the week of 9-11.

Trump said today that US Food and Drug Administration would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in “a couple of weeks.
Possible translation, he’s going to wait for Mitch McConnell to tell him how to exempt Kentucky companies?

Trump talking about Melania wanting a flavored-tobacco vaping ban “That’s how the First Lady involved. She’s got a son — together — that’s a beautiful young man, & she feels very very strongly about it.” So is Barron the new Tiffany?


Don’t get me wrong, good to see John Bolton gone. But T.S. Eliot was right “The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right thing, for the wrong reason.”


September 11, 2019

Antonio Brown saga keeps getting worse. “I feel so sorry for the Patriots” said no one outside New England.

And now it’s alleged rape and sexual assault.    Maybe AB was more compatible with Big Ben than he thought.


Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. wore a $190,000 luxury watch during the season opener and says he plans to keep wearing it.
Generation Z and some millennials are thinking either – a – “What’s a watch?, or b – “how do you get those solid gold Apple watches?”

Apparently some unhappy Browns fans sprayed beer on Titans CB Logan Ryan at Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium last. Sunday.
Well, at least that won’t happen in 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium this year. Beer is FAR too expensive to waste.

(Though if OBJ is going to keep wearing that expensive watch, he had better hope the home fans don’t turn on him.)

Kevin Durant gave an interview where he talked about never going back to the Bay Area, and complained about “the circus of the NBA,”

Hey, in the end, it’s a job. And all of us have moments when we’re not thrilled with our jobs. But $164 million over 4 years has to soften the pain a little?

Really crappy news about Christian Yelich.   Have to seriously wonder though, did the extra juice in 2019 baseballs contribute to that foul ball fracturing his kneecap?

Abruptly firing your National Security Advisor by tweet to show there is no turmoil in the White House…
Wow, almost as good as tweeting in all caps “NOTHING TO DO WITH ME” to prove you had nothing to do with Air Force and Pence being told to spend big taxpayer $$$ to stay at your resorts.

Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton is tweeting reporters in real-time, including on Fox and Friends, saying he quit….
And here most of us thought to see pathetically embarrassing breakups on reality TV we had to watch stuff like “The Bachelorette.”

Give Donald Trump credit. Many said it couldn’t be done to give John Bolton the moral high road.

This Bolton-Trump breakup is so crazy and messy how long until someone starts talking about sex in a windmill?

So how long until Trump calls for firing the idiot who hired Bolton?

Saints be praised.

September 10, 2019

Yeah, it’s only a game. But as I tell people… even when you watch a thrilling movie or TV show, or read a book, many people already know the outcome. And even when you think a game is over….twice…that’s not true in sports.

Did Drew Brees get 10 years younger in the 2nd half?


In the end it didn’t matter, but officials admitted later they had taken 15 seconds too many off the clock as Saints tried at end of of first half. So NFL referees at least were already in midseason form.

Just one night, but Raiders looked like they missed Antonio Brown like a fish misses a bicycle.


A report in The Atlantic says that Trump, less than thrilled with Jared, has complained that Ivanka could have married QB Tom Brady instead. Well, as much as I am not fond of Patriots it WOULD have been less damaging to the country.


Shortly after winning  U.S. Open Sunday, Canadian tennis star Bianca Andreescu actually apologized for winning, acknowledging that the U.S. crowd would have preferred to see Serena Williams triumph.  Is this the most Canadian sports story ever?


Sarah and Todd Palin are divorcing. Look, it’s never a happy thing when a marriage breaks up. But for all GOP family values BS, note that the Obamas and Clintons are both on their first marriages.

If Wilbur Ross was ordered to fire people who contradicted POTUS about Dorian heading for Alabama, what does Donald do with people who contradict him on SERIOUS issues?

Trump defended his decision to remove Bahamian men, women and children, who had passports but not visas,  from ferries this weekend on their way to the US after Hurricane Dorian.  He said they could be “some very bad people, very bad gang members & very, very bad drug dealers.”

Uh, except United States policy says  “Bahamians can enter U.S. w/o visa by providing passport & proof of no criminal record.


Donald Trump said today he would release an “extremely complete” report on his personal finances before 2020 election. Will it include details on that Trump ice rink he is building in hell?


The National Rifle Association is suing San Francisco and SF Board of Supervisors for passing a resolution declaring them a domestic terrorist organization. The lawsuit says SF could hurt NRA’s business relationships and is “interfering” in their exercise of rights.
On the other hand, after Gilroy, El Paso, Dayton, Odessa’s etc, there are many people who might speak in support of San Francisco’s resolution, except they are now, like, you know, dead.

Two out of three’s not bad

September 8, 2019

SF Giants were themselves shut out today in Los Angeles. But  didn’t we all have the Dodgers shut out Saturday for the first time since May 19 – in a game started by SF Giants ace Tyler Beede?



Wow. Some say SF Giants and fans are overly greedy for being unhappy after 3 titles in 5 years. Red Sox fire President Dave Dombrowski one year after a World Series for being 76-67. (Which might get them a Wild Card spot in NL.)

New Orleans Saints didn’t even play NFL opening Sunday and they are guaranteed  to be no worst than tied for first after their Monday Night Football opener.

(all three other NFC South teams lost.)

Kansas City’s star WR Tyreek Hill, who was not suspended by NFL over allegations he abused his 3-yr-old son, was injured in the Chiefs opener. So will mean bitch karma aim for Antonio Brown next?


And yeah, Tom Brady hasn’t raped or assaulted anyone. But he and Patriots are about only team who can get me semi-rooting for Big Ben and the Steelers by comparison.

Only week 1 and the Jets are in midseason form.

Yeah, I’m #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. But have we really learned nothing about even considering turning reins of the country over to a rich white man with no elected political experience who says “I alone can fix it?” #TomSteyer

There’s a crowd-surfing video of Andrew Yang going viral. Maybe someone can get Trump jealous enough to try it at one of his rallies?

Trump actually retweeted a picture of him with Alabama, including not only his famous Sharpie editing,  but also a cat with a laser pointer meme.  Okay, that’s something we KNOW is fake. Can anyone imagine a cat getting within 10 feet of trump?


So we’re gone from “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” to POTUS so afraid of being caught in a lie he needs to put pressure on NOAA and US Weather Service.

Maybe the real reason Trump canceled his meeting with Taliban. They refused to stay at Doonbeg?


I miss the days when “The Grifters” was just a movie and not a documentary on the Trump White House.