Two out of three’s not bad

SF Giants were themselves shut out today in Los Angeles. But  didn’t we all have the Dodgers shut out Saturday for the first time since May 19 – in a game started by SF Giants ace Tyler Beede?



Wow. Some say SF Giants and fans are overly greedy for being unhappy after 3 titles in 5 years. Red Sox fire President Dave Dombrowski one year after a World Series for being 76-67. (Which might get them a Wild Card spot in NL.)

New Orleans Saints didn’t even play NFL opening Sunday and they are guaranteed  to be no worst than tied for first after their Monday Night Football opener.

(all three other NFC South teams lost.)

Kansas City’s star WR Tyreek Hill, who was not suspended by NFL over allegations he abused his 3-yr-old son, was injured in the Chiefs opener. So will mean bitch karma aim for Antonio Brown next?


And yeah, Tom Brady hasn’t raped or assaulted anyone. But he and Patriots are about only team who can get me semi-rooting for Big Ben and the Steelers by comparison.

Only week 1 and the Jets are in midseason form.

Yeah, I’m #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. But have we really learned nothing about even considering turning reins of the country over to a rich white man with no elected political experience who says “I alone can fix it?” #TomSteyer

There’s a crowd-surfing video of Andrew Yang going viral. Maybe someone can get Trump jealous enough to try it at one of his rallies?

Trump actually retweeted a picture of him with Alabama, including not only his famous Sharpie editing,  but also a cat with a laser pointer meme.  Okay, that’s something we KNOW is fake. Can anyone imagine a cat getting within 10 feet of trump?


So we’re gone from “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” to POTUS so afraid of being caught in a lie he needs to put pressure on NOAA and US Weather Service.

Maybe the real reason Trump canceled his meeting with Taliban. They refused to stay at Doonbeg?


I miss the days when “The Grifters” was just a movie and not a documentary on the Trump White House.


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