Personally foul?

Well, at least Oakland Raiders were undefeated in the Antonio Brown era.

Antonio Brown has signed with New England. As if we didn’t already have enough reason to hate the Patriots.


But okay, after all his antics, first Antonio Brown gets Jon Gruden to say he would play in the Raiders season opener. Then Brown gets his contract voided to he can immediately sign with the Super Bowl champion Patriots.  So let this be a lesson to all kids, no matter how much talent you have sportsmanship and attitude are what really matter. Oh, wait…


This whole Antonio Brown situation was so egregious, have to wonder how soon Roger Goodell will take action and punish the Saints?

Been a tough year for SF Giants fans. On the other hand, have to enjoy seeing Kershaw and the Dodgers Friday night in playoff form.

As the Tide rolled over New Mexico State, good to see that Alabama players weren’t too badly affected by the devastating hurricane in their state.

Took Michigan two overtimes to beat Army today.  If Army had won would Trump some how have taken credit?


Howard Schultz says he is ending his Presidential campaign. Well, it always seemed like a tall order, and rather grande-iose.

Trump got NOAA to release a statement backing his Alabama gaffe. Sigh. NOAA is more reality-based when they aid NORAD in tracking Santa Claus.


Amy Kobluchar  “As President, I pledge that my Vice President will never stay at my resort. Oh that’s right, I don’t own a resort.”

I miss having a President with a sense of humor.


So Trump admits he was going to host the Taliban for the 18th anniversary of September 11?
Anyone but me occasionally think he REALLY is tired of being President and wants to keep acting out until even Republicans say enough?

Maybe the real reason Trump canceled his meeting with Taliban. They refused to stay at Doonbeg?

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