Missed it by that much.

UNC missed an upset of #1 Clemson only because of what may not have been the best two-point conversion attempt.


But as much fun as it would have been to watch Clemson lose, probably would have just increased chances of two SEC teams in the College Football Playoff.

Who’d a thunk the red-hot Brewers would lose 2 to the Rockies, and Cardinals would lose 2 to the reeling Cubs. Maybe Milwaukee and St Louis REALLY don’t want to play the Atlanta Braves?

Oakland A’s will host Tampa Bay Rays in Wednesday Wild Card game.  But can you call it home field advantage when neither team is used to having fans show up?

Bruce Bochy says Madison Bumgarner won’t pitch in his final SF Giants game. Well, can he at least let Bum pinch hit?

Not saying Pac 12 is the equal of SEC. But at least they have a conference where most of the teams are at least close enough to equal to make games interesting when they play each other.



So when Trump misses a shot on the golf course does he blame “the squad” too? Or Schiff? Or Obama? This is so confusing.


As Trump unleashes another Tweet storm, I’m so old I remember when POTUS would be criticized because his choice of what to do Saturday night was a date with his wife.

Wonder who told Trump how to spell “Harassment?”

Trump attacking “Do Nothing Democrats” – “Disgraceful what they are NOT doing, namely, the USMCA vote, Prescription Drug Price Reduction, Gun Safety, Infrastructure, and much more!” Gosh, if only GOP ever had had a chance to control both houses of Congress…

Maybe Kamala Harris would be higher in the polls if she had Maya Rudolph make some of her campaign appearances for her?


Two last questions.

How exhausted must SNL writers be now after this week keeping up with material for tonight’s season opener?

So how cranky is Trump going  to be Sunday after he stayed up past his bedtime to watch SNL tonight?

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3 Comments on “Missed it by that much.”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    Congratulations to Pete Alonso on new rookie home run record. Maybe on Sunday he can make it 54.

  2. Marc Ragovin Says:

    The House just voted unanimously to impeach the Redskins

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