Thanks Boch


Thank you Boch, thank you Madbum.


Apparently Brandon Crawford was in charge of the walkup and mound music today at AT&T Oracle Park.  Especial kudos for his selections for Mike Yastrzemski  – “Sweet Caroline” and “More than a Feeling” (Boston), and for submarine pitcher Tyler Rogers  “Sideways.”  And for Belt late in the game ” “Wake Me Up When September Ends.”

And in a capper to Bochy’s final season with SF Giants,  which turned out b the car on Fan Appreciation Day ends up being won by a woman in a Dodgers’ cap.


Happiest non-political people in DC over the headlines all being about possible Trump impeachment – the 0-4 Washington Redskins.

As winless Bengals visit winless Steelers on Monday Night Football, Stubhub says the cheapest tickets are going for $32.   Wonder how many people buying their way in are simply fans of train wrecks.

Anyone seen the spread next weekend for Miami Dolphins vs Bye Week?

Some times coaches get fired and you think management over reacted. Then there’s Chris Ash, fired by Rutgers as football coach after Scarlet Knights lost three games by combined 112-16.


Trump reposted an “evangelical” preacher’s warning that impeach ‘It will cause a Civil War-like fracture from which our Country will never heal.”
Because Donald thinks “that’s MY job!”

Pretty brave of a President to talk about Civil War when he knows he himself will demand a deferment. #CadetBoneSpurs

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One Comment on “Thanks Boch”

  1. Marc Ragovin Says:

    Upon hearing Trump say that impeachment will lead to another Civil War, Wilbur Ross said “hey, I already served”

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