Winter is coming.

Worst thing about tonight, without an MLB tie-breaker game, is that a no baseball night is a preview of a long winter.

Washington Nationals hosting Wild Card game tomorrow. Since Trump hasn’t praised the local team for making MLB postseason can only assume someone told him manager Dave Martinez is Puerto Rican.

Looking ahead, the Bengals play the Dolphins on Dec 22. So sounds like this year Americans will be getting their Christmas turkey early.

My friend Scott Russell pointed out that signing Bryce Harper for $330 million helped the Philadelphia Phillies to a “fourth place finish of 81-81, a vast improvement over last season’s third place finish of 80-82.”

Angels have fired Brad Ausmus, and there are rumors that they are interested in Joe Maddon. But really, Joe Maddon, the man who loves complicated switches?
To quote “Little Big League” .. It’s the AL, they have the DH. How hard could it be? #Boring

Pac 12 and NCAA apparently not happy with California new law. “This legislation will lead to the professionalization of college sports and many unintended consequences related to this professionalism.”
You mean it might jeopardize the conference’s $3 billion TV contract?



For those who need a definition of “First World Problem.” – from SF Chronicle article about morale problems at Uber: “Starbucks showed up in coffee dispensers, and craft coffee from Stumptown, a roaster based in Portland, Oregon, went away.”

Newt is complaining that Democrats aren’t impeaching Trump, but that it’s a “coup d’etat.” If someone said they gave Trump a blow job in the Oval Office THEN would Newt Gingrich think impeachment was justified?

Jeff Flake wrote an op-ed urging other Republicans not to vote for Trump’s re-election “My fellow Republicans, it is time to risk your careers in favor of your principles.”
If only Flake had ever been in a position where he could have, you know, cast a meaningful vote against Trump?

First Ukraine, now Australia.  Maybe Italy and England.  Anyone got bingo cards for “Trump foreign government coercion?


Apparently the nomination of Chuck Cantenbury, Trump’s pick to head ATF is in jeopardy. Because GOP senators say he isn’t pro-gun enough? For the last 16 years, Cantenbury has only been President of the National Fraternal Order of Police.
Amy Kobluchar said Trump is afraid of the NRA. He’s not the only one.

They really have no shame Fox News headline ” Joe, Hunter Biden seen golfing with Ukraine gas company exec back in 2014.”
As Trump and his sons not only are seen at his resorts, they have our military and other foreign leaders pay to stay there….


Maybe it would be easier at this point to have a show of hands from all the foreign leaders that Trump HASN’T asked for dirt on opponents

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