A wild start.

Who’d a thunk, especially SF Giants fans, that in the NL Wild Card game,  Drew Pomeranz would outpitch Josh Hader?

Weird bit of baseball trivia. Nationals manager Dave Martinez signed with SF Giants for 1993, and was released after 2 unremarkable years. Of course the other free agent signing for Giants in 1993 worked out okay… Barry Bonds.

Wonder how Bryce Harper felt watching tonight’s NL Wild Card game?

As an SF Giants fan thinking torture is much more fun to watch when it’s some other team’s fan base.

A vendor at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium was arrested for using a skimming device to charge a fan $724 for two beers during Sunday’s Chargers-Dolphins game.
$724 for two beers?! That’s almost as big a ripoff as the thousands of $$$ the 2019 Dolphins are charging for season tickets.

Ohio State AD Gene Smith said he is against the Fair Pay to Play Act. Maybe since Urban Meyer is gone he doesn’t think his football players will have any need for bail money.

Coke is going to start selling “Coke Energy” in the US, with four times the caffeine of regular coke.
Can we all pray they don’t put it in 7-11 soda machines where they sell the “Big Gulp?”

A man with a sword killed one person and injured 10 others in an attack at a vocational school complex in Kuopio, Finland.
Imagine the death toll if he had a gun.

Ex-Police Officer Amber Guyger found guilty of murder for killing her neighbor Botham Jean in his own apartment. A really sad story. Also sad, as obvious as the case seemed, that it was surprising they actually convicted her.

Trump keeps talking about his “perfect phone call.”
If he wants Americans to hear a really perfect phone call, can he call Pelosi to resign?


No tweets from Trump congratulating the Nationals on their dramatic wild card win. He’s probably upset they’re stealing attention from him.

Trump tweeting for Louisiana Republicans to vote for either of 2 “Great” GOP challengers to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards on Oct. 12, “which will lead to a runoff.” If Edwards gets 50% he wins outright.
But if 2 GOP challengers split vote, this increases the chances of no runoff. #Stablegenius

Now NY Times is reporting that Trump wanted migrants shot in the legs to slow them down.
Yeah, I can tell why “evangelical” Christians adore this man. #JesusWept

Guess it never occurred to Trump if the Democrats were capable of pulling off a civil war or a coup, they’d have been capable of winning the 2016 election?

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2 Comments on “A wild start.”

  1. Michael Rose Says:

    The Coke story is Loko!

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