Hey Rays

When a team makes postseason, an exaggerated number of people will claim they were hard core fans who showed up all season. So with Rays wonder if we’ll hear that from over 100 people?


Rays payroll on Opening Day 2019 was $60 million. To put that in perspective it’s about what the Tigers and Mets paid for just Miguel Cabrera and Yoenis Céspedes.

Maybe the Rays are onto something for motivation, if the team ends up with a World Series share it might double most players’ salary.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin wants kids to participate in “Bring Your Bible to School Day. “I would encourage you, please, don’t just bring your Bible to school, but read your Bible. Bring it, share it with others. If you have an extra Bible, bring it and share it with somebody who doesn’t have one, who maybe has never read this book.”
And presumably Jewish kids bring their Torahs, Mormons bring the Book of Mormon, and Muslim students bring their Koran?

From my Twitter friend Bridget…. “Trump walked out on the President of Finland because as any woman he’s ever been with would tell you, he’s always done early and he’s never around for the Finnish.”

Latest investigation of House Oversight Committee is alleged big prepaid bookings of room blocks at Trump hotels – including by a foreign government – where guests never showed up, but the hotels got to keep the money. And presumably resell the rooms.
So it isn’t enough that Trump DC is the most overpriced hotel in town?

Jacob Wohl apparently is now trying to sell a sex scandal story involving Elizabeth Warren. Oh, please. And actually with millions of Americans a sex scandal might make Warren more rather than less popular.

While I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if he dropped out, Bernie Sanders’ Democratic primary opponents are all sending him good wishes on Twitter. No acknowledgement from Trump. Donald’s again probably annoyed that it takes headlines from him.


Lost in the craziness today, Trump goes after Adam Schiff for going after Mike Pompeo “who graduated from Harvard Law School.”
Uh, Schiff’s law degree is from…Harvard Law School

If anyone had an elderly parent talking like Trump talked this morning they’d be calling their doctor about involuntary commitment this afternoon.
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