Maybe it was the uniforms

How were the Rams supposed to keep a straight face on Thursday night football.


Ouch, Braves’ star Ronald Acuna Jr failed to run out a ball tonight that ended up hitting off the wall,  ending up with a single instead of a double.   In an inning where at second base he might have ended up score. Well, not like Braves lost a one-run game or anything.

Oops, never mind.

Mets fired Manager Mickey Callaway after he went 163-161 in two years as manager. Orioles fans wonder, did they fire him for overachieving?

Watching the Nationals  listless performance today you’d almost think they won a big game the other night, celebrated and then flew cross country….


Maybe we should bookmark this when we have a Democrat back in the White House. Mike Pence today “The American people have a right to know whether or not the vice president of the United States or his family profited from his position.”


So Jacob Wohl comes out with this story about a 24 yr-old Marine who had sex with Elizabeth Warren. And Warren has gotten #Cougars2020 trending. Have never liked Elizabeth more.


Nobel Peace Prize will be announced next week and British oddsmakers have made Greta Thunberg the favorite. This will make Trump so angry he may start a war.

Trump is now retweeting himself. This remake of “Sybil” really s*cks.

We’re going to have a nationwide whistle shortage. #IRSWhistleblower

Trump this am. “China should start an investigation into the Bidens because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.” Meanwhile, China has approved over 30 trademarks for Ivanka, including clothes, child care centers, & yes, voting machines.


Forget a pardon, maybe the lure we really need to get Trump out of the White House is to promise him the biggest resignation parade in history

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2 Comments on “Maybe it was the uniforms”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    2 things.
    1. To Ronald Acuna Jr. Watch clips as Brandon Nimmo sprints down to first base after drawing a walk.
    2. For get impeachment. Trump is a candidate for the 25th amendment.

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