Slouching towards the finish…

Scheduled doubleheader today between 70-88 White Sox and 46-112 Tigers was postponed because of rain.
“I’m so disappointed” said no one not related to a player on either team.

So much for Cal’s undefeated season. Guessing Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal will still, however, be playing Big Game not only for the Axe, but maybe for the Redbox Bowl.

Few points in SF Giants season more lovely – any year – than the Willie Mac award. Seriously.

Well, SF Giants fans, it could be worse.  From ESPN “The Detroit Tigers (46-112), already assured of the big leagues’ worst record and next year’s top draft pick, finished 22-59 at Comerica Park, tied for worst in MLB history.


Trump yesterday railed against Joe Biden, saying he helped his son, Hunter falsely win millions in dollars in business from Ukraine and China.
Because Donald feels Joe should have been more Trumpian and help his kids falsely win BILLIONS of dollars in foreign business?

But on today’s latest liddle controversy, how exactly Trump insulted Adam Schiff,  to be fair to Donald it makes sense he used the word “hyphen.” We all know he can’t spell “apostrophe.”

When this is all over will the cherry on top of this whole sorry chapter in American history end up being, with some future President, the whistleblower getting a Presidential Medal of Honor?

To be fair it really does take world-class hubris to win an election by attacking someone over a private email server and then setting up your own.

Rudy Giuliani in a Politico interview “I’m the real whistleblower. If I get killed now. You won’t get the rest of the story.”
I miss the days that all Rudy’s sentences were “a noun, a verb, and 9-11.”

You think you’ve had to deal with a bad boss in a bad mood. … but on this Saturday how’d you like to be Donald Trump’s caddie?

Kellyanne Conway says Nancy Pelosi⁩ was “intimidated by men” to launch impeachment.
Might be the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

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