Who’s on first, and second, and…?

Cardinals are trying to hold off Brewers for NL Central, and Cubs manager Joe Maddon was asked if he’ll play his regular lineup against St. Louis this weekend.
“We’re going to put a good team out there, but of course they’re going to bitch.
Uh, considering Chicago has lost 9 in a row, maybe Milwaukee would bitch more if Cubs played their regulars.

As great as it must be for all these minor league players to get experience in “the Show,” when MLB switches to 28 man rosters next September, not going to miss these games with over a dozen pitchers AT ALL.

Bryce Harper said some Nationals fans crossed the line while heckling him yesterday.
Look, I think there are limits on heckling and fans should avoid nasty personal insults. But Harper just signed a 13 year deal where he will almost certainly in the future be older, ineffective and making over $30 million a year… in PHILLY! He ain’t heard nothing yet.

Why there is no satire. Fox News contributor called Democratic impeachment efforts a “terrible mistake for our country” and said it erodes the power and prerogative of the Oval Office.
The contributor – Ken Starr.

So how many high school kids will write college entrance essays on imagining life with their parents in jail for trying to cheat on their admissions?

When Joaquin Castro tweeted names of Trump donors, Kevin McCarthy “Targeting and harassing Americans because of their political beliefs is shameful and dangerous.”
I missed House GOP leader also condemning Trump supporters who put a $50,000 bounty on whistleblower’s name.

Trump today on impeachment “There should be a way of stopping it.”
There is. See Nixon.

On a more trivial note, in yesterday’s meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, President Trump talked about when Miss Ukraine won his Miss Universe pageant. That never happened.
But yeah, let’s obsess about Biden gaffes.

So in July, Ukranian President Zelensky stayed in Trump’s hotel, one of the most expensive in NY. Maybe Trump Hotel will end up as famous a tourist attraction as Watergate.


California Republicans complain they’ve become almost irrelevant in the state. Then their “Lincoln-Reagan” fundraising dinner tonight in San Francisco features speaker Dinesh D’Souza….

Latest iteration of the Trump cocktail. Ukranian vodka on the rocks, imPeachment schnapps, a few twists and a splash of orange.

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