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Copy not right?

September 11, 2019

LeBron James has been denied in his attempt to trademark the term “Taco Tuesday.” Gosh, I hope he’ll still be able to feed his family.

Ohio State’s application to trademark “The” has been denied. Well, even Notre Dame thought “The” idea was ridiculously egocentric.

ESPN reports ex-Arizona assistant men’s basketball coach “Book” Richardson told undercover FBI agents that he paid $40,000 to a high school coach to make sure Rawle Alkins was academically eligible.
Can’t wait to see how hard NCAA slaps the Wildcats on the wrist for this one.

So Bob Baffert apparently got caught using a PED with #Justify and officials covered up the failed drug test. The real question, how many more times did he not get caught?


Regulators say they decided to drop inquiry on Justify after the Triple Crown with the reasoning that the colt’s positive PED could have come from eating contaminated food. A whole lot of ballplayers are going “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Guessing more Americans might be upset that Team USA lost in FIBA basketball tournament if most Americans cared about any international tournament except the Olympics.

(and under “most Americans” – include all the NBA players who bailed.)


Fox News is all over one set of  parents of one 9-11 victim criticizing Rep. Omar for using the words “some people did something.” But I must have missed their even more scathing reaction to the idea of inviting the Taliban to Camp David the week of 9-11.

Trump said today that US Food and Drug Administration would be putting out “some very strong recommendations” regarding the use of flavored e-cigarettes in “a couple of weeks.
Possible translation, he’s going to wait for Mitch McConnell to tell him how to exempt Kentucky companies?

Trump talking about Melania wanting a flavored-tobacco vaping ban “That’s how the First Lady involved. She’s got a son — together — that’s a beautiful young man, & she feels very very strongly about it.” So is Barron the new Tiffany?


Don’t get me wrong, good to see John Bolton gone. But T.S. Eliot was right “The last temptation is the greatest treason. To do the right thing, for the wrong reason.”


September 11, 2019

Antonio Brown saga keeps getting worse. “I feel so sorry for the Patriots” said no one outside New England.

And now it’s alleged rape and sexual assault.    Maybe AB was more compatible with Big Ben than he thought.


Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. wore a $190,000 luxury watch during the season opener and says he plans to keep wearing it.
Generation Z and some millennials are thinking either – a – “What’s a watch?, or b – “how do you get those solid gold Apple watches?”

Apparently some unhappy Browns fans sprayed beer on Titans CB Logan Ryan at Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium last. Sunday.
Well, at least that won’t happen in 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium this year. Beer is FAR too expensive to waste.

(Though if OBJ is going to keep wearing that expensive watch, he had better hope the home fans don’t turn on him.)

Kevin Durant gave an interview where he talked about never going back to the Bay Area, and complained about “the circus of the NBA,”

Hey, in the end, it’s a job. And all of us have moments when we’re not thrilled with our jobs. But $164 million over 4 years has to soften the pain a little?

Really crappy news about Christian Yelich.   Have to seriously wonder though, did the extra juice in 2019 baseballs contribute to that foul ball fracturing his kneecap?

Abruptly firing your National Security Advisor by tweet to show there is no turmoil in the White House…
Wow, almost as good as tweeting in all caps “NOTHING TO DO WITH ME” to prove you had nothing to do with Air Force and Pence being told to spend big taxpayer $$$ to stay at your resorts.

Trump says he fired Bolton, Bolton is tweeting reporters in real-time, including on Fox and Friends, saying he quit….
And here most of us thought to see pathetically embarrassing breakups on reality TV we had to watch stuff like “The Bachelorette.”

Give Donald Trump credit. Many said it couldn’t be done to give John Bolton the moral high road.

This Bolton-Trump breakup is so crazy and messy how long until someone starts talking about sex in a windmill?

So how long until Trump calls for firing the idiot who hired Bolton?