Just another day….

Nationals eliminated Phillies and Bryce Harper today in DC. Mean bitch karma must have taken an afternoon off from politics to enjoy a baseball game.

Good for Evan Longoria. But I’m so old I remember when 20 home runs was a good year.
Heck, there are 1st graders who remember when 20 home runs was a good year.

Across the pond in soccer, powerhouse Tottenham lost in Carabao Cup to fourth-tier Colchester United.
To put this in NFL perspective, it’s like the Patriots had lost to the Dolphins.

Washington coach Jon Gruden says he’s not worried about his job security with team’s 0-3 record.
Because no one else wants to take on the train wreck that is the Redskins?

On a nicer note for a change, my favorite Starbucks person from near my old office two years ago, just moved to one near my current office. And she remembered my drink. A tall Pike. Sometimes happiness can be this easy.

Watching clips of Trump’s UN speech. Anyone checked to see if his audio-animatronic figure is still in Disney’s Hall or Presidents today?

Whatever you think of Nancy Pelosi, your reminder: Mueller report was actions largely before Trump became President. The Ukraine issue is about his actions as President.
You don’t want to check the King in chess unless the rest of your pieces are in very good position.

And the Queen IS the most powerful piece on the board.

Trump on Ukraine – “no pressure put on them whatsoever. But there was pressure put on w/ respect to Joe Biden. What Joe Biden did for his son, that’s something they should be looking at.” So is President Projection thinking about something illegal he did for Donnie, OR Ivanka?

Since other Democrats are gaining on Biden how ironic would it be if Trump gets impeached for going after a candidate who didn’t even get the nomination.

Well, on a brighter note for Trump between Greta Thunberg and Nancy Pelosi the major headlines today won’t be that he sounded drugged during his UN speech.

How much does it eat at Trump that his speech wasn’t as good, or as well received, as that of a 16 year old girl?

It’s not just one call. Watergate was not just about one break-in.

Rumors that the whistle blower might be John Bolton.
Gosh, and who would think Bolton might be that vindictive?



So who in White House has been tasked with editing a tape in a way that makes it look “unredacted?”

“The administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower’s complaint.”
Redacted by sharpie?

So how long until Rudy Giuliani joins that rather large pile of bodies Trump has thrown under the bus?

Tuesday night NY Times reported  “The administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower’s complaint.”
Redacted by sharpie?

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