Patriots said Antonio Brown would still be on team if not for his text messages to the woman who accused him of sexual assault. So New England’s message is clear, talented abusers are fine, but don’t put anything in writing.

Antonio Brown says he won’t be playing in NFL anymore. So what’s he going to do to earn a living? Work as a commentator with his sparkling personality?

Small silver lining for Giants fans with SF not being in playoff race.   A Hunter Strickland meltdown is more amusing than torturous.

So some combination of these things is true.

1. New Orleans was really pissed about being considered a one person team.
2. Brees, who his doctor forbade from flying to Seattle, gave a hell of a motivating speech by phone.
3. Payton is a HOF coach.
4. Saints actually might be  a very good team.

Here’s the stat of  the day, 118 wins for Sean Payton as Saints coach.  Today was his first without Drew Brees as QB.

Saturday night late.  UCLA 67, WSU 63. So are they juicing footballs now too?

WSU racked up 730 yards, and lost.  Even arena football teams must be impressed.

San Jose State gets paid $1.5 million to travel to Fayetteville, and upsets Razorbacks 31-24.
So maybe Sarah Huckabee Sanders potentially being GOP nominee to run for Governor might not be most embarrassing thing to happen to Arkansas this year.


Rick Santorum called out on Sunday on CNN after he seemed to be uneducated about  Trump’s conversations with the Ukraine.
Uh, in all seriousness, why does anyone care what Rick Santorum thinks about anything?

Anyone know what side effects might be caused by mixing Adderall and Aricept? Asking for a tired country.


Trump tweeting about “a perfectly fine and routine conversation I had with the new President of the Ukraine. Nothing was said that was in any way wrong.” So, an easy way to make this story go away – release the transcript.

So how much is Trump billing taxpayers for him to stay in his own penthouse at Trump Tower?

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