Here we blow again.

Wouldn’t be a Saints game without an egregious bad call against New Orleans. #WhoDat

Six Pac 12 teams are now ranked. So why isn’t UCF ranked higher, only moving up from #17 to #15 after destroying Stanford?

Seriously, the UCF Knights football program has had a tough time getting major universities to play them, which they would need to build up their strength of schedule.  And based on what they did to Stanford it won’t get any easier.

Not much to cheer about this September for SF Giants. But there is this – Boston Red Sox, who will also almost certainly miss the playoffs, will pay a $13.05 million luxury tax.
And that’s not as much as they paid Pablo Sandoval to play in 2019 for the Giants.

Nothing against University of Oregon, but their uniforms give me 1970s Spencer’s Gifts black light room flashbacks.

Yeah, as a Stanford fan I should root for the Pac 12 in all games. But….IMHO okay, it’s never a bad thing to watch USC lose.


Like many of my generation, I can remember some drunken college parties I’m glad happened before the advent of social media.
But I cannot ever remember a party where a guy waved his penis around at women and everyone thought that was okay. Period.

If Kavanaugh sues for libel then all of these details, and more, will come out in open court. Bring. It. On.

Another thought re Kavanaugh. It would all be much easier to take if Brett said “In my youth I drank a lot, don’t remember it all but I probably did behave badly to women on occasion & if so, I really would like to apologize to them.
But all we got was “I like beer.


Kellyanne Conway says it’s important to have a President who doesn’t say “let’s study it” with decisions.
Right, because studying never helped anyone in life….

Trump on “Meet the Press” 3 months ago said he would be willing to meet with Iran with no preconditions. Last week, Mike Pompeo said. “He is prepared to meet with no preconditions,”
Today Donald tweets “The Fake News is saying that I am willing to meet with Iran, “No Conditions.” That is an incorrect statement (as usual!).”

And here the media obsesses about every time Joe Biden, as he has done for decades, puts his foot in the vicinity of his mouth.

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