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Then there were four.

March 31, 2021

Several headlines and stories about how NCAA men’s basketball tournament in “Elite Eight” only had one team east of the Mississippi left in the tournament. Although that team was #1 seed Michigan.

And then there were none…

Only bad thing about UCLA making the Final Four as a First Four team, unless you’re a Michigan fan…. Now just imagine how loudly in 2022 the first team out, ie the 69th best in college basketball, will be whining on “coulda, woulda, shoulda…

Down 12 at halftime to Louisville, Stanford women’s basketball wins by 15 to advance to the Final Four. . It is just possible Tara Vanderveer is a very good coach.

And as Stanford women’s basketball team spends a whole lot of time in San Antonio, how much do I like to dream at SOME point, Tara Vanderveer & Gregg Popovich, two of the smartest, and “woke’ people in sports, can have a long socially distanced conversation over a bottle of wine?

Utah Jazz’s team charter plane made emergency landing shortly after takeoff today after striking a flock of birds, which resulted in an engine issue. No injuries were reported. Well, except for the birds.

For those freaking out over “vaccine passports”- From CDC – “ALL states require children to be vaccinated against certain communicable diseases as a condition for school attendance. In most instances, state school vaccination laws expressly apply to both public & private schools”

And uh, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – did you forget this Florida statute? – “Prior to admittance to or attendance in public or private school, grades kindergarten through 12, or any other initial entrance into Florida school, require each child to have on file w/ immunization registry a certification of immunization…”

Also so if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thinks a vaccine passport is too much government overreach, how long before he demands we stop demanding driver’s licenses?

If Major Biden is going to nip people from time to time I suppose it would be churlish to suggest Joe Biden invite our nation’s current head mailman Louis DeJoy to the White House for a chat.

Going to be interesting to see if South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem figures out a way to ask President Biden for help at the same time she blames him for the fires near Mount Rushmore.

G. Gordon Liddy, 90, died yesterday. Liddy came up with plot to bug Democratic headquarters at the Watergate complex back in 1972. After the Former Guy, Watergate now seems so quaint.

Can’t stand Governor Ron De Santis. But talk about lucky. Story of DeSantis undercounting COVID numbers begins to go national just as Matt Gaetz swoops in really to steal all the #FloridaMan headlines.

Serious thought for a change: Guessing many women are not surprised by Chauvin’s lawyer trying to put George Floyd on trial. This sort of blame the victim BS has been going on as long as I can remember in rape cases.


March 30, 2021

Baylor lost by 2 to UConn today for a spot in the Women’s FInal Four. On a day when coach Kim Mulkey, often seen maskless even though she’s HAD COVID, said the NCAA should stop COVID-19 testing with Final Four. “Would be a shame if kids test positive & then they don’t get to play in the Final Four. So you need to forget COVID testing and let the teams playing the Final Four battle it out.

So “hey, grandma, I might have brought back a virus that will kill you…in the meantime, look at this cool tournament T-shirt….”

And if you needed a reason to root for Stanford. Tara VanDerveer said weeks ago, the Cardinal would observe all protocols, stay away even from family and friends, remain double masked through the entire tournament. Tara did worry “… I don’t think they have a rule that you can’t wear a mask?”

If Baylor coach Kim Mulkey had talked about getting to Final Four, but being sent home by positive COVID-19 test, we’d all agree w/ her it would be heart breaking. But saying we should stop testing & risk lives so someone can’t play a game, shows us Mulkey doesn’t have a heart.

Is it wrong to feel real affection for a March Madness team you chose a couple weeks ago solely for their mascot? Asking for a sports fan & cat person friend. #Cougars

CBS just reported Michigan only team remaining in March Madness located east of Mississippi River. Might be enough for national media to start paying attention to hockey’s Frozen Four: Minnesota State, in Mankato is west of Missisippi river; St. Cloud State is ON the river. (U Mass & Minn-Duluth are east of it..)

FOX News headline “Trump fires back at ‘self-promoters’ Fauci, Birx.” Some statements really are their own punchlines.

Mitch McConnell today at news conference: “There is no good argument not to get the vaccination. I would encourage all men regardless of party affiliation to get the vaccination.” Mitch, just make the message simple “Get the d*mn shot.” (And #WearAMask.)

Wondering tonight, if it had been a top white advisor to Trump who died of COVID-19 after the Tulsa rally instead of Herman Cain, would his cult take the virus any more seriously?

Some states trying make it illegal to bring food or water for those waiting to vote. Would it help if we applied the same rules onto what people can bring to elected officials who end up in prison for election fraud?

As vaccines get us closer to safety, open question to these COVIDiot governors getting rid of regulations and mask rules. Will you next tell your states’ residents it’s okay not to wear a seatbelt when they’re within five miles of home?

Lindsey Graham “I own an AR-15 If there’s a natural disaster in SC where cops can’t protect my neighborhood, my house will be last one that gang will come to because I can defend myself.” That’s almost as good as Former Guy claiming he’d run in unarmed to face a school shooter.

But seriously, Graham says he can defend himself against a gang? He couldn’t even defend his BFF John McCain against the Former Guy’s nasty words.

Whatever else GOP says about Georgia, two things are true: 1. In the midst of a deadly pandemic,, the state somehow had safe, successful and FAIR elections. 2. Republicans want to make sure that never happens again.

Then there were eight.

March 29, 2021

So it turns out the first team in NCAA men’s tournament March Madness to make a #Pac12 team look outclassed was… another Pac 12 team. USC over Oregon.

But yeah, three Pac 12 teams in the Elite Eight. And the best remaining team not from the Pac 12, is Washington’s Gonzaga.

Alabama was 11-25 in regulation at the free throw line against UCLA. Now, I’m a long way from being a decent athlete. But like most people, with enough practice & hours in the gym thinking even I could hit more than half my free throws.

So as March Madness continues, who are casual college basketball fans going to root for, now that the game’s most well-known star is gone from the tournament? Talking of course about Sister Jean.

As NFL decided to expand to a 17 game regular season, New Orleans RB Alvin Kamara tweeted “S— dumb… as hell.” So will Roger Goodell respond by docking the Saints another draft pick?

Anyone else watching this ship saga in the the Suez Canal and having the theme from Gilligan’s Island go through your head? “A three-hour cruise…” #EVERGIVEN

Fox News not surprisingly is attacking Kamala Harris regularly. Today “Former VP Mike Pence arguably set precedent for how office should be run under crisis after being in control of White House coronavirus task force.” So Harris isn’t saying “Thank you Mr. President” enough?

GOP: DC Mayor Bowser is victim blaming because she warned people “Auto theft is a crime of opportunity. Follow these steps to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming a target.”

Also GOP: women who drink can’t claim they were raped.

Apparently the Former Guy crashed a wedding at Mar-A-Lago and gave a short political speech. But seriously, who would think it’s a good idea to get married at Mar-A-Lago? Heck, the place had a COVID-19 outbreak a couple weeks ago.

Fox host Maria Bartiromo just complained to Eric Trump about Biden’s 5th trip home to Delaware. Eric -“I don’t even know where to begin. It’s heartbreaking to us. I saw how much time & effort my father put into the job.” That line is funnier than anything from last night’s SNL.

In all seriousness, a short trip to Delaware, a private home that is easy to guard without much staff… wonder if Joe Biden going home actually saves taxpayers money by meaning White House can go to a skeleton crew on weekends.

Really frozen four…

March 28, 2021

No. 1 North Dakota and Minnesota Duluth played longest NCAA Tournament hockey game ever. It ended in the fifth overtime with a 3-2 Minnesota Duluth win in the Fargo Regional final. Over 142 minutes of playing time, and over six hours of real time.

And the Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees are thinking “amateurs!.”

As a Pac 12 fan, glad to see Oregon State moving on to Elite Eight. And while I will miss Sister Jean, at least I hope she can take solace in probably being more popular in the US than even the Pope

Some want MLB All-Star game & Masters to be stripped from GA over state’s voter suppression law. Expecting “The Masters” to have social conscience? Uh, Masters co-founder Clifford Roberts once said “As long as I’m alive, all golfers will be white & all caddies will be black?”

(It was the 1980s when golfers could bring their own caddies.)

Meghan McCain is upset with press coverage of President Biden, telling media ‘Don’t slobber all over Joe.” Uh, seriously, what channel is she watching?

Corey Lewandowski said Former Guy is going to launch an “interactive communication tool whereby (he) will be able to post things and people will be able to repost and communicate directly with him.” So, like a bulletin board at one of his failing hotels?

An internal leaked memo says Delta Airlines was involved in crafting Georgia’s voter suppression bill. Uh, did they ask their flight attendants about how passengers feel after hours with no food or water?

Meanwhile, in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis says the state will sue the US if CDC doesn’t lift the ban on cruising by summer. DeSantis’s 2022 slogan “People are dying to get me re-elected.”

Deborah Birx talks in CNN documentary about COVID deaths “1st time we had an excuse. About 100,000 deaths came from original surge. All the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially.” If only Dr. Birx were in a position to have said something.

Moving on up?

March 27, 2021

Departing Pac 12 Commissioner Larry Scott hopes that getting 4 men’s teams in March Madness’s Sweet 16 will bode well for the conference’s future. Maybe almost as much as Scott leaving after this June will bode well for the Pac 12’s future.

So while Georgia Republicans are at it, when are they going to pass a law saying the Atlanta Falcons won that Super Bowl against the Patriots?

MLB players reportedly ready to discuss moving All-Star Game from Georgia in wake of voter-restriction laws

Baseball players are generally the most conservative athletes in major pro-sports. If Georgia has gone too far for them…. …

Not an engineer. But remembering Apollo 13. If we could safely rescue a spaceship 200,000 miles from earth in less than 4 days, why can’t we get a ship unstuck from the Suez Canal?

So how long until Fox News comes up with a way to blame that ship stuck in the Suez Canal on Joe Biden?

If you’re a Republican who is upset about cost of the COVID-19 relief bill but you didn’t say a damn word about tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, then you’ve forfeited all rights to complain about the deficit.

Some in right wing media are upset Joe Biden & his family flew home to Delaware for “4th weekend since taking office.” Gosh, would they have preferred Joe flew to Florida & an expensive resort where he could charge taxpayers hundreds of $$ per night for Secret Service rooms?

Also saw a couple right-wing reporters claim Biden “lost his train of thought sometimes” in an hour long press conference. Now, I’m about 20 years younger than Joe. But I challenge anyone even half my age to say they haven’t lost their train of thought even in a zoom call.

Ted Cruz just led some GOP senators on late night march along Rio Grande River on U.S.-Mexico border “to hunt for migrants.” “Siri, what happens when you cross a stunt with a snipe hunt?”

Meanwhile, as we see Ted Cruz leading his magical thinking mystery tour at the border, once again Molly Ivins nailed it “I think of Texas as the laboratory for bad government.”

RIP Beverly Cleary, 104. There are few things I enjoy as much as reading. And few authors I enjoyed as much as a little kid than the Ramona series.

t’s now illegal to hand out water or other beverages to people waiting in line to vote in Georgia. Good thing one of the biggest companies in the state doesn’t produce Dasani, Powerade, or yes, Coca Cola.

Open note to Democrats who don’t think the ballot box can effect change: If anyone wants to tell you your vote doesn’t matter, just look at how hard GOP is trying to stop you from voting.

Separate but unequal?

March 26, 2021

After much justified criticism over disparities between men’s & women’s basketball tournaments, NCAA has hired law firm to conduct “independent gender-equity review” of its championships.

Uh, they needed a law firm to tell them not to treat women like 2nd-class athletes?

“Damn Yankees” is about a Washington Senators fan who was willing to sell his soul for his team to win the pennant. The 2021 live-action remake is about Washington Senators willing to sell their souls for GOP to win elections.

A week from opening day… where most teams if they have fans at all will require they be socially distanced.

Shouldn’t there be a tribute to the pioneers of social distancing in the stands, the Montreal Expos?

Thought after Biden’s first press conference with way too many potentially clickbait focused questions.

Baseball fans don’t go to games because we want to see the umpires

Americans don’t pick a President because we want to see the media.

It’s now illegal to hand out water or other beverages to people waiting in line to vote in Georgia.

Uh, well it’s a good thing one of the biggest companies in the state doesn’t produce Dasani, Powerade, and yes, Coca Cola

Can we be very clear? GOP DID cheat in 2020 – threw people off voting rolls who hadn’t voted, or w/ small name discrepancies in minority areas & Former Guy trashed USPS. But they didn’t cheat ENOUGH. Biden & democracy won this round. So now GOP wants to tip scales further.

Some right wing media are complaining because Joe Biden used notes for todays Press Conference. Maybe they’re jealous because Joe can read?

Increasingly think some of these GOP Governors know people are going to die as they completely reopen their states. But it will be worth it to them if they keep President Biden from looking too good.

Tonight, Rachel Maddow talks about how RNC has created an “election integrity” committee. Talk about an Oxymoron.

Wonder if Biden could entertain the media for a while by offering them a chance to join the first White House snipe hunt?

Jeez, even CNN – “Biden holds first news conference today amid growing crises.”

As opposed to “Biden has first news conference after jobless claims fall, Americans begin spending stimulus checks, and vaccines in arms exceed expectations.” Sadly, competency isn’t clickbait.

How long until the media figures out an angle to try to blame Biden for that ship stuck in the Suez Canal?

Joe Biden, talking about infrastructure, says 20% of all airline fights in US weren’t on time… Uh, in rare non snarky comment, as a travel agent, I can tell him that number isn’t right. Airlines have lots of excuses to keep delays/cancellations out of those statistics. Real numbers are actually worse.

Midwestern nice?

March 24, 2021

Sweet Sixteen set for both men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments:

1 Big Ten men’s team left.

4 Big Ten women’s teams left.

Let the midwest women’s bragging begin.

An independent investigation into the Washington Football team is ongoing, stemming “from a series of Washington Post articles detailing sexual harassment allegations in the organization over 15 years by past employees.”

And how has NFL reacted? Wednesday they cleared the way for Dan Snyder to buy out minority owners and take complete control of the team.

If Joe Biden wants a real bipartisan win in Washington, he might try an executive order to get rid of Snyder.

So CNN seriously did a headline story on shrimp tails in Cinnamon Toast Crunch? I guess it beats trying to create fake scandals on Joe Biden.

Seriously Conde Nast Traveler? Headline story in today’s online edition? “The Best Beaches in Miami, From South Beach to Sunny Isles.” Come for the sun stay for the Covid?

As an admitted luddite, still find it charming that many Senators still have as much trouble at times dealing with mute buttons etc as I do.

Hearings on #ForThePeopleAct started today. GOP will come up with a thousand excuses why they don’t want to vote for it. But it really comes down to ONE reason: GOP doesn’t want most Americans to vote.

So when is Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who says in the south “we don’t vote on Sundays” because “we keep the Sabbath holy,” going to introduce a bill to close bars and ban gun sales on Sunday?

Ted Cruz on #ForThePeopleAct, “This bill is the single most dangerous bill this committee has ever considered.” Thinking if you need any more endorsement? Because it seems like a universal truth that a bill that seems dangerous to Cruz is good for democracy.

Could we at least get GOP to agree it should be as difficult to buy a gun as to buy a package of Sudafed?

Still amazed at how many so called “pro-life” GOP Senators think it should be harder to vote than to buy a gun.

Ted Cruz said he will not wear a mask when on television because he’s been vaccinated & then lies by saying CDC guidance states he does not have to. Well, why should a man who lied about the election tell the truth about the CDC.

Ted Cruz also claiming if you’re a child molester Democrats want you to vote. Whereas if you’re a child molester Republicans want you to run for Senate?

Amy Klobuchar is all of us with Ted Cruz.

Inching towards Opening Day.

March 24, 2021

One week from tomorrow.

But thinking not exactly a lot of people ready to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jack, especially for sharing.

Of all the headines on – the top four for MLB are all about injuries.

Now Oregon State president F. King Alexander, formerly at LSU, has resigned after backlash over sexual misconduct issues when Les Miles was Tigers football coach. Meanwhile, how long until Miles himself, who was recently fired at Kansas, runs for Senate somewhere on GOP ticket?

Once again, simple campaign promise Joe Biden should fulfill is a First Feline.

Cats are cats. It would surely make headlines w/ things like dragging mouse into Oval Office or shedding on some important person’s expensive suit. And cat stories would keep bored media busy.

Such a small detail on an awful day, but media is reporting that the Boulder killer shot an “elderly man” first. The oldest male victim was 61. Not only is 61 not elderly, in California it’s not even old enough to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

On CNN, @PreetBharara responding to Sidney Powell’s defamation defense that “no reasonable person” would believe her election fraud claims. “This is the kind of argument that causes people to hate lawyers, and for good reason.”

I do look at Fox News regularly, because I don’t like to live in an echo chamber. But I’m still waiting for them to report on Sidney Powell’s defamation lawsuit defense that no reasonable person would take her election fraud arguments on behalf of the Former Guy seriously.

Meanwhile, Fox News headline last week “Atlanta shooting suspect attended rehab for sex addiction, felt remorse.” Fox News headline this week, nothing about family members saying Colorado shooter had mental illness, but carefully includes his full Muslim name. Sure it’s just coincidence.

3 thoughts about Joe Manchin. 1. I’m not a fan, but he’s liberal by red WV standards. 2. In most cases, including appointments, he votes w/ Democrats. 3. If he loses, it will NOT be to a progressive, but to a Republican who is far worse. We need more blue Senate seats in 2022.

We don’t know for sure that sensible gun control legislation will stop or even drastically mitigate mass shootings. We do know for sure that “thoughts and prayers” aren’t working.

Only in America can we have regular arguments about the unequal media coverage of two mass shootings IN THE SAME WEEK.

What is wrong with people? Have a client in Florida who says she supports what DeSantis has done as Governor. But she also adds that she’s been fighting COVID-19 for four weeks, and it just lingers on and on

Ted Cruz today “every time there’s a shooting we play this ridiculous theater….” Uh, Senator Cruz, hearing was set before last two mass shootings. And would you like to propose a date when there won’t be a shooting? Because that’s hard to predict & increasingly rare.

Cory Booker, speaking today at Senate Judiciary Hearing on gun violence: “I feel like we live in bizarro world. We are way out of step with every other nation on the planet and somehow we don’t think we have the power to stop this…”

John Kerry spoke eloquently about the Vietnam war, and being “the last man to die for a mistake.” Thinking now about the last man, or woman, who will die for a COVIDiot’s mistake.

Too much madness.

March 23, 2021

Eight Big Ten teams out of the NCAA men’s tournament, only Michigan remains.Four Pac 12 teams remains, Only Colorado out.All of a sudden, Stanford’s 10-10 conference record doesn’t look so bad.

In the women’s opening round game between 15th seeded Troy and 2nd seeded Texas A & M, three late questionable calls went against the Troy Trojans, possibly costing them an upset as the Aggies held on to win 84-80. I suppose it’s a twisted bit of equality when the good women’s teams might be getting preference from the refs too.

Yes, Pac 12 now 9-1 in March Madness. And the only loss was Colorado tonight, where I can’t imagine how the team held it together to play. (For those who don’t know, the University of Colorado is in Boulder.)

Former ATF agent Jim Cavanaugh on Rachel Maddow makes an excellent point against open-carry laws: When communities have them and people see someone walk into a store or public space with a gun, there’s no way of knowing if they’re just carrying, or planning to open fire.

Miami Beach Police said more than 1,000 people have been arrested this spring break season, and about 80 guns have been seized. So why aren’t we talking about where these COVIDiots were radicalized?

Just wondering looking at those pictures of COVIDiots in Miami Beach and other sunny locations,, when classes resume after Spring Break, could colleges demand virtual learning only for anyone with a tan?

CNN reporting sad news that Eric Spinato, “the head booker and senior story editor for the Fox Business Network,” died over the weekend from COVID-19. Wonder why Fox News isn’t making this a headline?

Like many 50-64 year olds in California, I have vaccine envy for people in states like Colorado who are vaccinating 50 and up. But chilling thought -did anyone in King Soopers Boulder store today come for a COVID shot and end up fatally shot?

Wonder if it will make any difference at all to Republicans considering voting on modest gun control bills before the Senate that the 10 Boulder victims were probably all white?

On the evening of the second U.S. mass shooting in a week, Mo Brooks announced his run for the Senate at a rally held at a Huntsville, Alabama gun range. These #WhyThereIsNoSatire stories are better when they aren’t disgusting and awful.

Of course sensible gun regulations won’t stop all mass shootings. We don’t even know how today’s shooter got their gun. Traffic laws don’t stop all fatalities on the road either. But they make a difference.

On The Last World, Lawrence O’Donnell reports the mother of one of the suspects accused of attacking Brian Sicknick wants him released on bail because “He’s a good kid.” The suspect is 39 years old.

Glad Amy Klobuchar chairs Rules Committee as Dems try to pass #ForThePeople . I’m not a lawyer but Senate has constitutional power to determine rules of its proceedings. So if filibuster doesn’t apply on votes on to choose judges, why let it apply to bills on votes to choose Senators?

Senator Ron Johnson said Greenland was called that name because at one time it used to be green. Hey, Tommy Tuberville, your title as “Stupidest Man in the Senate” is being challenged.

NRCC sent out fundraising email telling donors “Trump said he’ll run for President if we win back the House!” So if Democrats needed any more motivation to hold and even win more Congressional seats in 2022!

Fox News has paid more attention to the plight of migrant children in the last week than they did in four years of the Former Guy’s administration.

Houston, we have a problem

March 21, 2021

The NBA Houston Rockets have now lost 20 in a row. That puts them almost into the Former Guy’s election lawsuits league.

Meanwhile, first game I have seen the University of Houston play. But I would like to thank the Cougars for a gutsy 14-2 run to end the game and for saving my cat bracket.

Oral Roberts is into the Sweet Sixteen, if the Oregon State Beavers join them, it’s going to be quite a week for everyone’s inner salacious 12 year old child on Twitter.

Important to remember even as reported cases spike in Florida. Governor Ron, DeSantis is telling people the virus is harmless if you’re not elderly.So if people get sick they figure they’ll get better and they are NOT going to the doctor or getting tested, unless they end up in hospital.)

Miami Beach Police arrested “at least” 12 people, and fired pepper balls into crowds disobeying new curfew law Saturday night. Despite lies on Parler, we know there were no #BLM folks in the crowd. Otherwise police would have been firing real bullets.

What makes me angriest about Spring Break COVIDiots in Florida right now. Yeah, most of them are young & stupid & will survive- but how many people will they infect when they return to campus? Including lower-income people who do the grunt work that keeps campuses functioning.

So trivial in the grand scheme of things – but sadly thinking we’re not getting Sunday Brunch buffets back maybe ever.

I normally sympathize with libertarians. In fact I am against helmet laws for adults and am okay with the idea of smoking bars if employees agree. But IMHO masks aren’t about YOUR life, it’s about the lives of others. I have a hard time with any anti-masker.

Open note to media covering our President. There is no positive correlation between actually working and tweeting. You’re welcome.

Ivanka Trump being taken seriously at all as a potential leader is more proof that if men find a woman pretty they are convinced she must be reasonable.

If you think a vote is more dangerous than a bullet you might be a Republican.

Could be worse.

March 20, 2021

This CNN headline “”Worst nightmare”‘ for NCAA as game is canceled over Covid concerns.” Uh, canceling a game is disappointing. The “worst nightmare” would be someone dying from COVID because they played in or attended March Madness.

Listening to a March Madness game on the car radio and heard “he knocked that free throw out of the park…” Uh. Yeah, we’re all a little out of sync on the sports seasons.

Abilene Christian Wildcats.. A fine night for anyone who hypothetically picked brackets randomly with cats…. Note that anyone would do that. Uh, also Ohio Bobcats.

You know it’s #MarchMadness when you find yourself completely invested in a team you only picked because of their mascot (And yeah, Rufus the Bobcat)

After the strangest NFL year ever and all the COVID outbreaks and potential rules violations, the league only punished one team with the loss of a draft pick – the New Orleans Saints. So some things with Roger Goodell are business as usual.

My grandparents were part of the Greatest Generation, a generation, where even those who didn’t go to war sacrificed so much for our country. Imagine them alive today and thinking – “Some of you idiots couldn’t even wear a bleeping mask

JFK asked “Ask not what your country can do for you….” Joe Biden is just asking Americans to wear a d*mn mask.

Not sure why but I find this from Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn particularly adorable for a client I recently booked with a dog – “Leashed and well-behaved dogs are allowed at the fire pits, lawn areas, and the Main Pool; however, not in the water.” So no swimming for Fido….

Dog face

I feel for the residents of Miami Beach. The town has had to declare a state of emergency and curfew over out-of-control unmasked spring break crowds. But imagine now what happens when these COVIDiots return to their campuses?

  • Texas Governor. Greg Abbott, who has eliminated COVID regulations including mask mandates, is calling the situation at the border a “humanitarian disaster.” Again, I miss Molly Ivins.

Fox News headline “SWAT team moves in after party people ignore curfew.” Gosh, somehow their headline writer buried the lede – “Gov Ron DeSantis’s banning mask mandates & completely opening Florida turns Miami Beach into a frightening drunken petri dish.”

GOP’s Julia Letlow won special election in Louisiana’s 5th District – seat her late husband Luke won but died of COVID-19 in Dec 2020. Julia said she hopes to bring “her own experience” to DC. Seriously wish her nothing but the best, just hope that includes respecting science.

Once again, if you know anyone who is an anti-vaxxer with COVID-19, ask them – if the vaccine doesn’t work, why are so many rich and privileged people doing everything they can to jump the line.

And a simple question for those who don’t want to take the vaccine – If you don’t believe in science and medicine, then if you get COVID do you plan to die at home?

Zero, one and done.

March 20, 2021

Both Duke and North Carolina are now done for the year and out of the men’s basketball tournament. So will GOP NC Senators Burr and Tillis now accuse the NCAA of cancel culture?

Men’s basketball coach Steve Wojciechowski is leaving Marquette after seven seasons.

Not sure how fans feel about this but assume Milwaukee copy editors are relieved..

So who had Oral Roberts over Ohio State in March Madness? Now all of you liars put your hands down.

As a friend pointed out, Oral Roberts has now beaten Ohio State more than Jim Harbaugh.

Rand Paul complained on Fox News about mask requirements impinging upon his freedoms. He added that he was running on a treadmill without a mask recently, and “some Karen’ complained. Proving that Paul knows as much about the term “Karen” as he knows about everything else.

Interesting, at first, Twitter accounts appearing to be bots & trolls poo pooed Joe Biden’s projection of 100 million vaccine shots in 100 days. Now he’s blown past that number, apparent bots & trolls are trying to give Former Guy credit for it. I’m sure it’s just coincidence.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis brags about the state’s COVID-19 “success,” worth mentioning that the Orlando Sentinel has just sued the state for the second time in two months for covering up virus numbers.

I’m closer to Kamala Harris’s age than Joe’s. But since I don’t know a woman who hasn’t tripped running up stairs, what’s the media’s narrative going to be when VP does it?

(Actually, Harris did stumble on inaugural day on the Capitol Steps. so wonder… will Fox News now say Nancy Pelosi should be President?)

Fox News headlines all about “Eighth woman accuses Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment.” So if about 20 more women accuse Cuomo will Fox start referring to him as Presidential?

Some are attacking Secretary Marcia Fudge for possibly violating Hatch Act by answering a reporter’s question about 2022.

“I think we have good shot at it. People have written off Ohio. I haven’t written off Ohio. I believe we can win the Senate race.”

Uh, didn’t GOP cancel the Hatch Act?

Kevin McCarthy now says he learned in December he had antibodies but didn’t realize he had previously had had COVID. Which may or may not mean GOP leader ignored symptoms but almost certainly means he cluelessly transmitted the virus. Very on brand.

Mar-A-Lago is closed due to an outbreak of COVID-19, many Americans are about to find out if you can die from a surfeit of Schadenfreude.


March 18, 2021

If you’re reading this before Friday noon on the East Coast, you only have 9 hours or less left to make random guesses about college basketball teams, with teams and players you’ve never watched play, who you’re also about to get passionately invested in…

Maybe karma doesn’t like the Michigan State Spartans being presented by Rocket Mortgage?

“Buffalo Bills, Mitch Trubisky agree to 1-year deal.”

So my Chicago friends don’t have Mitch to kick around anymore –

The Mets and Yankees will be allowed to start the season at 20% capacity.

Presume they’ll make up for it with concessions. So will beers at Yankee Stadium be offered on a low-interest payment plan?

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is now saying he never backed the Former Guy’s effort to overturn the election:

“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

Mitch McConnell: “Committing a crime against anyone because of his/her race or national origin is wrong. Asian Americans should not experience discrimination anywhere.” Of course when Former Guy ranted about “China Virus, Mitch defended Elaine Chao about well as Ted Cruz defended HIS wife.

Joe Biden stutters & slips up with words. Today he slipped up & called Kamala “President Harris.”

Watch, media will make a bigger deal of this than fact Biden administration will have 100 million vaccines administered 40 days ahead of schedule.

Why we can’t have nice things.

Since the Former Guy seems to want to run in 2024, it would be trivial to put out a generic statement simply decrying the mass murders in Atlanta. But he doesn’t want to risk offending his base.

Serious question – how did Rand Paul get through med school?

In California and seeing CNN story how many in Oklahoma are resisting COVID-19 because they don’t trust Biden or the government.Can we tell these COVIDiots California government plans to make vaccines airborne this year so they better stay the heck out of our state?

So let me get this straight – half of the Former Guy voters don’t believe the COVID-19 vaccine works. But they’re going give him credit for it anyway?

Kansas GOP Senator Roger Marshall “So many people have said, ‘Why would I go get a vaccine when the President says we have to keep wearing masks until everyone’s vaccinated?’ That’s like saying why stop speeding until everyone wears a seatbelt.

Russia is apparently angry that Biden said Putin is a “killer.” They don’t believe Putin is a killer at all. Vlad just happens to have friends who get clumsy standing around windows.

A few minutes on Google will turn up plenty of massage parlors and day spas in Atlanta area, many in hotels. And the killer just HAPPENED to drive to three that were run staffed by Asian women? Two words – Yeah, right.


March 17, 2021

By the time you read this, March Madness will probably have already started.

Which means millions of Americans will have another way to distract themselves from work instead of the last year’s usual doom scrolling.

Maybe this year the tournament should change their name. Both March 2020 and 2021 look to be cornering the market on “Madness.”

San Antonio Spurs, without DeMar DeRozan following the death of his father, were down 18 points at halftime, 13 points after 3 quarters, and beat the Chicago Bulls by 7. It is just possible that Gregg Popovich is a helluva coach.

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said today that Tiger Woods did not receive special treatment from law enforcement after he crashed his SUV last month in not being blood tested for any drugs or alcohol, but Villanueva also noted some “lessons learned” with the investigation.

Translation: Nothing’s going to change for celebrities in Los Angeles. But we’re going to say the right thing until people forget about it and move on.

Ted Cruz was wearing a green tie for St. Patrick’s day. Turns out his mother was 3/4 Irish. And Canada is going “See, you can’t just blame us for Cruz, eh.”

Gym Jordan was one of the 172 Republicans who voted against the Violence against Women. Well to be fair, Jim didn’t protect male college wrestlers, why would anyone think he’d give a damn about women?

Amy Klobuchar tonight re S1 #ForThePeopleAct

“Usually when people lose election in big way they step back–our party’s done that, their party’s done that–how do we change our politics, reach out? Instead, GOP just doubling down & trying to disenfranchise voters.”

In sports terms, what Senator Klobuchar is saying GOP lost the game, decided not to try to play better, but to try to change the rules for next time,

New Senator Reverend Warnock today in his maiden speech on Senate floor – “A vote is a kind of prayer.”

Yes it is. A prayer to democracy.

Another moment from Reverend Warnock speech today, talking about GOP wanting to make it a crime to bring Grandma water in line to vote, when they made those lines longer.

You did well Georgia, very well indeed.

Meanwhile though, Atlanta:

Young white man allegedly killed 8 people, mostly Asian women, he was arrested unharmed & Sheriff said “he had a bad day.”

Rayshard Brooks was sleeping in his car, grabbed taser & ran away when officer tried to arrest him. Brooks was fatally shot. See the difference?

For all the leaders in this country condemning the Atlanta murders, a notable silence from… the Former Guy. I’m shocked, said, nobody.

Still trying to wrap my head around Sheriff saying of alleged Georgia mass murderer “He was pretty much fed up & kind of at the end of his rope & yesterday was a really bad day for him. And this is what he did.” Uh, eight people had a much worse day. Their LAST day.

So if guns are the answer, anyone know when we’re going to hear Marjorie Taylor Greene saying that spa workers need to be armed? #Sarcasm

Jerome Powell speaking today. What a concept now for the Federal Reserve Chair – to give a speech without worrying about POTUS attacking him by tweet afterwards.

Due to COVID, California suggesting that anyone who goes on roller coasters not scream. Well that ought to give people something to scream about.

Apparently John Kerry didn’t wear his mask on a flight today.

Smart people sometimes do stupid things.

It means Kerry SHOULD apologize.

It doesn’t mean the mask mandate is wrong.

Go girl!

March 17, 2021

Remember 2018? I LOVE this story. And I’m only 61 and not Catholic. But when I grow up I want to be a fan like Sister Jean. Tourney-bound Sister Jean pegs Loyola for Elite 8

If Democrats bring back the talking filibuster, one rule they need to include – the “talking filibuster” must be done on the Senate Floor. We don’t want any Senators taking off to filibuster from the Ritz Carlton. Or even from Four Seasons landscaping.

Joe Biden is apparently now on board with the “talking filibuster,” like “back in the old days.” Sounds like Ted Cruz better get in shape. He was a younger, fitter man 8 years ago when he did that marathon ‘Green Eggs and Ham” reading against Obamacare.

As Lawrence O’Donnell plays the tape of Ron Johnson saying he wasn’t afraid on January 6 because he knew the rioters “love this country,” have to wonder… how many of those rioters did Ron Johnson know personally?

So if Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki turns Press conferences into a game where each day is something like “30 truths and a lie” will the media cover them in hopes of guessing that one lie?

(This was conceived of as a joke, but it might work.)

Wow. a motion to invoke cloture on nomination of Katherine Tai as U.S Trade Representative passes 98-0? Have been thinking Biden couldn’t get a 98-0 vote if he declared it National Kitten Day.

Dear Dr. Birx. Put a scarf in it. Sincerely, America.

Mitch McConnell says if Democrats get rid of the filibuster – “The Senate would function more like a hundred-car pile-up. Nothing moving.” And the man who piled up hundreds of bills, even bipartisan bills, on his desk says that with a straight face.

Kevin McCarthy is claiming “terrorists” are being caught coming across US southern border. Uh, last time we saw a steady steam of terrorists in this country, they were coming from the Former Guy’s White House rally to the Capitol. #January6th

Senator Amy Klobuchar pointed out today that Republicans across the country after November’s election have introduced over 250 bills to suppress the vote. You don’t do that if you have a winning message. Period.

Suspect taken into custody in today’s mass shootings in Atlanta area that seem to have targeted Asian women. He was arrested unharmed. News flash that isn’t news: He’s a white man.

Eight dead, mostly Asian women tonight in Atlanta. So why isn’t Fox News talking about where THIS terrorist was radicalized?

Former guy finally acknowledges “great vaccine” but “again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that and I agree with that also.” Cue Janis Joplin singing Kris Kristopherson’s “Me and Bobby McGee “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose….”

(thanks to Jeff Herbst for the correction. Kristopherson wrote the lyric.)

So with #OscarNoms out, how did Rudy Giuliani get overlooked for screenwriting with his “just adjusting my shirt” line?

Finally, sorry, if you’re a GOP politician who’s been following your cult leader in spewing xenophobic misogynistic hate speech you have forfeited all right to call the mass murder in Georgia tonight “tragic.”

Bracket time

March 16, 2021

When we all have a couple days to guess at teams we’ve never watched play and cannot name a single player on, but we’re about to get passionately involved in their winning and losing.

As good a time as any to confess again that I always have one bracket picking cat mascots. Which is hard this year. Top-seeded Wolverines, Bears, Bulldogs and Illini? No Wildcats or Tigers? But Houston does have the Cougars.

Random social media reference, since I admittedly watched a few of the last episodes and then the Bachelor finale:

“Rachael might not understand what it means to be Black in America. – But Matt, she was a white sorority girl from Georgia, what was your first clue?”

I really want Joe Biden to fire Louis DeJoy by mail. Except then that DeJoy might not know he’d been fired until late Summer.

Jen Psaki “The President’s goal is to vaccinate all Americans, not just those who voted for him.” What a concept.

As a Democrat who’s not a huge Gavin Newsom fan, yes, the French Laundry incident was stupid. But grounds for removal from office? And do people realize that in California they pay decent money for signatures on ballot initiatives & recall petitions?

Anyone but me thinking that one reason #FormerGuy doesn’t want to push vaccine is that he doesn’t like idea of Joe Biden getting credit for saving lives & ending the US COVID-19 crisis?

Why there is no satire: Fox News reporting a former aide told investigators that Andrew Cuomo has a “preoccupation with his hand size.” Anyone remember the Former Guy? Even at a Hurricane Relief shelter in Houston he whined about the gloves. “My hands are too big.”

Republicans are ranting about “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Democrats are giving Americans money to put Greens, Eggs and/or Ham on their tables.

Deb Haaland confirmed as Secretary of the Interior. And another glass ceiling lies in shattered bits on the Senate floor.

Wonder how many of these Fox talking heads who are dissuading Americans from getting their COVID-19 shots have themselves been vaccinated?61550

Ron Johnson says that his comments saying he wasn’t afraid on January 6 because the protestors weren’t BLM or Antifa were not racist. Did Putin tell him to say that?

Today in California, an acquaintance told me doctor had called when they had extra shots, could she come quickly? She brought her whole family.

COVID Vaccines here beginning to feel like high-stakes version of days when friendly store manager would tip you off in advance to delivery of Beanie Babies.

Always hard to get to sleep on the first nights of Daylight Savings Time. But for the first time in four years at least we don’t have to nervously check Twitter one more time “Now WTF did @POTUS tweet?”


March 14, 2021

December 16, 2019. Turns out to have been the last time I would see Drew Brees play in the Superdome. Actually it currently stands as the last time I saw a sporting event live, period.

Side note: Good for Drew Brees for retiring while his kids are still young enough to want him around.

Kawhi Leonard was not happy after his LA Clippers have lost 5 of 7, including tonight’s rout by the New Orleans Pelicans. “It’s very concerning… If we want to have a chance at anything, you gotta be consistent. You know, that’s what the great teams do, they’re consistent.”

Gosh, if Kawhi had only had a chance to sign with one of the most consistent teams in NBA history. #GoSpursGo

What? Duke opted out of NIT consideration? Were they afraid they wouldn’t win?

On “Who wants To Be a Millionaire” tonight a contestant agonized over trying to figure out if there were four cities in the top 20 in US population that started with “San.” And viewers in California are still knocking our heads into the wall.

Btw again, #GoSpursGo

Jessica McClintock, SF designer of countless prom dreams, dies at 90

RIP, and for women of a certain age, (even those of us who weren’t invited to a prom), who didn’t have a Gunne Sax dress?

San Francisco has now had about 450 COVID-19 deaths. 450. Out of almost 900,000 people. Not that all those deaths weren’t tragic. But it’s amazing what happens when you listen to science and #WearAMask.

Duke University has new “stay-in-place” order due to COVID spike w/ over 180 positive tests. Duke says spike “principally driven by students attending recruitment parties for selective living groups.” Translation – fraternity/sorority rush parties. When will they ever learn?

How long until Fox News blames Joe Biden for losing us an hour of sleep tonight?

So do most of tonight’s Grammy’s viewers even know any more what an actual record or an album is?

CNN reports a brush fire in Lakewood, New Jersey, that began this afternoon so far has burned 160 acres of land and damaged at least 29 homes. And our President hasn’t tweeted at them to rake their leaves or something? The times they indeed are changin’

So with California opening up COVID-19 vaccines to residents with a number of serious health conditions, but without requiring proof, how long until we get some idiots, bragging on social media, with their real names, about lying to get the shot?

(I sure hope it’s at least a misdemeanor.)

Asked if NY Gov Andrew Cuomo should resign, President Joe Biden responded “I think the investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us” Due process, what a concept.

If Media really misses their regular abuse by the #FormerGuy, maybe Joe Biden could send to the White House podium Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

PBS NewsHour-Marist poll last week showed 47% of 2020 Trump voters said they would not choose to be vaccinated. Seriously how many American lives will be lost because #FormerGuy wouldn’t get his COVID-19 shot on camera?

Police have made over 100 arrests in Miami Beach this Spring Break as college crowds flock there for spring break. But Police are also saying Covid-19 protocols made task of policing crowds twice as hard, because . Florida does not allow local jurisdictions to fine people for violating mask orders.”

Can Florida Governor Ron DeSantis be charged w/ endangering public health? Seriously.

Let the madness begin.

March 14, 2021

And didn’t we all have Oregon State winning the Pac 12 men’s basketball championship? While Georgetown won the Big East? 2021 isn’t ready to concede to 2020 for craziness yet.

So are there t-shirts for sale down in Spring Break cities? “Somebody who loves me went to Florida and all they brought back was a case of COVID-19.”

As much as I want a vaccine, these insane pictures from Florida Spring Break remind us why essential workers & those who deal with public need to have it available first. Because when these mostly young COVIDiots head home, they won’t just be bringing a suntan.

So is there some app where all the COVIDiots eligible for the vaccine who don’t want their shot for whatever conspiracy theory reason, can sign up to give it to those of us impatiently waiting our turn?

Lost in all this “Why does our President head home to spend the weekend in Delaware?” BS, is the fact that his weekends home mean some of the WH staff probably get much needed breaks themselves.

Beginning to think Joe Biden needs a staffer in charge of bright shiny objects to come up with on a daily basis to feed the media’s current addiction. No object too trivial to matter.

Again, we need a White House First Feline. A good cat, preferably female, can keep the dogs in line. And she can create enough drama to entertain a White House Press Corps that is clearly craving that drama.

Positive COVID-19 tests have forced four men’s basketball teams to withdraw from their conference tournaments and are threatening March Madness. And NCAA will allow fans at “up to 25 percent capacity with physical distancing” in Indianapolis. I am sure they have their rea$on$.

What? Now Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez are “working through things”’ deny breakup reports. Sorry men, dream’s over.

Kentucky’s GOP-led Senate passed anti-protester bill making it misdemeanor to taunt or challenge officer w/ words or gestures “that would have direct tendency to provoke violent response from reasonable & prudent person.” So they agree w/ locking up rioters at US Capitol Jan 6?

In charge

March 13, 2021

San Antonio Spurs were down 29-16 after 1st quarter. Don’t know what Gregg Popovich said to them during the break, but they are up 47 to 39 at half. Darn shame Popovich has no interest in running for Governor of Texas.

Kansas and Virginia now out of their respective men’s basketball tournaments due to positive virus tests. So in this year’s March Madness brackets will there be a way to bet on COVID-19?

NCAA football rules committee is looking into the problem of teams faking injuries to slow an opponent’s momentum , calling it an “integrity issue.” This is the same NCAA that uses the term football student-athletes with a straight face.,

Stephen Colbert asks Dr. Fauci what changed on January 20? And the good doctor’s answer? “Everything.”

Let’s make it simple: Democrats don’t want to cancel culture. Republicans do want to cancel votes.

As someone who’s always kind of thought Andrew Cuomo was an a**hole but an effective a**hole, I have to ask… what’s the rush to judgment? Do an investigation and figure it out. Meanwhile, how’s that E. Jean Carroll RAPE lawsuit coming along?

Does anyone think if the Former Guy were still in charge that vaccines would be allocated at least in large part based on which states voted for him?

Is there a single Republican calling on Cuomo to resign who did the same with the #FormerGuy?

Who else forgot it was possible to go an entire day without checking what POTUS tweeted? Isn’t it nice?

Small detail today, but President Joe Biden correctly used the word “paradigm” his speech today and apparently pronounced it correctly too. I wasn’t 100% sure of how to pronounce “paradigm” myself.

President Biden’s Thursday speech was about 20 minutes long. And Friday he made short remarks in the Rose Garden. And I didn’t hear him insult anybody. Did I miss something?

Not just times have changed, but time itself has changed. A year ago “Fifteen days to stop the spread” felt like forever. Now the idea of semi-normal by July 4 seems right around the corner.

Here’s my optimistic thought. Yes, making all Americans eligible by May 1 seems like reach. But President Biden is not a stupid man. And he remembers “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Figure Joe’s seen vaccine production numbers to make goal of “shots for everyone” very attainable.

Oops, I forget to hit send.

March 13, 2021

Apparently there’s still some chance Duke COULD make the men’s basketball March Madness, at least into the play-in round. This sort of equivalency wouldn’t happen in College Football, they would just invoke the “Notre Dame always gets into a bowl” rule.

Heard on CNN yesterday that one in three Americans have reported experiencing anxiety or depression during this year of the pandemic. Which means about two out of three Americans are lying.

When GOP gets done with screaming about Dr. Seuss being canceled how long until they figure out that “Green Eggs and Ham” is really about being open-minded, and that “The Lorax” is about protecting the environment? Then Republicans will be ones trying to cancel the books.

The Former Guy apparently called everybody in Georgia to try to influence the election, and everybody he called apparently recorded the conversation.

And if they hadn’t, he’d have called all the election officials liars and said they were “perfect phone calls.”

So trivial in grand scheme of things, but isn’t it lovely President Biden’s events are more or less on time? When Joe says a press briefing is 5p, it happens just a few minutes after 5p. Not changed to 515p, then 530p, and we’re lucky if it starts by 6p. (Like the #FormerGuy)

Stephen Colbert nails it – if all goes well “Finally we can once again gather on Fourth of July to safely blow our fingers off.” He left out “shoot guns into the air.” But how nice it’ll be to return to regular Darwin awards? As opposed to just being eligible by going outside.